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JUNE 8, 2009 11:06PM

Now Available for Your Reading Pleasure...

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Well folks, I've been busy...and as a result, I've got two books for sale! The first is called 50 Ways to Please Your Lover: Tips for Men, and is a compilation of advice for men about women, on subjects ranging from laundry to sex and everything in between. It's a funny and sexy little book (at least I think so!) that I hope women will enjoy buying for the men in their lives.  For more info, to preview, or to order, please go to Lulu ( or Author’s Den (

New Release! 

The second book, A Collection of Perceptions, is a selection of poems, essays and short fiction (some previously published, most not.) These musings reveal one woman's perceptions (mine, to be specific) of the joys, sorrows and ordinary, everyday experiences which this crazy experiment -- commonly referred to as Life -- throws our way, shaping and teaching us as we go. This book is also available at Lulu (Lulu ( or Author’s Den (

Now Available!

If you're interested in purchasing either one of these books but shipping costs are an issue (or if for some insane reason, you’d like a signed copy!) just let me know and I’ll send one to you directly and eliminate that pesky salesman who jacks the cost up for so-called “handling”…

Both books are also available for download, at Lulu. 

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