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August 15
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SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 4:36PM


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Whisper Your Name Into My Heart



  giselle 4illuminated - A - 2s punishment for my insolence in the council chambers of the King my father, the Queen my mother has ordered the whipping of Magge my nurse my tutor my confidant.  In front of my eyes are two soldiers, one on each side of Magge, holding her erect with her arms pulled tautly outstretched.  She is stripped naked and stands in a pile of straw within my own bed chamber.

        The King my father and the Queen my mother and Mafeo The Motherfucker watch as the Executioner prepares to flex The Demon’s Tail down upon poor Magge.  A third soldier restrains me as I scream saying - No, no, no, no, no!-

        With that first stroke The Demon’s Tail pops like a giant ember and Magge screams and I scream with her.  Her innocent blood sprays onto the straw at her feet.

        With that second stroke Magge screams through bravely clenched teeth and she shudders.  I hear myself wailing.

        With that third stroke there is a snake of blood crawling down her bare leg.  Magge’s head falls forward onto her breast and she is limp.  The two soldiers hold her still erect like a crucified doll.  Should I thank the Devil that she is fainted?

        With that fourth stroke her excoriated flesh shakes but she only moans in delirium.  A second snake of blood joins the first in a pool on the straw at her feet.

        With that fifth stroke her unconscious body convulses in animal resistance and she makes an unearthly howling sound.

        With that sixth stroke there is a bursting halo of bloody spray that strikes us all.  The King my father says - Enough! -

        The soldiers let Magge collapse face-down.  Her six bloody slashes pulse and disgorge a bloody tide that the straw cannot devour.  I am released by the soldier and I throw myself beside Magge and I kiss her face.  I become bloody.  The Queen my mother unto me sternly says - I only hope you have learned your lesson. -

        I clench an imaginary sword and to them I say - Someday I will recite this lesson to all of you! -

        As the King my father and the Queen my mother turn away and leave with their soldiers, Mafeo looks back at me and I swear I see a glimmer of sadness in his eye.

        Magge moans and I fall back to her and I clutch her hand and I say into her face through scalding tears - I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry! -

        Magge opens her eye and whispers to me, saying - I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry. -

        My three sisters and the Physician enter my bed chamber and immediately drop to their knees and tend to Magge.  With a whisper my eldest sister Héloïse says - Mafeo told us to come.-

        I stand myself back up above them and see my defaced image in the far mirror.  Unnoticed I take a razor from the Physician’s open bag.  I go to the mirror and I am talking to myself saying - Six lashes they were forbidden by royal convenience to give unto you?  They shall not look again upon you without seeing their injustice! -

        Under my left eye I begin to cut with the surgical razor.  I end having a number - 6 - carved like a tear for the six lashes of injustice suffered by Magge. 


Chapitre I - JOURNEES INDESIRABLES – Giselle learns she is to marry the heathen Hrolf.

Chapitre II -DANS LA FORÊT DE VIEUX HOMMESGiselle confronts the King and Queen.



Whisper Your Name Into My Heart

Chapitre IV - CHANSON



Special Thank You to Colleen Corah Hitchcock whose poem Ascension bears the line "...whisper my name into your heart…"


(Kindle for PC is free!)



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feminism, fiction

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Wowza...I'm not sure where this is leading. I must go back and catch up fore I dare not misstep less a bloody mess I might be. :D
Scary and compelling, waiting for more
rated with love
This is definitely not going to receive a PG rating when the movie comes out! Great stuff indeed. If you are dreaming this all up, I sure don't want to be in your dreams.
This has certainly turned into a fascinating read.