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A Persistent Muse
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September 05
In real life I teach art, art history, drawing and painting at a private high school. I recently left my job teaching in an innercity high school. Bottom line: I love teaching and this is my 40th year doing so! I adore visual and verbal expression and the whole wrestling match of creativity. Do I have the idea or does it have me? I hope to become a better writer through my blogs and exposure to exceptional writers. My Avatar is based upon a Seraph/Angel I painted for a child in our family.


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JUNE 24, 2010 9:44AM

Vessels: a brief musing

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We are earthly vessels

for the Spirit of Love

and Divine Compassion.

We are hands

and feet

minds and hearts

here and now.

Why then

should we be surprised

that in our usefulness

we are repeatedly






© 2010 Rebecca Ann Pelley All Rights Reserved

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Oh I like this. Repeatedly refilled!! I was wondering about that empty feeling I get so often and then the all filled up feeling too. Wonderful!! I feel so useful. Just what I needed to hear today.
. . .because we are only human constantly in search of the divine.

Beautiful. Rated.
A wonderful poem! I like that whole emptied and refilled thing. It is so true. I just have trouble waiting after emptied before I am refilled. I always am, though. R-
Thanks so much to zanelle, Bonnie, Joy, FusunA, and Dave. I know that this is a simple woman's Cliff's Notes version of parts of the Tao te Ching and Theresa of Avilla's writings, but I kept feeling it and it kept pushing at me. When I get strong repetitive nudges, I eventually listen and yield to them - believing that there is a reason and that someone may need what I do or say.
Many thanks for your supportive comments and the gifts of your writing. ;}
BTW: I forgot to mention that I like your new avatar. :-)
My Hopi potters will LOVE this! I'm going to send it out home. We are, indeed, emptied and refilled constantly. Resisting same only means pain and wasted time, right? WONDERFUL!
Hmmmm...thought for my day.
Ain't it the truth? What a great companion for "this too shall pass."
Inspiring, Muse.
Ooh, very nice! Yes, we do get emptied -- and it's then that it's most important to remember that it's always a cycle! Lovely and wise! Love, Julie
My soul just said "yum".
I'm in and out today (more gardening and a few explores) but I am so glad to see that you have stopped and responded to the arrow I sent skyward this morning! Thanks thanks!!
Keka! Happy you can use it and that others might enjoy it!
Sweetfeet: love that you are carrying it into your day.;}
L: I feel as though I served a delicious meal via carryout, see above...but at least I know where to find the goodstuff and how to pare it down to the bones. Merci!
Greetings Joan! ...and thank you!
Julie and LC...encountered, savored and many times experienced first-hand before deeply remembered. (Or should I say, saturated with this understanding?) I appreciate your visit and kindness.
Emptied and refilled....you hit that nail square center......beautiful poem, and I like the new pic on your avatar but also miss your pensive, smiling face....
This is beautiful and it outlines such an optimistic and peaceful way of life. thanks for sharing. I love it. RRRRR
Mimey!!!! Good to see you!!! Yummm back!
Susan, Thanks for your comments! Brief story coming about the little watercolor "Eliza's Angel" ...painted her for my hubby's granddaughter's First Communion in May. I'm glad you found and recognized the non-pensive moi!
Bernadine: Thank you! It's a blend of some of my favorite readings very simplified...It kept rolling around in my notebook the last two days...(awfully small to roll that long!) Appreciate your comments!
Very lovely..like your new graphics as well (tho your own smiling face up there is missed!)
Extraordinary, Persistent Muse! Very fluid, very poignant, riveting. kp
What a beautiful poem!
Wow. I know. Yet I struggle with the pain that cleans the vessel of the clinging to its outdated contents. Knowing that without that struggle it would simply be the natural movement of release and refill. Thank you for reminding me, and so beautifully.
I have to admit of my jealous thoughts of poets! To have such economy of words and depth of meaning is truly a gift. A gift I wish that I had! R
Very nice. (Guess it explains why we're all going to pot . . . )
Oh, my friends! Thank you for your generous comments on this piece. It was so small, but it wouldn't let me go. Now, simple as it is, and relatively effortless by comparison to some things I try to craft a billion times, I am so glad I did so!
Mary Ann! Thanks and thanks for noting the new avatar...more on her soon. That story involves one of endless "coincidences" I notice on a regular basis in my life. ;)
Kit...many thanks, my friend. These are thoughts that I love to think...especially when life prescribes them.
Scanner! Thanks very, my new friend!
Mark! I am very glad you enjoyed it...I seriously love your thoughts..regularly t.i.d.dosages!
Maria, Thank you for being so generous with your remarks every time you stop!
LibMomrn- a poet, and a writer I am not ...yet. But how I long to be!
thanks so much for your praise and your visit!:)
Rita! good to see YOU!
Pilgrim...and, we ARE the pot...Thank you for your loyalty! ;|