AUGUST 11, 2008 10:15PM

Stop the "Strategy Sessions"

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I want get rid of "strategy sessions" on those "news" channels.

I am serious. I can't think of the last time I learned anything useful from those sessions. I couldn't care less about what conversations people are having "behind-the-scenes" during political campaigns, playing the expectations game, psychoanalyzing candidates and people around them while dissecting their political strategies, and especially about psycholanalyzing the "American people".

Obviously there is value in fact-checking ads that are run by campaigns. But the idea that those gas-bags on TV are living up their journalistic credentials by spending hours parsing and analyzing ads is stupid. There is no real way to actually know what will and won't "work". There is just no real value in that conversation, especially on TV. Bangladesh is drowning due to global warming, women in Darfur are getting raped in exchange for the survival of their men and children, men and women are strapping on bombs to their chests all over the Middle East, human rights are being violated all over the world and poverty still has a tight grip around the necks of millions of people. Yet no matter what "news" channel I turn on all I see is Dowd-esque blather.

These nonsensicle conversations take up so much time that much news is swept under the rug. On the day of Edwards' confession, the 2008 Beijing Olympics held its Opening Ceremonies and Russia INVADED Georgia. Yet all I heard Friday night was what a horrid human being Edwards was because he lied about his sex life. The bloviators could have talked about Edwards 30, 20, or even 10 minutes into the hour, but no! Let's mention that a nation with nuclear weapons bombed an ally of the US near end of the hour and spend the first 40 minutes seeking opinions and analyses about the many dimensions of this tawdry affair. What could be better?! But Friday was just one glaring illustration of the supremely idiotic, mindless and harmful modus operandi of the MSM.

Other events that have garnered little, if any, news media attention: 27 bomb-blasts in India within 48 hours in its large economic centers (its the largest freaking Democracy in the world, you'd think their fate would be important to the world - esp. the US), growing instability in Pakistan, the changing dynamics in Iraq, the fake elections in Zimbabwe, a military coup in Mauritania.

Stories that could be (and in my mind should be) dominating the news cycle: both presidential candidates have promised to increase troop presence in Afghanistan - posses the possibility, if not the likelihood, that US will be at war for atleast another decade, the real world consequences of more off-shore drilling, the redefining of contraception as abortion. These all could be discussed by real life experts who talk as if I am adult with an IQ above 100. If the MSM really loves "strategy sessions" they should convene panels of experts to discuss real problems of the world instead and they could discuss strategies to combat real world issues. Instead we get Beltway Idiots speaking to about other Beltway Idiots.

The MSM is really covering politics and Washington news like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight cover Hollywood. They are insulting my intelligence and that really pisses me off.

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