MARCH 5, 2010 9:45AM

CA anti-gay politician charged w/DUI after leaving gay bar

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Huffington Post - along with many other sources - is reporting that rabid anti-gay California State Senator Roy Ashburn was arrested early Wednesday morning for DUI after leaving a gay bar.  


Nothing more to add as they really will be their own downfall.  

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Hmmm...Maybe he has a...wide stance...when it comes to homosexuality? :-D
This is typical! How many times have we seen this happen: the ones who protest most vocally and do the most damage are the ones with secrets they can't own up to. Idiot. Didi he really think he could be incognito driving drunk in his state car? The mind boggles at the massive stupidity (really the insufferable arrogance) of politicians right more thing. One more thing...These incidents are stacking up like cordwood! Okay, I'll stop!
You just can't save these people from themselves.
Not exactly a man-bites-dog story any more.
But it's actually consistent with the GOP stance on health-care: I'm getting mine, but I'm not letting you get yours.
The comments on this are cracking me up. Perhaps Mr. Ashburn will learn something, maybe compassion or humility? Nah.
It is practically yawn worthy the amount of gay GOPers. Still worthy of noting the hypocrisy again and again and again...xx a
Ashburn's behavior clearly invites rear end collisions.
So why doesn't this surprise me? ;-)