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November 29
I'm a photographer not a writer. Became a photographer when I realized I was better behind the camera than in front of it. This is an experiment to see if the beauty of my words will ever live up to the beauty of my photographs. so far the photographs are winning, but I haven't given up yet.


AUGUST 21, 2011 10:29AM

Photography and My First Camera- My Small Joy (Open Call)

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It was a brand no one had ever heard of. It had one lens, no flash and I don't even think the light meter worked half the time, but it opened my eyes, literally and made me actually look  and look again at the world around me.

Little did I realize when my uncle gave me this camera for my high school photography class that it, or a newer, more high-tech descendant would be my constant companion for the next 25+ years.

Some of my happiest times have been when I've just gone wandering with my camera. Even if I don't always get that one perfect shot, I've never considered that time wasted.  

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Photography is pure-D magic, right 'Bug? Even if we don't have darkrooms any more, the anticipation of seeing what we've captured is still delicious.

I remember Mirandas, believe it or not. My first "real" 35mm was a Praktica that I abused for two years (including dropping it into Lake St. Clair on an assignment) before I got my Nikon F, which I still have, along with its stablemate. Like you, I was away more comfortable behind a lens than in front of one.
I so get this. I love a day spent with my camera! ~r
You know a great camera is a wonderful instrument but it is the eye that composes and finds the right light. My first camera was a pale green Girl Scout brownie.
Boanerges: I knew you'd get this. You're one of the few people who has ever heard of Mirandas. I used that camera for about 3 years after high school, until I could afford my first Pentax, the brand I still use today.

Joan: Would love to spend a day shooting w/ you sometime!

Miguela: Thanks for stopping by. I have a few brownies in my collection to, but you are right, a great eye is even better than a great camera.
What a legacy your uncle bestowed upon you. The photos you take are amazing, Shutterbug .... and when you share them here, you share your joy ... and your joy becomes ours.
Kate: Aww... thank you :). I'm sure my uncle would be glad that I became such a "Shutterbug".
My first 35mm camera, when I first became interested in photography, was a Minolta SRT-101. It was tough and it had to be because I took it everywhere with me, including deep forests for week-long camping trips and down wide rivers. I think I snapped shots at most of East Texas at one time.
You received a gift; you've turned it into a gift; and you give gifts to us.
Torman: I remember the SRT 101. There's something to be said for those old cameras, they were built like tanks, indestructible.

Pilgrim: What goes around, comes around.