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Andrew E. Mathis

Andrew E. Mathis
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
August 16
Medical Editor


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OCTOBER 23, 2014 4:31PM

Aslan v. Harris v. Uygur

The men named in the title of this article are three that I admire, albeit for different reasons. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks podcast, is among my favorite Internet personalities, not to mention political activist (wolf-pac.com). Sam Harris, the militant atheist neuroscien… Read full post »

Let's start with a few givens.


First and foremost, Dylan Farrow believes that she was sexually abused by Woody Allen. That being said, from the standpoint of whether sexual abuse has had a negative impact on her life, whether that abuse actually happened is irrelevant. It has had a negativeRead full post »

Dear Mr. Davis,

I'm writing to inquire whether you are statistically illiterate or dishonest. In asking this question, I'm assuming that you're not both. If you are, then allow me to apologize in advance.

I write specifically regarding your article here:

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 22, 2013 10:25AM

An Open Letter to My Catholic Cousin

Written on the day after the November 2012 election.

Dear Cousin,

I'm writing because you posted on Facebook something that piqued my interest, i.e., that you were unhappy about Barack Obama being re-elected because of his positions on abortion and gay rights and because of the birth control mandate iRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012 2:56PM

Crying Wolf


Here's how the process works: (1) A journalist writes a column, and (2) you read it. (3) And as you're reading it, your antennae that are primed to receive anti-Semitic tropes go up, (4) so you look extra carefully through the article to be sure whether it has those tropes… Read full post »

As least since publishing The Case for Israel in 2003, if not longer, Alan Dershowitz has been the foremost defender in the public sphere in the United States of Israel's policies. This defense has taken various shapes, from the aforementioned book to direct attacks against Israel's detractors, notab… Read full post »

I visited the James Randi Educational Foundation Web site today and read this headline on a forum post: 'Aetheist [sic] attacked for zombie Mohammed costume, case dismissed in court."

Intrigued, I read the post, which detailed how a man in my own backyard of Mechanicsburg, Pa., was assaulted by an ob… Read full post »