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JANUARY 15, 2009 9:10AM

What are you worried about?

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We are all worried. We worry about myriad things like health, love, happiness, family, war, pestilence, terrorism, money, jobs, too much coffee, not enough exercise, the NFL playoffs, if Jack Bauer can save the world again... oh, and death.

Are we worrying for the right reasons? The worry factor relates to our need for normalcy and, in large part, a fear of change. When the cart is tipped over, our first reaction is to quickly pick up the apples, put them back, hopefully in the right order, and free of bruises. Only then can we get back to it.

 These days, we are blasted with things to worry about through the media, around the water cooler, at the gym and all over the Internet, and while much of it might just be worth wringing our hands over, the inability to fix it and get back to normal is what scares us the most.

I am worried about getting a job, but that will only get my finances and house-hunting back on track. Back to what was. Back to normal. I am worried about getting to the gym often enough to lose enough weight and return to the general health I once enjoyed.

What is it about change that scares us so? You, me and the next person in line at the coffee shop are hesitant to accept change. However, going on a diet is considered change, right? Quit smoking? Get a new job? Move into a new home?

Maybe we should not wish for the markets to recover or that our Western/American view of world peace is restored. Maybe a change is required. While President-elect Barack Obama ran under the flag of change (I voted for him happily), I fear that change will not come as decisively as we need it to come. Instead, it will be softened, blurred, dampened by all of the noise and politics and bureaucracy. If we can get the terrorists to stop, we get back to normal. If the economy bounces back, we can get back to normal. If the housing market recovers, everyone will be happy.

Maybe getting back to normal is the worst thing for which we can hope. Look at where has normalcy gotten us this far? This is not a call for revolution, just to get a new perspective and think about being a producer instead of a consumer. Let's stop waiting for our leaders to steer the ship and start thinking about how we really can change things for the better. Look at the world differently. Stop worrying about not being able to buy a new plasma flat-screen and cut up the credit cards. Stop with the expensive restaurants and learn to cook.

Forget luxury, accept life without an iPhone.

Maybe I need to accept change and write my book instead of wasting time worrying about not having a job. Many of us out there are without regular employment or could very well find themselves on the dole... I am not nearly the only one and many of us are far worse off than myself.

I, for one, am tired of worrying. I want to stop worrying. I want to find something for which to hope, and maybe the best thing would be to hope not for a return to normal but for the strength to change.


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Excellent first post! I completely agree with you--I'm actually exhausted from worrying. I don't want to be tired anymore. My worrying about the economy or my checking account or my job, isn't going to change anything. It's just wasting my energy and my time. All I can do is keep doing what I'm doing, and ride it out.
Change how? Into what?