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May 12
Carolyn is an artist and art therapist living in the mountains outside Los Angeles. She posts cartoons every single day at www.azilliondollarscomics.com and www.facebook.com/azilliondollars. And she has funny stuff for sale over on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/AZillionDollars


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OCTOBER 25, 2011 4:03PM

Save The Postal Service!

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Save The Postal Service!

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randomly laced with acid......hahahahah
Wow, man, do you see trails?

Yes, lick a stamp, ride a horse, see trails.

This made me laugh out loud.

Hilarious, but one of the most effective ways to fix the postal service is to stop spending an enormous amount of money on advertising. If they put their money to productive uses then they wouldn't be running short. This would be easier if it was part of an over all reform system that reeled in the insane escalation of advertising that is depriving the public of accurate information and costing an enormous amount of money.
Hey, Zill, these are seriously GOOD. Lotsa room at many stations for pony rides and most of those processing centers that will close are big enough for a small ranch! Bottom left: Teens are crazy for that Redbox; This could compete (location, location, location). Top right: This would be really popular with homeowners facing foreclosure. Bottom needs a rethink-use heroin.
Only problem is all of these require up-front investment; Our government does not have any "angels", only Republican Scrooges.
My fav was postbox selling I-phones, too!

You know in Japan and Germany the post is also a savings and loan bank, too. The less wealthy bank in the POST.
America should look at what other nations are doing.
Very, very, very few conservative ideas I endorse, but the notion of privatizing the postal service is one of ‘em. The post office ends up carting advertisements for stores and businesses at a fraction of the cost that should be charged. Having mail delivered every day is an absurdity for most people…and the expense of having it done every day for people who need it done every day ought to fall on them (mostly businesses.) Franking privileges for congress is a joke.

There was a need for the postal service at one time. The need no longer exists. If someone wants to get in touch with me…they can do it without the huge expenses of the postal service. If someone wants to bill me…deliver the bill in person or pay someone to do it.

In my opinion, the postal service should go.

Aside from that, I enjoyed your cartoon.
Rated for backdated postmarks!
As we live in AZ, we'd like to see Medical Marijuana vending machines, then you get a two for one with the druggies.
Thank you for all your comments and feedback! Glad you enjoyed the cartoon.