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February 06
Compulsive writer (mostly memoirs and sociopolitical rants), musicologist, hermeticst, fiscal conservative, radical centrist, agrarian socialist; Charter member, Factualist Party; born and raised in DC, healthcare professional, retired businessman, civic and political activist on two coasts, civil rights movement veteran. An empiricist's worst nightmare, I believe in everything but I don't believe everything, including many things I believe in. Turned down by US Army in 1966 for medical reasons, thrown out of Col. Hasan's Black Man's Army in 1967 for being "too militant." Scion of a family only Tennessee Williams could have dreamed up. There's more. There's always more.


FEBRUARY 12, 2015 12:35AM

Aggressive Atheism: Moving the Furniture




(cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris)

"No religion is higher than the truth." -- Rosicrucian/Masonic maxim.

"There is no God." -- Common position of atheists.

 "... all religions are stupid, Islam just happens to be the one right now, in this century, that’s most dRead full post »

FEBRUARY 9, 2015 3:06AM

American Sniper - A Delayed Response


Cooper as Kyle, American hero

 Not long ago I posted on Facebook a link to an article from big Salon about the awfulness of the ultra-popular movie "American Sniper," the fictionalized story of Chris Kyle, a young man from Texas who in real life joined the Navy in order… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 24, 2014 1:05AM

Life is a Bitch

"First, it was not a strip bar, it was an erotic club. And second, what can I say? I'm a night owl."
That, in two short sentences, says it all. Marion Barry, our "Mayor for Life," has vacated this mortal coil at the relatively young age… Read full post »
OCTOBER 15, 2014 3:21PM

It Takes a Year

I can't believe it has been a year since I wrote anything here at the once holy ground of Open Salon. Life has been in the saddle and riding me for that period, and only now, since it takes a year, have I finally found my way back to answer the… Read full post »

OCTOBER 9, 2013 5:04PM

Are We Sane?


 Those words were the first paragraph of Erich Fromm's epic takedown of American society in 1955's "The Sane Society," the conclusion to his 1939 look at the rise of the Third Reich, titled "Escape From Freedom."

The question is still a good one. 

Are we sane? 

D… Read full post »

AUGUST 23, 2013 11:59AM

A 50 Year Backward Glance

The following is excerpted from the body of a post I wrote here on August 26, 2010. It was written largely in response to Glenn Beck's having appropriated the Lincoln Memorial as a staging ground for a rally of conservatives. That part has been removed here, because this weekend we observeRead full post »

JUNE 21, 2013 10:54PM

The Paula Deen Cataclysm


Well now it's really out there.

Edward Snowden, your fifteen minutes are up. President Obama, take a vacation. IRS staff, you are off the hook.

We now know that Paula Deen, the queen of fried anything-you-can-imagine, at least once (last time in 1986 according to her… Read full post »


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg and users of Facebook:

It has come to my attention that Facebook admirably comes equipped with rules regarding civility and decency. This is essential to any media billing itself as the "social" type. Specifically, as cited back to me by an attorney friend, there is… Read full post »

MAY 6, 2013 5:54PM

Lazarus, Go Home


A far cry from dead, emerging at Blarney Castle

According to the manner of people I can say I was dead once. Of course that would mean I was raised from the dead, because here I am, typing away, munching on snacks and writing this. So what is meant by… Read full post »

MAY 1, 2013 6:10PM

The Cruelest Season

I was born and raised in Washington, DC, and lived much of my adult life in the close-in Maryland suburbs. For more than five decades it never occurred to me that I could do anything else, live anywhere else. "Grow where you were planted" was the homily that ran its tendrils… Read full post »


I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine? #2A

— Nate Bell (@NateBell4AR) April 19, 2013
 The above tweet emanated from the fingers of Arkansas state senator Nate Bell d… Read full post »
MARCH 21, 2013 2:38PM

The All American Savage

We who live in the enlightened West in enlightened times like to think of most of the rest of the world as somehow less than. Less enlightened, less sophisticated, less, well, All American. We somehow see our obsession with material things, and with power and control, as sophistication a la Rome's… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 20, 2013 6:18PM

The Holy Ground

Yesterday I returned from my lifelong awaited first visit to the place that is, to my family, a kind of Mecca, the trip a sort of Hajj. It was also a chance to spend time with my youngest daughter and her husband on an epic road trip and to take… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 12, 2013 2:28AM

When I Was Pope for a Minute


It was early  June, 1963. I had just come off a bad goofball and speed interlude and was feeling preternaturally clearheaded for a change. I heard the news that Pope John XXIII had expired. I had been preparing to attend summer school to salvage my high school education, after havi… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2013 11:39PM


Originally posted here in January, 2010 (three freakin' years ago!), this has become relevant  once again, because once again, this time during halftime at the Superbowl, Beyonce Knowles once again flashed a mystic symbol at the hypnotized viewers (this time it was "the sign of the Illuminati")Read full post »

FEBRUARY 3, 2013 2:57AM

Rave On

buddy holly 

February 3, 1959. Fify four years ago today. I feel like a recordite. I should be sitting on the courthouse steps, dust laying in the wrinkes of my neck, rambling inanely to anyone who will listen. For some reason there is no dust, there are no… Read full post »

This is in response to an article in this morning's, an excerpt from Jared Diamond's "The World Until Yesterday," titled "It's Irrational to be Religious." The article allows no means to comment on Salon, thus this post. Embedded links here on OS are disabled at the moment, so the entireRead full post »

Over the past two decades I've given a lot of thought to guns, mass killings, random killings, suicide, gun ownership, violence, and all things bloody. It is, in part, a product of my avocation-turned-vocation, from the street medicine of EMS systems to the indoor efforts to save and/or impro… Read full post »

Other than the overly political aspects of each of the above, what do they all have in common?



Bad Democrats?

Yes. Also the president, you know, that Obama guy.

Every time any one of the above-mentioned comes up as a discrete discussion in any form of social… Read full post »

DECEMBER 15, 2012 3:33PM

Love Lies Bleeding

(Written yesterday while OS was down for whatever reason)

I am supposed to be at a Christmas party right now. My fire department, which is dying a slow but natural death as a volunteer-dominated organization, holds these events annually. I planned to be there. I cannot be there. I cannot celebrateRead full post »

NOVEMBER 22, 2012 11:48AM

Beyond My Wildest Dreams


“The path to paradise begins in hell.”

--  Dante Alighieri

When I entered the world - backwards, as I've always done everything the hard way - it was a world in the… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 16, 2012 1:10AM

A Hater's Concession Letter

I received the other day, in my email, the following "letter" from a cousin who has for four years waged a sad and often infuriating war of mostly forwarded email, bitter and often hateful broadsides against our president, as well as a liberal (sorry) sprinking of religiosity and pissing and moaning… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2012 2:00PM

Just Bend Over...

In today's Washington Post Ezra Klein commented on the newspapers across the country that have chosen to endorse Mitt Romney and their reasoning-in-common: That it would be better to have a President with whom Congress is willing to work than to endure another 2-4 years of obstructionist back-and-for… Read full post »

OCTOBER 5, 2012 11:35PM

Loving, 45 Years Later

                   Mildred and Richard Loving, circa 1967
 I keep hearing that we live in a “post-racial society.” I’m not sure what that would look like, but I do know t… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 5:14PM

An American Dreams

The phrase “The American Dream” has always struck me as somehow hollow and phony, ever since I was a kid. I always took it to mean something similar to “You can be anything you want,” which I already, at an early age, knew to be bullshit. You can be a lot… Read full post »