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JULY 1, 2009 9:26PM

Spider Bite! Now a Tick Bite! Lyme Disease!UPDATE

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Ok, it's a weird picture, but it shows the SIZE of the bite that took over my body this weekend and resulted in me having a high fever Sunday night. (That's my right side, my shirt is lifted. First picture of myself I've posted!) The doctor circled it in magic marker Monday (should that be a song? "Just Another Magic Marker Monday") saying I should call Thursday if  it got bigger.  It seems contained for now

It got that big in two days. It started Saturday morning. I was like."Honey, will you look at this?, "Honey, can you look at this again?" "Um, Kevin, is this a lot bigger?" all weekend.

I'm not sure if you can tell , but it's the size of...a mango? It's big, and it's tender and now it itches around the edges.

Anyway, now I have to take Doxycycline for two weeks, which sucks because, well, antibiotics literally make me sick, plus what else is being killed in there!  Yes, please get the bad spider venom neutralized, but what else ya gonna attack, huh? The seat of my soul resides in there somewhere. I would hate to see that destroyed along with my intestinal flora.

I'm doing pro-biotics and the straight cranberry juice - shudder - along with the Doxy, as a chaser. I will slay the yeast  before it comes!

So, many of my spiritual friends would say this is a manifestation. That it is a sign of something -a vulnerability that needs to be healed, an outward expression of negative things (thoughts, actions, the past) that need to work them selves OUT literally.

I usually agree with these assessments, because stress certainly tears down the bodies capability for immunity. I'm not referencing OS stress here at all - more that everything I've been carrying - with my really intense jobs, my mother being diagnosed with pre-leukemia, the same stress as everyone else about money and debt and bills - can be simply summed up in a gigantic sore that just BLOOMS in 36 hours. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!

I'm not letting the spider off the hook, or the web. I just feel like, having to acknowledge my own skin and my own well being made me realize I'm useless to everyone if I'm not taking care of myself.

Looking forward to yoga tomorrow, and also a BBQ with friends and fireworks on Friday. Although the fireworks will be rained out as it has not stopped raining for 30 days straight here in Massachusetts.

Maybe the antibiotics also fight mold ...

****UPDATE: Just got a call from the Dr. saying I tested positive for Lyme. Fuck, fuck fuck fuck. They're talking to an infectious disease specialist to figure out what I do next. More antibiotics? Or is it incurable? Anyone know anything about Lyme?

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Are you sure it was a spider bite? And if so, do you know what kind?

Despite the irrational fear of spiders in society, and the fact that every person will recount being bitten by one, I have never once found a person who actually SAW a spider bite them. The closest I've come is someone who reached behind some wood and felt a pinching feeling.

I'm convinced spiders bite, but I suspect they do so much less frequently than we think.

And although I'm not afraid of spiders, per se I'm certainly not a fan of them either - here in the Northwest we have a lot of wolf spiders - big, brown ones that run around. Thankfully my cats take care of most of them. And so I've generally been fascinated with the sheer level of loathing toward spiders, as opposed to anything else that creeps and crawls.
Hi fin2theleft - Um, no! That's what the Nurse Practitioner (Ireferred to her as my doctor) surmised. I thought I saw a bullseye on Sunday, and am still thinking it could be a tick bite, although, y'know, having a tick there and not noticing is equally likely as a sneaky little spider biting me and running away.
I LOVE spiders. I don't vaccuum them up or dust them away or drown them in the shower. I guide them away from danger.
I think antibiotics will take care of whatever it is.
I lived in Seattle and was afraid of the brown recluse, but it never stopped me from drinking copious amounts of beer and listening to punk bands in basements. it never stopped most of the kids from sleeping in those basements!
I wish i had been given special powers through my bite.
That looks like a brown recluse spider bite. Take the antibiotics! I have seen awful scarring and sometimes surgical intervention is required to remove the necrotic tissue.

What you have there is a classic recluse spider bite. You need to really go through your drawers and closets to make sure there aren't more. They are so damn small and don't make conventional webs, but they like dark hiding places, places like closets and shoes.

Hope you caught this quickly enough and will have minimum damage. If it keeps getting worse, don't hesitate to get your ass into the emergency room.
You saw my spider bite piece and photo didn't you? They can't be taken lightly. I'm glad to see you haven't lost tissue like I did. Hopefully you didn't wait as long as I did.
Get well soon.
That is one hellava first photo to post! I get spider bites, big ones, but nothing ever looked that bad! I'm so sorry.

I don't think it is a manifestation of anything other than a pissed off spider. Take care and keep us informed!
Thanks Ablonde and KOB - KOB, yes, I was thinking of your post when I decided to post this.
I live in Mass. - so I'm thinking more likely a tick? - I thought brown recluse were regional.
I'm on the antibiotics and taking them religiously.
But I'll definitely go back to the "doctor" if I should... I think they were befuddled and antibiotics are a cure all. It hasn't gotten any bigger, but it's not shrinking.
Off to Google and Wikipedia to freak myself out!
But seriously, thanks. I appreciate your concern.
P.s. - do brown recluse bites ever manifest in weird red spots on other places on your body?
OK, it is definitely a tick bite. I should know better! But the NP was dismissive of that - she said "spider" and I trust the person in the scrubs why?
Brown recluse don't live here, but ticks outnumber the natives.
The weird rashes I have all over my body? Symptoms of a tick bite. fever, Nausea, headache? Tick, tick tick.
It's the same prescription, so it's not that big a deal, I guess.
I wish she would have listened to me, and I wish I would have listened to myself and, oh, spent two minutes on Wikipedia.
Oh my! Whatever it is, it's dispensed plenty of poison into you. I'm glad you got medication (yes, take your probiotics along with it to minimize the antibiotic side effects.) Has it started to get smaller at all or is it still increasing in size?
Thanks buffy, aphrabehn and Lisa K.!
I'm just bothered because of all the little rashes that have broken out, like hives, which a quick wiki search shows are typical of a very bad tick bite - a migration of the infection. Lyme disease. For three days I have been going to work, saying nothing, coming home , tearing off my clothes and making kevin count the new places a red welt has appeared. My forearm, my shoulder, three on my on my FACE.
And, I've had a headache for four days straight - I NEVER get headaches. Both symptoms of a really, really bad tick bite meaning Lyme disease. Hopefully the antibiotics work because Lyme can become chronic.
So, I have Lyme disease. I am CLEANING the house tomorow - especially my bedroom, since it happened in my sleep.
At least now I know why I have had all these weird symptoms on top of the, y'know, lump.
I can't wait to tell my NP!
Thanks, everyone!
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no Lyme disease, no Lyme disease....

Just a tick bite, but no Lyme disease.

Wow aim,
I was hoping for a first pic in a sailboat or something. I am sorry to say that I had this visual of your inner tick coming out or something when you went down that spiritual road for a bit. Glad to hear you are taking care of it with some Western medicine too. Looks nasty.
Wishing you a dry fourth (weathe wise).

PS. My brother lives in S Hamilton. Close? Far?
Aw, wakingupslowly, such a peaceful message. But is is Lyme disease - at the curable stage! Left untreated, it becomes chronic Lyme, and some people can be asymptomatic, which is really scary.
I lived on Martha's Vineyard, on and off, for several years and it's an epidemic there. I have many friends who have chronic Lyme, so it's REALLY ridiculous that I would let myself be talked down from my own, correct, diagnosis.
The amazing thing is that I worked while having all these symptoms!
All of this proves that I am not all that bright - I follow bad advice blindly and work while suffering a pretty pronounced illness. IR stoopid at times.
Ha ha grif! It's sort of telling that this is how I would make my first "appearance" on OS. But also, continuing on the I'm not so bright theme - I just recently figured out how to post pictures.

I believe in what I said originally - (and for some reason I thought people would be seriously into my spiritual reflections as well as the gigantic swollen bite - again with the not so bright). i said that it can be interpreted as a manifestation of struggles, as pain, - I mean, it's a tick bite and I have Lyme disease, but it still means I have to consider my flesh a wee bit more than maybe I'm used to. I know God didn't send the tick to me - I just think anytime you find yourself ill it's amazing to find out what you haven't been thinking about. Health, for instance.
Anyway, I'm not sure how I can top this one in terms of a photo without inviting bodily harm. Maybe I'll post some pictures of my cats.
Thanks for stopping by, of course!
Oh for the love of Pete. You just HAD to outdo Swine flu, didn't you? Take your meds.
Ouch that looks painful. I've only had one bad spider bite - I reached out one evening in a dark garage to grab a bottle of beer, when I felt something on the bottle that promptly bi me - but I'm a martyr to the mozzies, which seem to find me very succulent. Hope it shrinks to a less worrying size very quickly!
Well, shoot. Will the meds actually cure it? That'd be cool. Hoping so for your sake.
I DESPISE spiders. I know that they do a good job of eating other bugs, but they eat us too! Just look at the evidence.
Pleeeeease take care of yourself and find out the cause here. I have a friend who has Lyme Disease. Lyme has had a devastating impact on her whole family. Early diagnosis is really important.
Hi Deborah Young, Cymraeg, wakingupslowly and Bella Joffre -

Thanks so much for stopping by and for caring. As far as I can tell, from reliable internet sources, I am well within the period where antibiotics are the cure. My NP, whom I called today, also said I should be fine with the antibiotics.
I think the one out of five cases that are never diagnosed are the ones that cause a world of trouble to the victims. And that's a really low ball average - it's probably much higher, since at least 25 percent of people can be asymptomatic.
So, if you think about it, I'm lucky! What picture could I post if I was just achy, fatigued and depressed next year?
I still can't believe I made it through Monday and Tuesday - I was a mess! I could barely walk or think. But I didn't call out sick. I am an idiot.
It's fine, it's curable, and so many worse things happen to people...
thanks, friends!