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February 01
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MAY 22, 2009 3:28PM

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

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 I have been an active member of OS for just the last four months, and never had the pleasure to meet Josie in the flesh. Like so many others here I felt that I knew her, and hoped to someday meet her in person, perhaps attend one of her dance recitals. During one of our first "conversations" she signed off with a mantra that I had not heard in some time, but have long had a fondness for.  I sent her the link for the video above and Josie was  dumbstruck by the beauty of it, a feeling we shared. This mantra:  "Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha" does seem to have some sort of magical power.  For me it feels as if my soul is being lifted up, I feel lighter and air seems to flow in and out of me effortlessly.
I was asked about the meaning of the words, and I wish Josie could explain them to you because I am certain she has a much firmer grasp of this spiritual chant than I could ever hope to have.    
It is a prayer to Tara, the goddess.

TARE means liberating from samsara. This samsara means these aggregates: the aggregate of form, or the physical body; of feeling; of recognition; of karmic formations; and of consciousness.

TARE shows that Mother Tara liberates living beings from samsara, from true suffering, or problems. You can relate this to the particular sufferings of human beings: birth, old age, sickness and death; meeting undesirable objects and experiencing aversion; not finding desirable objects or finding them but gaining no satisfaction. No matter how much pleasure you enjoy, there is no satisfaction. No matter how much you follow desire, there is no satisfaction at all.

TUTTARE, liberates you from the eight fears. There are eight fears related to external dangers from fire, water, air, earth, and also from such things as thieves and dangerous animals. However, the main dangers come from ignorance, attachment, anger, pride, jealousy, miserliness, doubt and wrong views. These eight disturbing thoughts that you have in your mind are the main dangers. By taking refuge in Tara and doing Tara practice, you are liberated from these eight internal dangers, these eight disturbing thoughts. In this way, you are also liberated from external dangers, as these external dangers come from the inner disturbing thoughts.

TURE, liberates you from disease. Now, of the Four Noble Truths, TURE shows the cessation of suffering, which is the ultimate Dharma. In terms of liberating from disease, the actual disease we have is ignorance not knowing the absolute nature of the I, and all the disturbing thoughts that arise from this ignorance. These are the actual, serious diseases that we have. With cessation of all these diseases of disturbing thoughts, all the true sufferings, all the resultant problems, are also ceased. By liberating us from disease, TURE actually liberates us from the true cause, disturbing thoughts, and also the true sufferings.

The rough meaning of these three words TARE TUTTARE TURE is: "To you, embodiment of all the Buddhas' actions, I prostrate always—whether I am in happy or unhappy circumstances—with my body, speech and mind."

The final word SOHA means establishing the root of the path within your heart. In other words, by taking refuge in Tara and doing Tara practice, you receive the blessings of Tara in your own heart. This gives you space to establish the root of the path, signified by TARE TUTTARE TURE, in your heart. By establishing the path of the three capable beings within your heart, you purify all impurities of your body, speech and mind, and achieve Tara's pure vajra holy body, holy speech and holy mind, which are signified by OM. Your body, speech and mind are transformed into Tara's holy body, holy speech and holy mind. This is the rough meaning of OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA.


From Yahoo Answers


I've added these following two videos because they are beautiful and reminded me of Josie. 





Shawn Smith   Wrapped in My Memory







Into the West - Annie Lennox 

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Dance Josie, dance. 





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Thanks, Ablonde - this is really helpful, and may (at least somewhat) explain the resonance of the meditation / music. And it's easy on the heart to read, though perhaps much more challenging to live.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful music in honour of DakiniDancer.
Oh how peaceful and beautiful... as you say in the tags, "rebirth and liberation". Thanks.
thank you for enlightening and sharing. "rebirth"....
She has transcended us all, yet continues to breathe light and life into each of us who await rebirth and liberation.
Thank you for the work you've put into this. It was as soul-searching as it was beautiful.
Thank you. This adds to my too small understanding of what Josie was about. So glad that she left these traces.
Thank you for sharing...I especially like Shawn Smith's song.
Thank you, this was wonderful and enlightening! it helped.
yes...dance, dear Joise, dance!
Yes, as others said. Very helpful. thank you.
Thanks, I was going to pm someone so that I could understand a bit about this part of Josie but now I dont have to.
fitting tribute, Josie walked this walk and I wish we'd been able to wlk it with her a while longer
Has anyone else noticed how much Josie looks like the statues of Tara? If you watch the video with her photo in the same frame you'll see what I mean.
This was beautiful, Ablonde. Thanks.
Good musical choices for this sad yet rejoicing time. Thanks.
Our paths never crossed at OS yet I suspect I would have been the better for it. Thank you. I will now go meditate.
Beautiful. Just reading your words and explainations...peace washes over me. The chants of the Fire Ceremony at Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado sound in my internal dialog. Beautiful.
I've been online for years, but Dakini's death was my wake up call that online IS real life. Before her I was able to pick and choose the aspects of people I enjoy, and discard most of the rest. Still miss her late night presence of kindness. I hope there is a bright shining place she is in, happy and complete. She deserves all good things.
This is my mantra handed down from a Tibetan monk in training-beautiful.
Almost 3 years later ~ catching up, still.
So long after ... and still ... still ...
so much of your heart reaches out and touches us ...