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August 15
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JANUARY 7, 2012 10:30PM

LES VOIES D'HOMMES (The Ways of Men)

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Whisper Your Name Into My Heart - Chapitre IX - LES VOIES D'HOMMES

  giselle 1illuminated T 1he Thirteenth Monk nods to the Senior Acolyte, Tredecim.  Tredecim comes and stands beside me as we dine.  My Ladies-in-Waiting and Our Guard and I finish le fait de diner with the thirteen Incorruptibles.  For this exquisite meal I give formal thanks to our hosts of the Monastery.

          Etienne, the young Captain of Our Guard studies with concern that Tredecim beside me now whispers into my ear.

          Lady Giselle, Your Highness, it is time,” says Tredecim.

          I am at last to be instructed in Les Voies d'Hommes, the Ways of Men.  Too soon will it be my wedding to the barbarian Hrolf The Walker.

          Tredecim and I exit the dining hall together.  Tredecim seems quietly apprehensive, and yet I am merely curious.  Magge, my tutor, my confident, had taught me well the Ways of Women.

          Should I not think again of my poor Magge who is recovering in the Infirmary? Grâce à Dieu.  Oh, Magge, how complicated can be the Ways of Men?  I wish Magge were with us.

          Tredecim leads me through the courtyard into a pillared structure.  I point above and read aloud the inscription on the arched entry:


Nos es mirare

Per Venia nos teneo Is Dies

Nos es totus Unus Carmen

Nos es non Aduro


(We are a mirage

By Grace we know This Moment

We are all One Song

We are not The Singer)


          “Tredecim, who wrote that?”

          “Your Highness, I am told that inscription was there when this Monastery grounds was a Roman garrison.  This was their pagan temple.”

          “Why has the inscription remained?  It does not resemble the teaching of The Church.”

          “Servant Brother Timothée, the Thirteen Monk, my mentor, has told me that The Church has yet not accepted all wisdom.”

          Grows my wonder at this Monastery and the Order of the Thirteen Incorruptibles.  Tredecim leads me through a torch-lit labyrinth of marble hallways.  We arrive at what appears to be an altar chamber.  Yet upon the spacious altar is presented a bed richly provided with blankets of the most exquisite design and quality.

          I notice now that Tredecim trembles as he says, “Your Highness, we are here.”

          I touch his shoulder but he trembles more.  “Tredecim, what assails you?”

          He takes a deep breath and says with effort, “Your Highness, in the adjoining chamber will be the Purification.”

          He leads me into that chamber.  Therein is a stone pool of gently steaming liquid not unlike the medicinal pool of the Infirmary.

          Tredecim says to me, nervously, “Your Highness, we are to enter the Purification together.”  He holds my eyes and he slowly disrobes.  His skin is smooth and like immaculate pearl.  I have seen such Roman statues.  With such anatomy.

          “Your Highness?” he asks me expectantly.

          I rarely undress myself.  I think again of Magge and the games we would play as she undressed me.  It is not so much fun to undress myself.  It seems to take forever, yet Tredecim exhibits infinite patience as he bows his head and for some reason shields his manhood.  I think he prays.

          With Tredecim I am aware of my nakedness in a way about which Magge cautioned me, yet until this moment have I not experienced.  Tredecim offers to me his hand and I see that his manhood is alert.  We step together almost ceremonially into the stone pool of gently steaming liquid.  The soothing liquid feels like a scented oil bath.

          We are submerged to our ribs.  Tredecim says that we must kneel and submerge to our necks and we do so. 

          “Your Highness, with your indulgence, we are to remain thus while I recite the entire Neuvaine Pour la Purification.


O la Mère Bénie de Dieu,

qui est monté à

le Temple selon

la loi avec votre

l'offre de peu blanc

les colombes, priez pour nous cela

Nous pouvons aussi garder la loi

et être pur dans le coeur

comme vous.

Le coeur doux de Mary,

soyez notre salut.


(O Blessed Mother of God,

who went up to

the Temple according to

the law with your

offering of little white

doves, pray for us that

We too may keep the law

and be pure in heart

like you.

Sweet heart of Mary,

our salvation)


          I say “Amen” with Tredecim.  We slowly rise.  In a ceremonial trance Tredecim finds the courage to take my hand once again.  We step out of the warm pool into the cool air.  I feel myself firm in exhilaration.   Together we return to the chamber of the bed altar.

          Tredecim guides me to sit upon the bed.  The blankets are deep and soft.  Tredecim stands before me.  I look up from his proud manhood.

          “Your Highness,” and he proceeds to instruct me on surprisingly delicate matters of the Sensitivities of Man and how they may be honored and never abused.

          “Your Highness, your lips and tongue as well as your fingertips are instruments of your love, which may be applied to these pleasures of your husband.”

          And so of deep curiosity I take him into my mouth and I explore him with my tongue and my lips.  Magge had taught me how explore women and how to be explored, but this is truly new.  I study assiduously, completely, with enthousiasme.

          Tredecim begins to be unsteady on his feet.  “I must recline, “ he gasps between clenched teeth, “Your Highness.”

          Tredecim falls back onto the blankets breathing hard.  His glistening manhood now stands erect beside me as if it were his ruddy second head and torso.

          I take hold of this hot fleshy scepter.  I have the vision of how Men are to be ruled.


Chapitre I - JOURNEES INDESIRABLES – Giselle learns she is to marry the heathen Hrolf.

Chapitre II -DANS LA FORÊT DE VIEUX HOMMES – Giselle confronts the King and Queen.

Chapitre III - COUPS DE LA QUEUE DU DEMON – Magge is punished in place of Giselle

Chapitre IV - CHANSON – Giselle is comforted by her beloved horse

Chapitre V - LE GRAND GUERRIER – Giselle hears the witch’s prophesy

Chapitre VI - LE TREIZIÈME MOINE  - The Wedding Entourage reaches the Monastery

.Chapitre VII - LES ACOLYTES – The young attendants of the Monks help Magge

Chapitre VIII - LA SCIENCE DE GUEULE – Giselle learns of the Science of Eating


 Whisper Your Name Into My Heart - Chapitre X LA CHANSON DE LA MÈRE D'ESPRIT (Song Of The Spirit Mother)


Special Thank You to Colleen Corah Hitchcock whose poem Ascension bears the line "...whisper my name into your heart…"


Kindle for PC is free!)




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I feel to be in an Elizabethan novel...
A-hem..! A tale that comes with reactions, and done soo deftly. You're goood. Tx for the read, Ash. R.
I love Etienne! Wise now to the world of men she will be unstoppable. They are putty in her hands. But I hope she is going to get some pleasure too. A man who can do that could rule over me so she better watch out.