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OCTOBER 3, 2011 5:40AM


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My sister's husband ran off with the Target heiress.  Although this statement reads like the start of a novel, it is actually true.  And that is why I cannot write fiction anymore.  Because life is too strange to be transformed into a plot with suspense.

My sister says we cannot write this novel because we would be sued for libel.  But how can you be sued for libel if a statement is true?

No one I know has a life like my sister's ex-husband.  They aren't just a little rich.  They have stables and servants.  They go to Iceland for Easter.  In their private jet.  How he managed this I don't know.  

We were all against my sister marrying him in the first place.  He showed up in my sister's tarot reading before she ever moved to New York.  I was surprised to see him there, the Magician.  Big as life.  I was surprised because I didn't know people could transform their lives that quckly.  At the time my sister was as lost and confused as I was.  This was to change overnight. And I was surprised because I was not very good at reading cards in the first place.  I was just practicing.  But there it was.   There he was, I should say.

She told me he asked her to marry him on their third date.  'He talks to trees,' my sister told me.  He was an odd combination, part Mormon and part polarity therapist.  In the time they were married I don't know if he ever brought in any money.  My sister was on the road earning money playing viola in quartets, symphonies, Broadway plays.

He raised the children.  He flew into ranges if my sister discussed the option of going to a doctor or applying neosporin.  He home-schooled the children.   He alienated her friends.  And somehow he found time to study the chakras of the son of the Target heiress, and then moved out.

We were all relieved.  The man's stubborness was second only to our mother's.  He flew into rages if we disagreed with him.  He told me my dog had separation issues from his mother.  He told me my daughter was married to my mother in another life.  That is a whole other story.

But my sister was not relieved.  Not only did her life fall apart overnight, she had no chance in divorce court due to the attorneys bought by Target millions.  To be honest the Target money was her husband's.  Apparently, initially, the new wife was an out of work musician, who married an out of work account, who was encouraged by HER parents to get into the stock market.  Hence the eventual millions, which were left to her after a divorce.

How does this happen to people.  Millions happen, my sister says now, philosophical after a second marriage and a fifth baby.  He wanted millions, and so he cultivated them.

But really I have wanted a lot of things and cultivating or lusting after them has never been successful in my case.

My sister says she is a failed mother because her children are gone on jets half the time with the Target heiress and her husband (ex).  But really isn't she a better mother than me?  Her children have all been sent to unversities, and I have no idea how or whether I will be able to send mine anywhere.  Let alone retire.

I'll go back to the tarot and see if I can manifest my own magician. My own millions.




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