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NOVEMBER 16, 2012 1:10AM

A Hater's Concession Letter

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I received the other day, in my email, the following "letter" from a cousin who has for four years waged a sad and often infuriating war of mostly forwarded email, bitter and often hateful broadsides against our president, as well as a liberal (sorry) sprinking of religiosity and pissing and moaning about our having "driven God out of" our country, our schools, etc. As though the almighty would simply skulk away with his vast lower lip protruding in a cosmic pout because we liberals dissed him by trying to keep his Son's direction to us that we "Render unto Cesar what is Cesar's and to God what is God's," perhaps the earliest call for separation of church and state.

The "letter" might have caused my usual reaction of frustration and infuriation, or just pity and sadness at the pathetic ignorance and unending bitterness of my cousin. But instead, this time it sparked something else: Hope, along with a sense of actually having won a crucial battle for the soul of our nation. Read "A Letter" and draw your conclusions. I share this with no name attached to the sender, and with nothing but pity and a strange feeling of gratefulness, much such as Grant must have felt at Appomattox Courthouse:


Subject: A letter
After turning off the election coverage and realizing the outcome, I wanted to take a few minutes and express my thoughts.  I am sorry and a bit embarrassed to say that I simply no longer have hope about the future of America and how this country functions!  If the majority of the people in this country have really decided that Barack Obama and his policies have done a good enough job to earn four more years as the leader of this once great and proud country I am no longer interested in following him, or this government.  This election cycle was a cut and dry choice as to the direction of this country.  In my opinion we have traveled over the waterfall and there is no possibility of recovery.  I have lost all hope for this country and my patriotic spirit has been crushed.  This evenings election results, and its long term ramifications, will be recorded as the turning point when the final chapter of this great democracy was written.  Soon America will no longer be blessed as being the world's superpower.  As history will look back on it, America had a pretty good 236 year run.

Due to changing demographics in this country we are now on an irreversible journey.  Today there is a large, growing segments of our population that have been given certain privileges and unsustainable social programs by politicians whom they have elected.  This very powerful group of elected officials have seduced and manipulated these voters and will continue to reward them as long as they continue to harness their votes in future elections.  Unfortunately my vote and my opinion are no longer relevant in this country.  I, as a 77 year old male Caucasian that has struggled to support my family, no longer have a voice in this country.  I am simply a source of income to fund various entitlement programs that were initiated with good intentions but have unfortunately spun out of control.  This was expressed perfectly by an unknown author when they phrased it like this ..
.  "We have transformed ourselves into a system of government where the LEAST CAPABLE to LEAD are elected by the LEAST CAPABLE of PRODUCING, and where the members of society LEAST LIKELY to sustain themselves or succeed are REWARDED with goods and services PAID FOR by the CONFISCATED WEALTH of a diminishing number of producers."
Read and re-read this statement and it's truth will become evident.  I will continue to help my fellow man in a personal, one on one manner when I can, as opposed to watching a prostituted governmental system siphon off my earnings and pass them along to individuals I have never, nor will ever meet.  I will more passionately pray to God asking Him to forgive what had become a morally bankrupt America and also ask Him to continue to bless this country, even though we have removed Him from increasingly more and more facets of this society.  I have written and expressed these views because we are still in a country that allows freedom of speech protected by the Constitution.  Unfortunately, like the founding fathers stated in the Declaration of Independence concerning our unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, I fear this privilege will also be only a memory.
God bless our military and all of the hard working men & women who tried to keep us together.
Please note that my cousin prays ONLY for forgiveness for us and our evil ways, and that the nation be forgiven for doing the right thing - and also for our military, which while certainly worthy of prayers, in the end has been our engine of destruction for the past 11 years. Note also that he does say he will now begin to extend charity toward others because of his higher moral standing than the rest of us. It is in a perverse way admirable. Most of all, though, this reads as a concession of defeat. While my cousin no longer has any faith in his country, his country will move on with or without him.

So mote it be.

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he may not be a bad sort but shows just how deluded the anti-Obama types have become. When he rails on about the costs of entitelement programs, has he ever checked how much the U.S. spends on the social safety net compared to other countries? As a percent of GDP it's a bit below most of Europe, Canada, Australia.

Now compare the military spending. The U.S. spends more than the next 15-20 (I've read various figures) combined. So more than the SUM of Russia, China, France, the UK, Germany, India, Japan, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Brazil, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Indonesia plus maybe a few more.

Then there's prisons. The U.S. is literally off the charts compared to other countries. Per wiki's latest figures, the U.S. is top of the world charts with 730 locked up per 100,000 populations. To take a few comparable countries, the UK has 154, Canada has 114, France has 102 and Germany has 83. The Wiki chart is here:

If your cousin wants to spend his remaining years in a deluded state that's his choice. That's what supposing that the current economic problems are due to excessive entitlement programs implies.
You could tell your cousin that I respect his attitude expressed in his letter but if he wants to avoid getting seriously ill,it would be wise to change direction.
The God we believe in is a God of Mercy.Who are we to determine the quality and position of God's Eternal Thoughts and Contemplations?
Hatred is mankind's biggest enemywith enormous destructive power.
The USA have been a super might,but that does not mean that they have a God given monopoly on it.
One thing is clear:The USA have to re-organize the state,and the start for it has been laid onNov.6/7,2012.
All that angst over the entitlement people and nada about the rich guys, esp. their candidate and his shameful tax record? Owell... At 77 he's part of a dying demographic (I'm that age too, in case that sounds harsh).
Thanks for sharing this. I can see his point of view, as I am literally surrounded by people who think the same way and have no compulsion about spreading it. Prior to the election my husband received various emails from people who are really just our customers and the tone was all the super Christian superiority, racist, far right crap, not unlike what your relative spouts here after the election. My husband was like, yeah, we will see, etc. Has not heard from any of them since the election. He has stopped hate speech in our business before and via email with these folks and told them not to go there. In the end because they are all a bunch of good old boys they cannot seem to stop themselves. With their made up churches, and we have one of those that they all go to, they just interpret the bible to whatever they want to hear. When I lost my election some years back, being conservative, but supporting choice, gay rights and public school, one of them came to our door at home, and tried to get me to say that I regretted running and how did I think it was my "place" as a woman to run. Ha, I told him "God" told me to do it, as they were all about "God" telling them what to do...

Demographics have changed in this country. People have to recognized for who they are, not what they look like. That message has not sunk in here yet. It is moving in the right direction. In the end, these dinosaurs will become extinct. I always hold the vision of a kind of Star Trek in my head. Integrated, appreciated and equal value. I think these people were all watching Father Knows Best....
I'll try to be kind, since this fellow is your cousin, but that won't be easy, since this is typical of the self-serving prattle vomited up on the Right. There are many revealing moments in his letter, but this one takes the cake:

"as a 77 year old male Caucasian that has struggled to support my family, no longer have a voice in this country. I am simply a source of income to fund various entitlement programs:

It's a pretty safe bet that a 77-yr-old who has struggled to support his family isn't likely to to be a source of income to fund various entitlement programs. On the contrary, it's also a pretty safe bet he's a recipient of govt "handouts" from at least two "entitlement" programs -- Social Security and Medicare.

What I take some comfort in is that your cousin -- and millions of ill-educated, ill-informed, willfully blind, elderly white males will be passing from the scene, and the racist strategy that has dominated rightwing politics for the last half-century is dying with them.