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APRIL 28, 2011 8:18AM

The Birth Certificate: A Galactic Conspiracy (updated!)

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Yesterday President Obama finally released his “long form” birth certificate, supposedly proving that he in fact, is a United States citizen and therefore eligible to hold the highest office in the land. While we can certainly thank heroes of the Birther movement like Donald Trump, Orly Taitz and Pastor Bill Keller for this victory for the nation, hopefully their skepticism will not waiver. There are still plenty of unanswered questions, like “why did Barry let this go for so long?” or “why does he have dual citizenship?” In addition, some American Patriots have pointed out that this too, could be another Kenyan socialist plot. In the 60’s, no one would’ve called an African American child “African,” as the document suggests.  When we couple that with the fact that the birth certificate is now locked away in a Hawaiian vault, as Fox News reports, we can confidently say that this isn’t over.

While the liberal mainstream media and even the small handful of Patriot press people in this country will stay focused on whether or not this document is another forgery (it most certainly is), a darker secret still lies waiting to be brought into the light. The birth certificate debacle not only proves Barack Hussein Obama is not a United States Citizen, but he is also not even a citizen of planet Earth.

Courtesy Wikipedia. Helping the alien socialist conspiracy since 2001

Almost unnoticed by the media, SETI – the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, shut down the Allen Telescope Array, whose mission was to seek out signs of extra terrestrial life this week. SETI claims the array was mothballed due to inadequate funding, but this is only a half truth. SETI’s funding from the government may have been on the GOP budget’s chopping block, but no one’s asking why. Obama and the liberal elite fought hard for NPR to retain their 5% chunk of the federal budget, so why not fight just as hard for an organization dedicated to what should be the pinnacle of human exploration and scientific pursuit?

The answer is quite simple – had SETI been allowed to continue, it would’ve been more difficult to hide the truth about our pResident Alien in the White House. SETI first began in 1960, when astronomer Frank Drake performed  an experiment under Project Ozma. Project Ozma used a radio telescope to examine nearby stars for inhabited planets. In 1960, Drake detected a signal, which was hastily declared “false” and written off as originated from a high flying aircraft. Curiously enough, Obama was “born” in 1961, the same year that the first SETI conference took place in Green Bank, West Virginia.

It’s well known that advanced cloning technology was among the alien wreckage in the Roswell crash. But without a blueprint, our top scientists could not use it to make anything. That “false” signal in 1961 Drake received was similar to the Arecibo Message Drake himself sent out in the mid 70’s, containing instructions on how to manipulate DNA to create a human/alien hybrid. With the help of the last remaining Roswell alien, Barack Hussein Obama was created to be a bridge between two civilizations.

Courtesy Wikipedia

Cool screensavers are actually encoded invasion instructions

Obama’s new forged birth certificate is just another smoke screen to keep the public away from the real truth. Aliens came to us in 1961 with more than just a message – they gave us a messenger. While the heroes of the birther movement have their hearts in the right place, they too need to look at the facts. The “man” is not from Kenya, but from a much further location with a very shadowy agenda. Aliens cannot be president any more than non-Americans can, and America needs TO WAKE UP.


If you were looking for definitive proof this "document" is little more than a forgery, here it is . That's right, Google Street View shows that his mother's "house" address isn't a home at all, just a space in the middle of a street.


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EEEeeaaaaaaaahhhh ... we're all gonna die. But first aliens are gonna eat our brains. ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE US!!!
Still working out whether or not we're food or some sort of host bodies for aliens. I'll need to consult the counsel of elders for that info. Anyone have Glenn Beck or David Icke's phone number?