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Alan C. Baird
Mesa, Arizona, USA, Earth
Alan lives just a stone's throw from Phoenix... which is fine and dandy, until the stones are thrown back.


SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 7:15PM

Gunfight At The Shopping-Cart Corral.

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Your orchestrated campaign of personal attacks, libels and death threats has forced me to remove this article.
The Second Amendment is fully intact. The First... not so much.

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Well, I would have been a shocked as you and probably would have done the same thing--go to the store manager. But, I would not have been at all surprised by either his response or demeanor. And, I most certainly would have left the merchandise I was planning on buying and gone elsewhere.
Hmmmmm, AZ is an open carry state--could I go to that store brandishing a baseball bat or with a compound bow and quiver or perhaps with a rapier sheathed on my belt?
Good point, Walter.
I just deleted a half-dozen really nasty comments from other Open Salon members.
New members, mostly. It looks like they joined mainly to trash this posting, and me.
Abusive. Threatening. Personal attacks. And no sense of humor.
They pretty much confirmed my attitudes about gun-toters.
My OS postings rarely get feedback, so I wondered why so many comments showed up in just a day or two.
That's when Google found this thread:
My personal blog is mirrored here at OS, and I don't allow comments there, so they actually tracked me down here.
It looks like they cruise the web, trying to pick fights.
So I've closed the comments here at Open Salon.
It's sad, but I certainly don't want to engage with people like them.
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