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August 15
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JANUARY 30, 2013 12:28PM


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Hi, I'm a stranger in a familiar land

I wasn't one of them

I'm not one of you

It's all in our minds isn't it?

Money, country, love

Hate seems real, but it isn't

Death is real, right?

I hear no objections, no contradictions from any dead people

I understand why cultures have worshipped Death

You can count on Death

Everything else is in your mind

Will everything else let you down, betray your trust, and make a fool of you?

Why then should I care?

Who the fuck Adam I?

Sorry, Freudian slip,

Who the fuck I AM?

Sorry, fatigue

Who the fuck is I?

I am waiting for my taxes to be done, on earth as they are in Heaven, in your mind

Devoutly to be wished

What's that they're saying now?

"The Server is down"?  Holy Jesus, what the Hell's next?

I guess I'll be here awhile longer

I'm losing my home.  I bought it at the peak of the real estate bubble.  Real. Estate.  In your head.  I bought it because my father said that me and my wife couldn't keep living with him.

My father has Alzheimer's now.  His insurance wouldn't pay out.  They're bankrupt.  I had to sell his house to cover the bills.  He lives with me.  I just couldn't cast him into an old persons warehouse to piss on himself and be restrained with drugs.

We never got along but he doesn't deserve that.

My wife left me.  Too much nothin'.  She and my father didn't get along either.  It's a long story.  I'm sure it's all my fault.

It's all in my head because now I'm losing my house.

My brother made himself sick and lost his job.  He came to live with me.

It's lucky I don't have a gun.

But I know there's an Off Switch.

Even when I can sleep I still feel exhausted.  God doesn't give you more than you can bear, right?

"One foot in front of the other", right?

Oh, goody, "the Server is back up".

Deduce my deductions, please.

Talk about the SAG Awards!

I win the Saggy this year.

I'm, Holy Jesus, tired, bloated, stressed, and just old.

Taxed to the max

I am going to stay here as long as I can bear it.

What's that you're reading?

The Book of Probe?

Let's see:


Debriefing 1

They are a thin slime on the surface of the earth, praying for a god


Debriefing 2

Why are there orgasms?  Because no one would stay in that terrible place without orgasms.


Debriefing 3

Patience is their strength and their affliction.


Debriefing 4

They are like a hummingbird in the rain


Debriefing 5

More of them have died than are alive


Debriefing 6

A dream is their mind's flower.


Debriefing 7

A tiger is as ferocious a survivor as a flower.


Debriefing 8

Many hold fire on their lips.


Debriefing 9

They labor for crops of machines.


Debriefing 10

Their world is a dream that hurts.


Debriefing 11

There is no such thing as extra money


Debriefing 12

You are not too late for tomorrow





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