michael reisman

michael reisman
Eastchester, New York, United States
July 29
I live in Eastchester, N.Y. and I am a professional writer of short shorties with now nine books out. Take a look at them at www.iuniverse.com


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MAY 16, 2012 6:22PM

Green continued...by Michael

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For the sake of fiction, we shall name this frog Freddy. Also we shall name this caterpillar Cathy. It all began in a pond where he sat on a Lilly pad. Freddy noticed the same colored green Cathy was wearing as the caterpillar sat feeding on a milk weed plant nearby. He introduced himself in a way that only nature has without the use of language. They became good friends as sometimes she would ride on his back as he hopped about the forest. Each matured and soon realized there was more than just being friends. A first kiss was shared as the young adults became boyfriend and girlfriend. One day Cathy told Freddy it was time for her to change and soon fly away. He cried but accepted what needed to be done. The love stuck frog watched her break out of the cocoon and fly away that summer. It was about fifty years later when there was a Halloween party. Some of the guests knew each as others did not. Two unusual costumes attracted much attention as there was a man dressed in a frogs costume and a woman in a caterpillars costume. Both shared first prize as they both became the winners. All outfits were taken off as the guests finally saw each in person. Freddy and Cathy reintroduced themselves and smiled with a lump in their throats. Both had remembered where they had been before as now was their second chance. A human kiss was exchanged and one year later the inevitable happened. Not the usual colors of a bride and groom, but Freddy and Cathy had their own personal reasons for choosing green. Maybe it takes time in another life, another body. God works in mysterious ways where love is concerned. Case in point in a short love story about Freddy and Cathy.....

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