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APRIL 24, 2012 2:43AM

The Ghost Cats

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The ghost cats walk through the house as if it is the Serengeti and their watering hole exists under the table. They keen like the cries of a baby, masking their intentions to simply break hearts. I want to welcome them but they vanish into the walls as though they were made of nature. They unsteady my sleep as they come out and in.

They jump through the window, one by one, and walk in a gang towards the door, as if I am a migratory path, as if my heart should feel every soft footstep like a splinter.





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but!, i miss him

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Beautiful picture and beautiful writing.
Alison, visuals here are startling, our animals have such a place in our hearts.
So many times I have seen in my peripheral vision the shadows of departed felines winding around my ankles or turning the corner in front of me. I think they are just checking in to make sure I am doing ok...
I feel them on my bed all the time and then no cat is there...I have just recently had one of mine disapear and I keep watching for him but after a month I am afraid he isn't coming back.
Just know yours is with you watching over you still, waiting until you welcome a new friend into your life to go play in the fields.
nice one, alison. that first line is just stunning.
Charmed here by this ...
Thank you Alysa, Rita, Linnn, Terri, Candace, Scarlett and trig.
I chose cremation for my beloved cat and we picked up his ashes last week. I was convinced we would get , y'know, a paper bag or some flimsy thing but....they are really good at it around here. he was given back to us in a beautiful box with a book about grieving for a pet and many nice touches and poems. He now resided on a shelf...cue Ben Stiller jokes.
My only concern is that my cat got better care in his afterlife than many people do. But I am thankful for the effort made to honor his death.
I was telling a friend about retrieving him and forgot to mention that he had been cremated. I had some similar reactions when talking about my mothers ashes; neglecting to mention that , no, I am not talking to a dead body that is decomposing in my house. How weird do people think I can be?! Ok, don't answer that. Love to you all.
Wonderful. I think all cats think of themselves as ghosts. "You cannot see me unless I allow you."
Love the photo, cool prose poem.
Aim, my sympathy to you on the passing of a beloved companion. I love your writing. Sometimes I swear I see my collie Revelie looking at me through the back door.
My last two dogs are sitting side by side on a shelf, and Puff will join them when it is her turn. I don't quite know what to do with them in the long run except make bad jokes about knick knacks, but it gives me peace to have them there.

Wishing you the best in your time of mourning.
Those splinters stay a long time.
I know this feeling! I miss our Annie The Cat every day because she was beautiful & social & every time we sat outside she'd come up & hang around & follow Geo up into the garden & sit with us on the yard swing on summer evenings. This is so lovely & so very very true!
I remember this, so poignant. Dreaming of the pets makes me miss them more.