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NOVEMBER 8, 2011 9:05AM

Etown Part 4

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The wedding cake was white, dry and tasteless, but was frosted deliciously.  The hors d'oeuvres were uninteresting to us children, and we contented ourselves with maraschino cherries.  My younger sisters whined in exhaustion and I was assigned the task of babysitting, a task I relished due to the soft innocent cheeks of my baby sisters.  There is nothing like the sweet flesh of childhood. We children circulated among the tall people in our curtains.  Soon we would return to Cleveland and go back to school, the summer's drama and mad dash forgotten into history.

Peggy wore a brocade mini dress and Randy shook nervously during the ceremony.  We had all recovered, somewhat, from the events of the pool.  My older beautiful sister ran in and out with her cousin, orchestrating the attachment of condoms and birth control pills to the escape vehicle.  Peggy would cry when she saw it, and many years later would recall with irony the helpful precautions. Peggy and Randy never did have children biologically, but adopted from an exclusive agency, after many exhaustive years of fertility treatments.

My father was once again to be found at the bar.  Wally once again became involved in assisting my tense mother to remove him.  Randy's mother wore a half amused smile in the distance.   'My father leads a double life,' my six year old sister Mary would announce to any captive guests.  'He has one wife there,' she would point at the first wife.  'And another over there.' 

Soon Randy would fly to Guam and Peggy would return to finish her last semester at university.  And all the parents, wed and otherwise, would return to their stations.How young we all  were.  I can still hear the echo of my wish as it fell, clinking into the wishing well, lost among all the other dreams.

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