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OCTOBER 27, 2009 11:58AM

Maybe the Coyote was on to something ...

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I was just thinking about my blog title. You know, someone should put together a catalog of all those wonderful ACME devices from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons and market it to those of us old enough to recall when Saturday mornings were sacred.

Remember those black circles the Coyote could throw on the ground and they'd instantly become holes you could fall into? Think of how useful that would be when your potty-training toddler decides to drop trou and park himself on a sample toilet at Lowes.

And who among us couldn't use a good anvil every now and then? Everything from doorstop to dis-incentive for visiting Jehovah's Witnesses. Definitely has possibilities.

There was also that great machine that the Coyote used in those episodes where he was trying to outsmart the Sheepdog. It was an alarm clock attached to a conveyor belt that awakened, showered, dressed, fed and dumped the user on the road to work. Now that's handy. Wonder if they make it kid-sized?

That's one catalog I wouldn't throw in the recycle bin.

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Just remember to avoid those rocket sled roller skates, that never turned out well.

And I miss Saturday morning, sugary teeth rotting cereal and violent cartoons that were going to turn us all into psychopaths. I miss the good old days.
Oh yeah, the rollerskates! I forgot about those. And the hair tonic that would make hair grow instantly and abundantly. Now *that* would be a best seller ...