Tom R. Saxe

Tom R. Saxe
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
December 22
Humorous artist shopping various graphic platforms and strategies for technical and design potential; My interest is in the 20th Century tradition of "gag" or magazine cartooning, also referred to as editorial illustration. Still, I cannot apologize for the liberal education received before my career. Currently using Federal benefits and personal skills living in a small New England city(town) full of retired obese white men and their impaired relatives. Separated from BMW and F-150 America by using subsidized transit, I offer either two cents or Nine Scents on a variety of subjects.


DECEMBER 13, 2010 1:51PM

The Ruler

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The President does not have a problem; American political dialogue is stuck in the 90s.

Being Black does not indicate that a person will be confrontational. That perception seems to have been prevalent in America in 2008. While not as bad as Limbaugh or Beck, it is a sterotype; The President won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Any successful Ruler must be able to tap into the basic hopes and fears of those who select him, as opposed to those he associates with or even all those that he rules. The President has perceived the paralysis as the lack of faith most voters have in our national goals of Washington DC. So he tricks the Republicans into providing for the goals of most voters with a piece of legislation that will always have his name on it.

Most Democratic legislators are still focused on their goals; Only hope they can see victory in 2012 staring them in the face.

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