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OCTOBER 30, 2009 1:24PM

Day 2

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Day 2:

So it's Day 2 of my de-stuttering experiment. I strapped on the headband, stuck the wet sponges to my head and turned on the device.

I've really got to find something to do during the 20 minute period the machine runs. I can't wear my glasses, so I can't read or do anything on the computer.

Again, no real sensation when the device starts. The sponges start to feel a little warm by about 15 minutes or so, but that's likely as much from body heat as from anything happening electronically.

It did seem like there was a slight tingle right as the 20 minutes were up and the device beeped and shut itself down. But I'm not sure that wasn't just the startle reaction from the unexpected noise.

And once I remove the sponges, the skin they were covering feels tingly for a bit afterward. But wouldn't that happen if I just wore the sponges without even hooking up the device?

But the real question is: Am I stuttering? I certainly don't feel any different.

I wonder if the placebo affect will come into play here at all? Intellectually, that doesn't seem likely. Because stuttering is neurological. There's a breakdown between my brain and my throat. And the power of suggestion won't fix that.

 But honestly, would I really care, if the end result was that I didn't stutter anymore?

I think I would care. Because I've always fought this idea that while others outgrow stuttering in childhood, I am somehow weaker or didn't try as hard because it's followed me into adulthood. If a placebo worked, that would mean I was wrong. That I was weaker. And that sort of messes with my head.

My son just called from another room. I responded without getting up. It seems like my throat was a little more relaxed than usual. Is it just my imagination?

 Anyway, we'll see what happens. Where's a good telemarketing call when you need it?

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