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February 06
Compulsive writer (mostly memoirs and sociopolitical rants), musicologist, hermeticst, fiscal conservative, radical centrist, agrarian socialist; Charter member, Factualist Party; born and raised in DC, healthcare professional, retired businessman, civic and political activist on two coasts, civil rights movement veteran. An empiricist's worst nightmare, I believe in everything but I don't believe everything, including many things I believe in. Turned down by US Army in 1966 for medical reasons, thrown out of Col. Hasan's Black Man's Army in 1967 for being "too militant." Scion of a family only Tennessee Williams could have dreamed up. There's more. There's always more.


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SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 1:10AM

Ten Years Later: On Your Feet or On Your Knees

The onslaught is inescapable, the media feeding frenzy over the tenth anniversary of the outrage of 9/11/2001 is in full swing, so yes, I remember exactly where I was, I remember every god-awful detail, I remember knowing what was going to happen after the second plane hit, I remember what it… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 18, 2011 2:09AM

My "Monster in a Box"

This is the story of a story. The story was lived, repressed, remembered, then written, then novelized, and during that time a number of bizarre things happened to it and to the process. The story has been in the process of being rewritten off and on for twenty years. I think… Read full post »

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JULY 8, 2011 2:45PM

Climate of Hunter

We Have Entered Deserted
He Has Gazed From My Windows
As If All That Replaced Us
Could Still End In Me.

-Scott Walker, Sleepwalker's Woman, from Climate of Hunter

 The thirteen years spent in the old Silver Spring bungalow with my second wife and our daughter often show up in memo… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
MAY 15, 2011 12:14PM

McCain's Purple Heart

John McCain seems to have finally come home. He does have a heart, and it is purple. He also apparently has recovered his memory, not only of the torture he endured at the hands of the Viet Cong, but also of his betrayal and swiftboating by George W. Bush during the… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 31, 2010 12:29AM

Sanity Breaks Out. Few Injuries Reported


Sound dull? Boring? Silly? Well one out of three is fine. It was, at times, silly, but the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive was anything but dull or boring. In concept it shouldn’t have been those things, but I fear we’ve become so jaded we really sometimes belieRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 12, 2010 10:31PM

A Soldier's Heart, A Nation's Soul

This is not easy to write, but it is timely. I honestly dread bringing it up, but feel a certain obligation, so here goes nothing…

Recently we have been hearing a lot about military veterans, mainly young ones and mainly of the Afghanistan and Iraq “wars” variety. Yes, I questionRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 6, 2010 2:31AM

"Bullied" Premiers in DC. Review of an Event

Tonight (Tuesday, October 5) I was privileged to sit among some heroic individuals – ordinary men and woman of extraordinary character and dedication to the twin ideals of love and justice – and to view the premier of a documentary on a historic, game-changing legal case involving a youngRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 11:43PM

Killing Talk

Throughout the South here in the US this phrase was used for many years to describe an escalation of stupid and senseless rhetoric that was likely to end in violence. When the talk involved irrational fear of The Other it became more likely to be literal killing, not just a bloodyRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 26, 2010 1:34PM

Look Away

 August 28, 1963:

Several small groups of radicals, anarchists, civil rights movement people, crazies – the quixotic among us at the time – had concluded that the Great March on Washington had the potential to bring together a disparate group of Americans, mostly Black AmericRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
APRIL 19, 2009 9:59PM

Kill Zone

Years ago, T Bone Burnett wrote a song by that name ("Kill Zone") and it is one of the most heart-wrenching and personal songs of love and loss and how life will kill us if our own hearts don't do it first. There is a line in it that describes precisely my… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
MARCH 26, 2009 2:47PM

When Does the Next Bus Leave?

So I find myself in this really weird situation. See, about seven years ago, after spending several years alone in a big, old house I owned almost in its entirety, three years after my second (and longest-running, by miles) marriage had ended, in love with a lady on the left coast,… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
MARCH 7, 2009 3:38AM


I recently wrote here about my extremely personal brush with death as a Valentine's Day memory, when my heart wound up being broken quite literally by some odd twist of fate. There are other ways of brushing against death, however. After 30 years of active fire and rescue service followed by… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 9, 2009 1:35PM

Open Call: My Imaginary Hour With Barack

So here we sit, and with this ready-made wish list of catastrophe reversal causes to plead, I'm going to go, as usual, careening off on a tangent. Many of you already know me for the dangerously wild-eyed idealist I am, and the rest may just suspect someone should be keeping an… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 27, 2008 5:05PM

New Years Eve 1967: Prelude to End of the World

I hate strobes. Even the way the light from the winter sun flashes in my eyes between the trees along the highway in winter drives me nuts. I always feel the flashing will throw me into a grand mal seizure (never mind this has never happened, even under clinical provocation). I… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 21, 2008 1:33PM

Beautiful Vision (The Wedding and its Aftermath)

Well the party's almost over now. My daughter, my youngest and the one closest to me of my three, finally was married on Saturday just past (and will be leaving Saturday tomorrow for the Cook Islands for her honeymoon). No amount of planning, priming nor rational thought could have prepared me… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 7, 2008 12:21PM

Hell is a Happening Place

Patiocat transplant Tonight, on the eve of what promises to be the incineration of the mid-Atlantic region by the Loving Hand of God in the form of a Deadly Heatwave, having earlier spent a couple utterly foolish hours with my cat, Widget, out on the lawn beyond the patio where I… Read full post »