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MARCH 1, 2010 11:09AM

Bill Halter to challenge Blanche Lincoln in primary

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It was only a matter of time.  Arkansas Lieutenant Governor/former Clinton Administration employee/Rhodes Scholar Bill Halter announced today his primary challenge to conserva-dem Blanche Lincoln. The primary election will take place on May 18th.  

A host of progressive groups -- including Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Moveon.org, Democracy for America and Daily Kos -- are launching a fundraising drive on Halter's behalf. The goal has been set for $500,000 to be raised in one week. 

In a Rassmusen Report survey from February 2, it was reported that Lincoln was trailing her closest GOP rivals including Kim Hendren.  Hendren had to make a public apology last year for calling New York Senator Charles Schumer "that Jew".

This is what Arkansas has to work with.

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When we lived in Memphis, my mom used to say that anything in Arkansas started out with two strikes against it already.

Good luck, Bill.
Good! You were warned Blanche. Acting all R with a D behind your name was a losing formula.
I am constantly floored by the blatant prejudices people voice as if no one will be aghast at what they say...as if it is taken for granted their prejudiced, false and narrow views are everyone's views. I am amazed when it is just an acquaintance I am talking to but when it is a highly public figure that can not mind their words, I wonder how that person gained enough popularity to be a public figure. Glad she is being challenged.
He has my full support. I sincerely hope his vote numbers are so high he shames her out of any sort of public office ever again.
So I guess my fear is that Halter may be too liberal to win in a general election, but the Tea Party is pushing a lot of candidates that are too conservative to win in a general election, so, if nothing else, 2010 should be interesting. Way too early to count out the Dems.
I've already sent my check. Not because I am represented in Arkansas ~ lord knows there are enough nuts here in Colorado ~ but because a statement has to be made to the corporatist Democrats that the rest of the country is watching and will assist the none-too-soon ending of their legislative careers.
Thank God.

I think Blanche is a no-go and I sincerely hope this is the party clean up the Dems need - now, can he win it?

Best of luck to Bill!

Thanks for your amazing eye on the important issues (and great links).