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Tom R. Saxe
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
December 22
Humorous artist shopping various graphic platforms and strategies for technical and design potential; My interest is in the 20th Century tradition of "gag" or magazine cartooning, also referred to as editorial illustration. Still, I cannot apologize for the liberal education received before my career. Currently using Federal benefits and personal skills living in a small New England city(town) full of retired obese white men and their impaired relatives. Separated from BMW and F-150 America by using subsidized transit, I offer either two cents or Nine Scents on a variety of subjects.


JANUARY 13, 2012 2:43PM

Will a Republican pardon the Gitmo 171?

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Check out Haley Barbour; Whatever happened to the Party of Law and Order (Sometimes known as "lawnorder")?

After exhaustive biographical study - the first Wikipedia bio found - the former governor does not seem to be a Fundamental Christian Cultist. Unlike the Ricks or, for that matter, Romney; So the question everyone is asking is why. I would like to ask: If we want to close the Gitmo prison and end this blight on the human rights record of the United States, why not elect a Republican President?

Of course, it might be a good idea to ask Mitt who he intends to pardon. Probably he would say anybody convicted of crimes involved in the Wall Street/Mortgage meltdown, stock traders, Madoffs, Illinois governors, ect. Except no one was indicted for the meltdown. Oh well, maybe he would just be content with the Madoffs and the Illinois governors. Or maybe he really is as psychotic as the rest of the Republican "Contenders".

Now the cynical OS reader will come up with reasons for former Gov. Barbour's actions based on his "familiarity" with many of the Mississippi felons. But I choose to not go that way (in more than one way); I see the spiritual atmosphere of policy discussions in 2012 leading to an era of disdain for the American penal system. There has already been talk of jailing judges and judical "waste"; This will lead to mass pardons of Federal inmates.

See how easy Republicans make social problems?

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