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MARCH 28, 2012 6:26AM

Occupy the Dodgers and other thoughts

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1.) Two BILLION dollars for a baseball team? As my friend pointed out: that's $7 for every person in the US and 35 cents for every person in the world.

2.) The DODGERS? I like that name! Dodging this and that, the curve balls of life, the fastballs of bills. I AM a Dodger! Artful even...

3.) Charles Dickens: Created the character Artful Dodger who led a team of young ruffians in "Oliver Twist" under the tutelage of Fagin.

4.) Fagin was a thief who trained boys to steal. In modern terms  he was either disenfranchised or an entrepeneur.

5.) Fagin did not believe in banks. Much easier in 19th century London I suppose.

6.) I do not believe in BIG banks; I would rather be robbed by dirty urchins. Or actually not robbed at all.

7.) I'm pretty sure my/our tax dollars went to bailing out the big banks that are:

8.)Funding the billionaires who are purchasing the Dodgers which means:

9.)Ergo: We own the Dodgers.

Congratulations! We own a baseball team! I kind of wish we could have spent all that money in a different way. But whatevs - we can't say what the banks do. Just demand some box seats.

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This is ingenious reasoning. Only problem is that the banks own us too.

Anyway, given the dangers of going to the LA ballpark these days, I'm not sure it's a good idea to claim those seats. Wish we'd bought the Phillies instead . . .
Thanks AHP! I suppose we own each other? Ergo...all is communal property! No, that won't work. My thesis is stymied after the artful Dodgers - baseball team and owners. Two billion dollars...remember when that was, like, a funny exaggeration of a thing to say?
Can we trade the Dodgers for the Cubs?
It would behoove me to know what cities these teams are from. Cubs...drawing a blank. I am extracting from AHP's comment that the Dodgies are no longer in Brooklyn where they belong. LA? Really?! I forget that players don't come from the city/state where they are located, so I always worry about the move. Um...GO SOX!
Cubs? Part of the Chicago Tribune Corp.'s bankruptcy, I believe. Once that's settled, who knows where they'll end up. Maybe if they can get out of Chicago they'll finally win another World Series.
I just know that I irrationally hate the Yankees. I also rationally dislike them because they are mean.
You (still) in a barroom slurping gin aand tonic from a cut-in-two Coconut ?
Sit under a banana tree.
That safer than nut tree.
I hope you are in shade.

I feel like rereading Oliver T.
I'll reread Pearl S. Buck `gin.

The Good Earth. I love Pearl.
No offer a 'pearl' to a editor.
He may stomp on it as a sow.
He 'ought' to consider a hoe.
Agrarian soils isn't bile dirt.
Bile is within creep snoops.
When they open mouth, gag.
Politicos come dressed fancy.
Call editor etc., either fool,
disturbed, different: both?
If he sets up a 'Kiss-Booth' . . .
Please. Call 9-11. Go away. . .
Tell him to call `1-800-273-
Read Con Chapman's book.
The Year Of The Gerbil
The Kama Sutra? okay.
My Mom said call IRS.
They check if dishonest.
I think this is `on topic.
In little league I was a
I Played.
I quit after the Pony League.
I (still) dream I slid into Home.
I skinned.
My left leg calf hurts post-slide.
I get amazed how we remember.
Toss a editor a bowl of ice scream.
Toss curse.
Knuckle ball.
He sit in plate.
Toss bean ball.
Throw lima beans.
Maybe editor's kind.
Buy him a rubber duck.
He reminds me of a loon.
Your tags are great and your post is artful for sure...I am glad to follow Art James, dreamer and scorer of homeruns, worker of fine soil, drinker of beer and skinner of knees.

There is nothing rational about the Yankees.
It galls me more that the $2B went to a dick who rang up $500 million in debt while owning the team.