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February 01
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MARCH 23, 2011 1:18PM


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Well, shit. I get why you're saying ciao, but I wish you wouldn't.
like nana, i get it..but *sigh*
I love that ad :D
hope you'll be back
Aw, don't let the crap get you - think of us whom you're leaving behind, sob. Illegitimi non carborundum and all that. DON'T LET BONNIE WIN!
Ciao can be a meeting or a departing.
How abouta`
Teach your travel Guide, Mechanic,
Tax Auditor,
Sewing Class,
Buy a tin auto`
Audi, BMW, Ford,
Chevy, Olds, Buick,
Porsche, Mercedes,
Long Ear Mule, VW,
and visit Yodel Land,
and hold every darns
moment as sacred too.

Take up sewing socks.
Darn dang sock holes.
Practice needlepoint?

Come back?
Join a Amish sewing circle.
The Mennonites be happy.
They Love great fulfillment.

Knit Joan Walsh a hat?
Scarf, mittens, blanket?
Come back refreshed?

Cut potatoes. Smash.
Chop spuds for Salad.
Please? Belly Rub Too.
I mean?
We do belly boogie too.
We cancan rub belly hole.
We all have a belly button.
war scar...
[I look as if I got two holes]
Congrats on your liberation... it's really pleasant here amongst the dragons and windmills. I'll loan you some wooden shoes so you'll fit right in.
I meant to say`
Ask Kerry L. to learn.
Teach him to Pop Hood!
No wear clean blouse.
All the best Ablonde. I'll always associate you with sailing and open waters ... and anal sex ;
~And I, for all that, will stay in my asylum, if there's no chaplain to take me out of it, and if that Jupiter, as the barber tells us, won't rain, well, here I am, and I'll rain whenever I want to. Which I say because I want Mr. Barber-Basin to know I understand him.~
I am sure the dragons and windmills need your voice, but I hope a parachute comes to bring you back. We need your voice as well.

Your voice and perceptions are cherished here - even by the quiet ones.
Always enjoy your to the point comments and posts. Sorry you are going but I think it's matter of time before we all do sooner or later. I hope you will pop back in and shake things up once in awhile.
This site is getting to be like the Wizard of OZ and Dorothy's comment, "My, how people come and go."

Hope you'll be back soon!!!!!!
I stayed in my last online "home" for almost twelve years, so I guess they'll have to pry OS out of my cold, dead hands, but I don't blame anyone for leaving.

Best of luck to you. Hope to see you again sometime.
c.k. dexterhaven? oh my.. i predict you'll be around ablonde. ask chuck
I'm never quite sure why here is here or what makes there there, words posted here are not nearly as important as those placed just so over there. or even where here or there is.

someone tell me. where is here? where is there? what is the difference?

I perceive you as a tough bird. and then I read your dakinidancer post and think, no...you just have a tough hide. maybe a too soft interior. or maybe not. maybe tough through and through. who knows? surely not me. you haven't really been posting so i can't say I'll miss your words, but your presence in these ethers...yes.

that said, I hope we cross paths again.
Can't say as I blame you, but your leaving gives me one more reason to go. Thing is, I'm stupidly loyal and still remember OS when it was a fun community with a great many truly gifted writers and thinkers. You'll be missed.
Awesome but that motorcycle needs to stay in his lane.
Damn, I was in the middle of reading one of your posts when it was deleted. I actually left to add a credit for a photo I used in my post today. At the risk of sounding stupid...I didn't realize a lack of attribution for a photo, say from google images, was plagiarism. Lazy, sloppy journalism yes, but the P word never entered my mind. I guess I half figured that if I posted a picture of the Prez and Gaddafi...obviously I didn't take it myself. I thought of those images as public domain. I have no training in journalism period, let alone internet journalism. However, I do care and will do better.

P.S. I will seriously miss your avatar...not that that's all you were/are. I didn't know your work well, but I always enjoyed your comments and yes, that glorious image.
I remember your first post with the slide show. it was and still is a benchmark in my view, and of course your "avatar" remains in a league of it's own as well. when you find a better site where you can let it all hang out let me know and I may join you.

Ciao, bella!

[with a little E.Izzard in there for visual/aural fun...!]
Hey, hey now ...

"If you leave me can I come too ?"

Editors, can you see what is happening here ??!!

Ablonde, thankyou, for everything you've written and done.

Ciao bella.
Ablonde, To the extent that we get to know our cyber acquaintances, I can say that I've built admiration and respect for you. Thank you for wit, literary prowess, and genuine caring during the time I've come to "know" you. You will be missed.
And might I add, with both you and Stellaa leaving (and let's not forget Karin), very few "mean girls" will be left at OS for those with challenged intellects and powers of reasoning to blame everything on. Oh, their time of woe is at hand. Methinks they will scavenge up some new "mean" quickly so as perpetuate the victimhood they wallow in so well.
When I first showed up here almost two years ago, I was impressed with your persona and knew it was a place of freedom of expression. I wish you would still stand on the wall rebelliously like Lady Victory here, but I understand if you have other goals. Hasta la bye bye and godspeed.
i get it. i do. but i'm still sorry.
Can I be your Sancho?
Hey! Gone so soon? I hardly got to know you. Well. If you're really going to go, can I have Kim? ;-)
what's wrong? what did I miss? why are you leaving Ablonde?
You were never a blonde, you've been THE blonde since the day you got here. Hell, nolo bastardum carborundum -- don't let the bastards wear you down -- just come back in a different guise. Hell, use that Picasso painting -- you know which one.
That was majorly awesome. Ciao? That is not awesome, but kind of sad.
This is tough. It just is. But onward and upward. I'll be here, there, any damn where. We be.
Good luck with the dragons. Stay safe.
Hey before you absolutely go have a small visual trip on me:http://open.salon.com/blog/alkeme/2011/03/21/pamukkale_--_the_cotton_castle
Happy Travels....
An amusing commercial. Since I don't watch much television, they always seem brand new to me.
How does it make you feel, to see that so many people are touched by your departure?
I'm rarely here anymore but couldn't mistake your most notable avatar. Wishing you well--you were here when I first found OS. HB
march 23, 2011?????
WTH was this doing in today's feed w/out today's date attached, as in re-post???????
Open appears to have slipped a cog.....well, many cogs......
Perhaps simply because ... one of our joys here ... has been our being able to look back ... remember ... be moved ... touched once more ...
by part of a shared ... history ... and to leave one more thought ...

So many riches ... so much wealth ... so much warmth ...
so long here ...

Simply this ... perhaps ...
Where'd u go sweetpea. U remain the most outrageous broad who ever sailed here.
Brava! And may you always remember those that care. tg