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FEBRUARY 4, 2013 11:39PM


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Originally posted here in January, 2010 (three freakin' years ago!), this has become relevant  once again, because once again, this time during halftime at the Superbowl, Beyonce Knowles once again flashed a mystic symbol at the hypnotized viewers (this time it was "the sign of the Illuminati") and we are all ascrew. Just so you know, this is not exactly news. Beyonce has been doing this to us for years.


Relatively "good" Beyonce

Recently a relative brought up the matter of Beyonce having announced her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, and the widespread belief among people who need to believe really weird things, that Beyonce/Sasha is, in the second instance (alter ego) demonically possessed and simultaneously injecting pure evil into the minds and spirits of anyone hapless enough to have listened to a Beyonce recording post-2003, or watched a video, wherein the damning proof is evident in Ms. Knowles' wearing an outfit which seems to include an image of the Baphomet (more about this symbol later) and especially the conspicuous presence on her person of the Eye of Horus (run! for God's sake at least shield your eyes!).

One wonders, at this point, if we'd even have any trace of Satanism in the world had not certain Christians inserted Old Spark into the discourse, let alone attributing to Him all sorts of remarkable powers which, needless to say, have put him on a nearly even footing with the Almighty himself. Well I wonder that anyway.

So since Beyonce Knowles has in a very clear-headed fashion declared her allegiance to Satan (or at least explained about her alter ego, the stage presence which "takes over" when she's performing), I guess we're all pretty much screwed. I mean, we know about this, and knowlege is guilt. Ignorance, on the other hand, is not only bliss, but rampant. Oh, and if you didn't know about this whole Beyonce/Sasha dustup before, I'm sorry. I've sucked you in this far, so you, too, are on your way to hell. Hey, I'm really sorry, man.


Extremely Evil Sasha Fierce

All this discussion of the deception of "shades" (sunglasses), the Eye of Horus (also often cited as "The Eye in the Pyramid" which, in turn, is frequently referred to as The Eye of Providence or The Eye of God), that Baphomet thing, the head of John the Baptist, Masons, Jews, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Aliens (from space or Mexico), Barack Obama the notorious Moslem, etc., has the good Christian Right spinning, which is quite a feat considering the RPMs they were already doing when this story broke.

You may file all the above references under "New Age," the collective term preferred by religious lunatics everywhere.

You know, as I write this I'm watching the 52nd annual Grammy Awards program, which itself is a celebration of the whole collection of instruments of the devil. I just watched a singer who goes by the stage name/personna "Pink" (a variation of red, and we know where that leads) just upstage Beyonce beyond my wildest dreams, Pink winding up nearly naked (save for some strategically placed Ace bandages), twirling from a sling (made out of something she'd formerly been wearing, possibly a trick utilizing black magic, although the sling thing was white, as is Pink, see what they're doing?? See? See?) while spewing what I must assume was holy water all over the stage from above, while three gilded nubians hung upside-down above her upon the demonic apparatus assembled by the Jewish cabal for the occasion. It all served a noble purpose, however, in that it made Pink's otherwise unremarkable vocal performance disappear into the visual chaos while trying to get a look at her mostly bare butt before she sashayed off stage (our right, her left of course). Now I'm not saying Pink is possessed, but I'm pretty sure her parents didn't name her Pink, if you get my drift.

My parents didn't name me AJ Calhoun, either. Oh shit, this has been a rough night! And think of poor Samuel Langhorn Clemons, who was taken over by that Mark Twain demon and subsequently issued the blasphemous "Letters From the Earth" in which Twain not Clemons (sort of like Stephens not Miller, and it just gets creepier and creepier) managed to deconstruct most of popular religious confusion as it has stood since the 10th century and continues to dwell there, alongside neo-Islamic fundamentalcases.

But wait! It gets worse! Never Mind the fact Beyonce (that's who we were actually talking about, right? I can't remember. The room keeps spinning) is now married to God I mean Yaweh no no no I mean Jay Z, who finally made an honest woman of her, in his God-like-yet-demonic way, so that's better, right? Wrong! Because now Y-Hova and Ms. Fierce (I swear to god I thought she was just channeling Tyra Banks) have joined demonic forces and increased their power over all of us exponentially. Never mind Pink -- or Lady Gaga.


Axis of Evil

Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin was possessed by George Sand back in the 19th century, so this shit's been happening for a long time. Anyone who's read any of Sand's countless works (often forced on us in high school or college) is screwed or at least contaminated by this possession (and as recently as 1990 A.S. Bayatt -- probably not his real name -- referred repeatedly to Sand/Dupin in his work titled "Possession." See? SEE???).

Leon Russell is still wearing those damned sunglasses. What is he trying to hide?

My old friend John Fahey was possessed by the alter Blind Joe Death. Now that's about as scary as it gets, and I'm even being halfway serious now.  Never mind my other old friend, Foster MacKenzie III, who turned into Root Boy Slim for a goodly part of his professional life (after having exorcised Prince La La early on with  the help of George Dubya Bush, I am not making this up).


The late Foster MacKenzie III...or IS he really late?

Music hath charms. 'Nuf said.

Me, I was raised by a an Irish-part-American Indian woman who had inverted her first and middle names in anticipation of becoming a professional singer, and a legendary Scottish Rite Freemason, so I know a lot about music stuff and Mason junk. In fact I am a Mason. So I'm passing familiar with Baphomet, John the Baptist, the Eye of Horus, Dan Brown (nee Brownski I'm pretty sure) and baby eating. Yessss. Well, I am a Scottish Rite Mason and my father remains, in death, a legend among Masons. So I'm not someone you want to ask to sit your kids while you're at Bible study class.


Don't stare at this!


See? Seeeee? Dolla dolla bill, ya'll!

Yet somehow the monstrous conspiracy has bought up three and one half hours of precious teevee time to air this celebration of the greater and lesser devils, demons, mountebanks, Ryan Seacrest, etc. Will no one stop them? Will they not be struck down? Has God really left the building in a snit as Ann Graham Lotz (daugher of Billy Graham) is alleged to have alleged? Could we please, as a certain Facebook group demands, Put Jesus Back Into Everything? That would be good, right?

Oh Christ! Taylor Swift is singing a duet with that notorious old witch Stevie Nicks! Now! I am not, repeat, not, making this up! And Nicks is singing in tune but Swift is not. Where is Kanye when you need him?

It's too late. It's the End Times. Well, actually the end time is 11:30 PM, eastern time, to be followed by the news, which I'm sure will be chock full of things the devil has commissioned, such as the enduring suffering of hundreds of thousands of Haitians. Oh, and speaking of Haiti and suffering and Satan, "Pat" Robertson is being channeled by the innocently possessed Marion Gordon Robertson, so when we finally put him in a richly deserved straightjacket we can at least call inside to the "real" person and perhaps find it in our hearts to forgive him his sins against sane and decent society. No, that would be going entirely too goddam far.

Well I've done all I can do to spread the alarum. Perhaps we should dunk Beyonce and if she drowns we'll know she really was a witch. For now, however, I must don my 3-D glasses and return my gaze to Master Screen over there on the wall. I can no longer resist its blandishments. Celine Dion in 3-D? It's all over.


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Beyonce flashed her amazing talent, exceptional voice and gorgeous body. If we play her halftime show backwards will we hear a satanic message? Jeeze.
She was totally amazing, Sally. Except for that...sign! What ever will become of us now? the halftime show backwards? You're a genius! I'm gonna go do that now! We're doomed as doomed can be!
(Thanks for reading this foolishness).
With all that has been written about Beyonce, this aspect hasn't gotten much play. She is one fierce woman, in all respects. And you are one fierce writer.
Her power is almost superhuman. I hear she is a perfectionist and likes to control every second of what she is doing. I saw her feeding off the energy of the superbowl crowd. Vampire tendencies for sure. Interesting and fun post. Thanks.
Now I am so relieved I don't watch the superbowl, and take comfort in the safety of my wide buffer zone from the evils of half time. I did look closely at the eye of horus to make sure I would recognize the threat should I be unwittingly exposed to it. And perhaps, to further my education of what to avoid, I should go look for some half-time vids of youtube. I better make sure I know what the devil looks like. All this time I thought it came in the shape of those that actually hurt others - you know, with poisoning, violent assault, murder, destruction of livelihood - that sort of thing. Really! I should probably start watching TV to catch up with the times.
You gave us quite a ride, AJ! Yes, more of Celine would be superfluous - with all due respect! R
Lea, thank you very much! She is one fierce woman and she knows her business like few others. I continue to be amazed that 3 years later people are still trying to make her into some sort of herald of the dread New World Order. Sigh...

zanelle: Yes, she does seem to feed off the attention, which in her case just makes for a more impressive show. She can bite my neck any time - or take over the world. It couldn't hurt!

Maria: I know, right? We always assume bad is actually bad, but then the conspiracy crowd comes along to remind us that good is also bad, and it makes my head hurt! That this same woman could be the center of this particular sort of crazy for 3 years now only proves to me that for an evil devil woman, she sure is good!

Sheila: The weird (and the stupid and the crazy) just refuses to die.

Marilyn S. : I didn't have the heart, at the time, to tack on Celine -- certainly with all due respect. Too funny! Thanks for reading and the comment!
I loved this post. You know the thing about dunking a witch? If she drowned, she wasn't a witch. She was dead, but she wasn't a witch. If she floated, she was a witch, whereupon she was executed. Damned if she did, damned if she didn't.
Gary Fandango: It does take a certain "bent"ness to collect this sort of arcana and carry it around in one's head. The Masonic connection helps, of course, since every time I try to Google something related to the Craft, the first hundred or so hits take me straight to anti-Masonic conspiracy sites and I grew up hearing about The Morgan Affair. We're evil, I'm pretty sure of it.

Those voices could be pretty entertaining. Thanks for reading!

Susan: Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for the correction on the witch-dunking thing, which (uh?) I have never been able to keep straight. Now it will be easier, because all I have to do is remember that the whole process makes *sense*! :)
I am now under your spell and intoxicating writing.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★R
Algis: Oops! (Seriously, thank you!).