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Tom R. Saxe
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
December 22
Humorous artist shopping various graphic platforms and strategies for technical and design potential; My interest is in the 20th Century tradition of "gag" or magazine cartooning, also referred to as editorial illustration. Still, I cannot apologize for the liberal education received before my career. Currently using Federal benefits and personal skills living in a small New England city(town) full of retired obese white men and their impaired relatives. Separated from BMW and F-150 America by using subsidized transit, I offer either two cents or Nine Scents on a variety of subjects.


NOVEMBER 18, 2010 4:24PM

translation please

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Need a Portuguese reader:

Especially interested in work of Luís Miguel Nava: Are these his books (cover art?) or are these from a mag named after him?

From Poetry International Web article by Miguel Queirós  (Translated by Richard Zenith):

Luís Miguel Nava, who published the bulk of his work in the 1980s, was perhaps the strongest and most original Portuguese poet to come to light in that decade. Brutally assassinated in Brussels, in May of 1995, when just 37 years old, Nava published his first book – which he soon renounced – when still an adolescent. (...) The fact he was careful to draft a will at thirty-some years of age and even the way his poetry evolved... strongly suggest that the poet had a presentiment that he would not live a long life.

When was the last time anyone in the United States, or for that matter in any English-speaking nation, cared about what any poet wrote? Even before the Internet, even in the 50s?? He did not make any records or movies - He was murdered over words in books!

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