Tom R. Saxe

Tom R. Saxe
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
December 22
Humorous artist shopping various graphic platforms and strategies for technical and design potential; My interest is in the 20th Century tradition of "gag" or magazine cartooning, also referred to as editorial illustration. Still, I cannot apologize for the liberal education received before my career. Currently using Federal benefits and personal skills living in a small New England city(town) full of retired obese white men and their impaired relatives. Separated from BMW and F-150 America by using subsidized transit, I offer either two cents or Nine Scents on a variety of subjects.


FEBRUARY 17, 2015 1:27PM

Boston Red Sox Sign Roster Logjam

In the latest news on the New England Sports Network, this important free agent was snagged by our optimistic Bosox over the weekend. Which is good news because our team will be picking pitchers next week. As everyone knows, this all-around player brings many positions to lose.

 "Boston is prepa… Read full post »

OCTOBER 28, 2014 1:33PM

The Two-Car Party

This is the story about a party in two cars: The Town Car and the Clown Car. The problem is, even though this party is about to sweep the election this year, these two cars will not drive down the road together. No, they will take different roads and crash into… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 6:11PM

Needing an Enemy

The United States needs to talk to Bashar al-Assad - Before he makes us look more oblivious about Arab politics or the Middle East. Right now America is the subject of every palace joke between Tripoli and Tehran; When we look for support in our "war", crickets are all there is. In their… Read full post »

JULY 27, 2014 4:54PM

I'm Sharing

Alongside my monthly paper bank statement, delivered by the Post Office, was a piece of paper. There are always inserts with any business mail and everyone's first impulse is to throw it. But what caught my eye was the lack of any pictures and the words "Personal Information". So I read… Read full post »

JULY 11, 2014 6:32PM

Texas Tea-Party Film Festival

Going on Right Now....There are two films at this event, both are classic sci-fi tales done about sixty years ago by Hollywood:

  •  War of the Worlds (1953) tells the story of an invasion of a very white, Christian, affluent Earth by bad immigrants from Mars. (We know the religion of Earthlin
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JUNE 13, 2014 12:23PM

Think Like the Republican

Why shouldn't our military become like the corrupt aristocracies it seeks to assist throughout the world?

Oh Dear!!! Bagdad, that jewel of Western Civilization, is about to fall!! Quick, everyone in the Beltway loose their minds! Start the blame games, get the talking heads out of bed, and don't… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 28, 2014 1:34PM

Arizona Dogmatism

There is nothing new about the language passed by the Arizona Legislature as a remedy for social tolerance. In terms of the history of human civilization, rulers have always sought to establish the supremacy of spiritual beings over the lives of their subjects. The most extreme example is h… Read full post »

[insert photo]

Vice President Ted Cruz poses with Secretary of State David Wildstein. Looking on is Secretary of Defense Bill Baroni, Energy Secretary Kim Guadagno and Health & Human Services Director Bridget Kelly.

Afterwards Ms. Kelly commented: "I'm such a blonde - I can't remember w… Read full post »

OCTOBER 4, 2013 12:54PM

Rattlesnake Nation

Have you seen that show on Animal Planet? I'm not a naturalist or a "nature lover" but the humans are so cool. The star seems to be a ZZ Top look-alike who claims to be able to smell reptiles. No indication if they can smell him; Also no indication if the… Read full post »

This post started as an attempt to deal with a war of choice in Syria. Time frame: Shortly after Labor Day when there was only the United States Military to deal with the Assad Regime. Now the President has put the Leader of the Russian Nation (Putin's official title here) in… Read full post »

AUGUST 30, 2013 9:55AM

The Power of Nonviolence

"What We Honor Today...."

I watched the ceremonies in Washington and Boston for too little time; I had told myself that it would be "old" and something that was not needed. Now I wish I had seen some of the actual movement veterans speak-I'd like to know they missed a part… Read full post »

AUGUST 9, 2013 3:06PM

Case Study in Perfectionism

Did you miss it? Or did someone just say "oh, happens all the time...." or maybe "There you go again."?

Goldman Sachs says that its warehouses follow the rules of the London Metal Exchange, a commodity market that regulates the operation of a network of aluminum warehouses around the world. The… Read full post »

JULY 13, 2013 4:25PM

Social Perfectionism


This essay does not spring from some "senior" interest in moral upgrades or spiritual destinations; It has been pressing up my to-do list since the phrase "The New Normal" became an irritant in my brain bucket. Daily respectable pundits describe economics, politics&n… Read full post »

MARCH 1, 2013 9:27AM

Turning ____ into _____

Chuck Todd's lead-in for the Daily Gaggle: Chris Christie's Exculsion from The CPAC Guest List. The discussion focused on the Governor's accomplishments and his popularity rating, compared to the actual guests at this year's event. At the end of the segment, Chuck held up the list of guests and ticke… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 12, 2012 8:43AM

The 3,000 day Probation

Why do Republicans maintain their choke hold on Federal economic aid? Through their control of the House of Representatives. How were many radical Tea Party members able to get reelected in what should have been a landslide on the coattails of President Obama? Because state legislatures reapportioned… Read full post »

JULY 21, 2012 2:28PM

The "Big European Bubble Chamber"

Are there any positive results from the Rominee's financial shenanigans?

I love the original Star Wars flicks; not for the content but the episode titles, implying a never-ending, even aggravating, storyline; So the benefits for lefties as his campaign struggles with his verbal acrobatics. How a… Read full post »

This post is about election strategy and "positive message"; These are learned ideas held by many Americans that translate into Republican "programs". I believe they can be talked about in political language that would be accessible to most Americans.

"The Department of Defense is a jobs prRead full post »

MARCH 9, 2012 3:00PM

Property and Mission

Let me start by praising Glenn Greenwald for keeping the Iran crisis on Salon's front page.  The United States is on the verge of waging war against another Islamic tribal society thousands of miles from our borders; When Likud attacks, the Iranian military will see our hand. The phrase "mo… Read full post »

JANUARY 17, 2012 4:04PM

From: Secretary of State Gingrich

Re: My Bump

Let me say "YOU'RE WELCOME!" for the role I played in getting you elected; My influence throughout the World is well known. Your such a girly-man you wimp you could never have done it without me; Start by sending Obama back to Africa. I seem to have a… Read full post »

JANUARY 13, 2012 2:43PM

Will a Republican pardon the Gitmo 171?

Check out Haley Barbour; Whatever happened to the Party of Law and Order (Sometimes known as "lawnorder")?

After exhaustive biographical study - the first Wikipedia bio found - the former governor does not seem to be a Fundamental Christian Cultist. Unlike the Ricks or, for that matter, Romney; So th… Read full post »

DECEMBER 13, 2011 4:10PM

Real God Fun

 Who needs that Lamestream British King Jimmy? (The Bible is too funny for any one person, even Alex Parnee.)

OLD TESTAMENT (abridged)

Book 1: Genius of Genesis

The First Job Creator 

"Forget the cruise to Egypt! Some crazy old guy up on that mountain sold me these tablets for only 77 sheckels. They have… Read full post »

In our modern society, our bathrooms define our home ;  We invest huge amout of time and money in decorating and maintaining the most energy intensive part of our dwellings. Sharing bathrooms has a image in our country of unclean, poor, crowded city living;

When the United States… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 4:28PM

Lower the Social Security Retirement Age

So we want to "Go Big"??? 

I propose removing a large number of bodies from the labor market, allowing the "unemployment" number published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to fall.; It seems pretty easy to put the rate wherever we want it, say 5%. First a brief look back, then… Read full post »

JULY 22, 2011 3:30PM

Whatsa "lull"?

The Free Online Dictionary says:1. A relatively calm interval, as in a storm.2. An interval of lessened activity: a lull in sales

Ben Bernanke says our economy is "in a lull".  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well-known investment advisor (who appears on CNBC) referred to our current situation as a "Soft Patch… Read full post »

JUNE 9, 2011 6:35PM

My Problem with Tony

OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK....

Where are the Imperials??? 

Anthony??? Were you trying to make voters think you were Italian? Where are the Imperials? I often wondered about you....

So I was sitting in a room today full of people on Facebook. All of them were a lot younger than me; too poor… Read full post »