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Tom R. Saxe
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
December 22
Humorous artist shopping various graphic platforms and strategies for technical and design potential; My interest is in the 20th Century tradition of "gag" or magazine cartooning, also referred to as editorial illustration. Still, I cannot apologize for the liberal education received before my career. Currently using Federal benefits and personal skills living in a small New England city(town) full of retired obese white men and their impaired relatives. Separated from BMW and F-150 America by using subsidized transit, I offer either two cents or Nine Scents on a variety of subjects.


JUNE 9, 2011 6:35PM

My Problem with Tony

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OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK....

Where are the Imperials??? 

Anthony??? Were you trying to make voters think you were Italian? Where are the Imperials? I often wondered about you....

So I was sitting in a room today full of people on Facebook. All of them were a lot younger than me; too poor to afford a computer or laptop or maybe even a place to set one up. Most did not speak English and had skin darker than ours. I don't know how much Members of Congress make, but certainly enough to afford any private device you might want and any private site account you might need to get laid. Maybe you don't?; Didn't you learn that you pay for your "dates"?

Staying with this line, you could afford any professional you want. (Get your mind out of the gutter, Tony!) You'd have to pay for your own lawyer, but you don't need a great lawyer, cause you're not going to jail-Right?; But what about a shrink - Would the Congressional major medical plan cover your therapy? Your pretty, powerful new wife's therapy? Don't you trust professionals in Washington DC to keep your personal needs secret? What is a power-hungry, successful politican like you afraid of?

Ya' know, Tony, I really hope you don't quit, because "I like to watch" too. I'm near The Bottom of The Heap, and you're near the top of The New Power Elite. I'm not hear to whine; I have always wondered what makes people like you "tick". I don't care how many pictures you sent to who: At your next press conference, tell everyone why, if you trust no one, they should. Now I'm going to look at some more porn; See ya'.

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