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December 22
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MARCH 20, 2011 2:52PM

Our "Business" in Libya

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A lot of soul-searching all over the American political spectrum, even here on OS. For myself, what the President is doing seems like dynamite: Vietnam, Iraq, even "Af-Pak" all big moral and policy TROUBLE.

What Mr. Obama is doing can only be understood through this paste:

29 August 1995
Fiftieth session
Item 106 of the provisional agenda*


Use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights
and impeding the exercise of the right of peoples to 

Me again - It's right there on Google and it was a contribution of Clinton. Here's some more hi-lites:

The  General Assembly, in  its resolution  49/150 of  23 December  1994,
reaffirmed that the use  of mercenaries  and their recruitment,
financing  and training  are  causes of  grave  concern  to  all States  and
violate the purposes and  principles enshrined in the Charter of the  United Nations.  The Assembly urged  all States to take the necessary steps and  to exercise the utmost  vigilance against the menace posed by the activities of mercenaries and to ensure by legislative  measures that their territory  and other territories under their control, as well  as their nationals, are  not used for  the  recruitment, assembly,  financing,  training  and transit  of mercenaries....
...the  activities of mercenaries in the territory of another country  which impair or may  impair the  sovereignty of  their  State  and the  exercise of  the right  of their people to self-determination....

Me again: Irrespective of any accounting of hypocrites who signed this declaration, WE DID TOO. The President must treat this document as having the same power as a Congressional Declaration of War.


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I just do not like any of this. It all seems like BIG trouble to me.
rated with hugs