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A Simple Shutterbug
Montgomery County, Maryland,
November 29
I'm a photographer not a writer. Became a photographer when I realized I was better behind the camera than in front of it. This is an experiment to see if the beauty of my words will ever live up to the beauty of my photographs. so far the photographs are winning, but I haven't given up yet.


MARCH 6, 2011 8:56AM


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After a roller coaster winter of wind and cold, rain and snow, and more WIND, we've finally had a taste of spring here in MD. Here are the first flowers of the season. from sprout to bloom. You'll have to imagine the theme to "2001" playing in the background. Enjoy!

                            Crocus1  da


                            Crocus3 DAAA

                           Crocus4 DA-

                           Crocus5 DUM!

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These photographs make my heart light! ~r
Wow. Ho! Ho! Ho! Hi neighbor.
Your location says we neighbors.
Well. Love Thy Neighbor's Wife.
You make me thing of the summer cicada.
It's emerging from the winters cold earth.
Moving things come to a beautiful bloom.
Summer's cicada will emerge and flutters.
The shrill noises can intoxicate as saffron.
Fragrant. In a few day thee cicada is gone.

The cicada shed the outer shell. Hollow.
The hollow cicada appear as shining gold.
Thanks Shutter Bug.
That is ay beautiful.

Empty cicada shell
As we come
We go back naked
Let Bradly Manning speak.
Stop torturing descent people.
The armored cicada sheds skin.
Unfold their wings and flies.
Hear the uttering of cries.
A cicada lives a few days.
The cicada wither away.
My Mother!
She was born!
She had a birthday.
She was born.
Mom. Happy Birthday.
I agree with Joan H.
My Mother loved `
Always Springtime`
Wild Purple Violet.
I've been remembering.
My Mother loves blooms.
You help me honor Mother.
Yesterday was Mother's Day.
oh, i could just HEAR the dum-dum drums at the end! the colors are almost unbelievable against the dead brown winter scraps, aren't they? i am glad you are seeing something like this in your own yard.
Joan: Glad you enjoyed them, hope you have some blooming in your neighborhood.

Art: Thank you! Your beautiful words run circles around me. Glad you enjoyed them. I look forward to the "Wild Purple Violet" it was my grandmother's favorite.

Dianaani: The yellow flowers are always the first to bloom, like a little bit of sunshine. :)
happy birthday, art james' mom!
Is there anything more freeing than the first blossoms of spring. Lovely these.
Oh the first flowers are always the most fun.!