accidental dad

accidental dad
Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey,
April 13
Author of Diary of an Accidental Dad "Diary of an Accidental Dad is Erma Bombeck if she liked a good spanking and drank a bit too much. These stories hit so close to home that they have to be true, but they are written in a witty, articulate, self-deprecating style that will make milk squirt from your nose~even if you don’t drink milk. Dad's struggles to find a place in childhood society for a hyper-kinetic but brilliant son are both hysterical and endearing. The fine line between being over-indulgent, protective, free-wheeling, and disciplinarian are crossed, stomped on and drawn again over and over, with the inner dialogue all parents have with themselves~please don't let me screw up my kids."


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JUNE 25, 2012 8:00AM

Riding His Bike To The Beach Dressed Like an Ewok

My son rode his bike to the beach today dressed in a furry Ewok costume. Because I’m naturally furry, my son couldn’t resist saying, “hey dad, you can be a Wookie, since you have more hair than Chewbacca”. It was a weird thing to hear, coming from an Ewok riding his… Read full post »