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FEBRUARY 10, 2011 1:59PM

Abortion and Rape

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I work with and for survivors of rape. I am a survivor of rape. I have had abortions. Call me a statistic.

The thought of limiting access to abortion unless under circumstances of rape is politically and morally reprehensible to me. But that's not the point. 

The legislastion puts the onus of proving rape on the woman. The only way to prove rape, outside of witnesses, which is rare, is to go to a hospital and have a "rape kit" done.

SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) are generally volunteers. You may ask "Why is the "rape kit" and SANE certification not part of every hospital protocol?" I would say that's an excellent question. I don't know why it is not part of every ER nurse/doctor training.

Even the Dr's (M.D.'s) are not trained to do the "rape kit". I, as an advocate for the survivor, have sat through many of them. You can find out what happens by reading the SANE protocol site or email me and I'll tell you.

During that time, survivors are offered Plan-B (now over the counter) and prophylactic drugs for HIV.  They are routinely tested for STD's, although there is no coercion: every step of the way is  counseled  and given support.My organization gives further counseling as the survior decides what she wants.

The rape kit is the only evidence to bring to court. I don't have the ugly statistics at hand, but I think it's about 15 % of cases that make it to court. As opposed to rape statistics, which vary from 1 in 4 or 5 with women - and who knows with men.

It means that, if a law is passed that abortion is ONLY paid for by government assistance in an instance of rape, that the fetus will be in middle school by the time the abortion is granted. 

It also means that two wars on women continue to be waged. Our right to control our bodies and our right to live without the threat of sexual violence.

And y'know what? I plan to win this war. 







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I'm with you.
Thank God there are people like you.
I plan to win it right along with you. rated. & wish I could rate it a few thousand times more.
ARGH! (I wrote about this too, a little differently today).

As we all know how wonderful it is for children to grow up with a parent who clearly didn't want them, or one who reminds them about how their unplanned pregnancy ruined their life, we need to start spending tax payer money on giant orphanages. So the children need not be the evidence in the rape case.

In parts of the muslim and non-muslim world where rape cannot be proven with male witnesses corroborating the rape, I mean, story, and adultery is punishable by death, a pregnant unmarried woman is by default an adulteress. As there is no way to prove her rape allegations (like genetic testing on the child if it is born), the child is taken from her and she can be put to death. Sounds rational.
typo: rape cannot be proven without male witnesses
I. Am. There. This just makes me furious. I get so worked up that it's hard for me to read articles and editorials about it.
Heaving a huge sigh... We need to win this. Or everyone loses...
I don't have children and my fertility is done, so at least I can fight for survivors rights. it ain't pretty.
Oryoki: I will read your post. I hope you will listen to me when I say that children and parenting are other issues, as are Muslim laws and laws from any other country.
Right now, in our democracy, there is legislation to restrict abortion that is also trying to define rape.
Or is it the other way around? I know you get what I'm saying.
And we are all in this together.
Rated and with you on this, aim. You probably know that, but still . . .
I'm glad to hear you're still up to fighting this good fight. I was so enraged by this whole debacle I had to avoid it. It really truly makes me want to be violent.
I am right with you, aim.