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February 17
Glass souls
I am an artist, writer, photographer and dancer. I studied art and film as an undergrad at Berkeley, Journalism and Film at B.U. Outstanding graduate student, full scholarships through studies. My parents were an acting teacher with the actors studio in NY and a dancer with the first Balanchine company. I had tremendous exposure to the arts from the time I was a tot. Wrote and read at a very early age. Poetry is also a hobby as are children's books I illustrate and children's rhyming poetry. I worked as a writer at the Sunpost newspaper in Miami Beach for 3 years doing 2nd front page profiles of people in the arts and critiques on art, film, dance, and music. I photographed live music in the club scene and I also shoot a lot of different photographs, which I have also done professionally. I also worked at a post production editing house for 35 mm. film. I now paint glass, do collage, and write. I practice yoga and am knowledgeable about nutrition and health.


MARCH 3, 2010 1:12AM

Tuesday night with the locals in the land of the locos

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I fall in front of the new bar, that has had many incarnations.  A while back it was the Laundry Bar, which was a real Laundromat.  But at night they had a DJ or a singer, in fact, a great local African American woman who was alllllllllllllll woman.  She was a lot of woman.  With a clear sweet voice she belted out jazz songs, and pop songs, and songs from musicals.  It was a mostly gay bar for lesbians and “queers”.  It was the we are here, we are queer, and you better like it decade, the decade ten years ago, where men were on Aids drugs and celebrating long and healthy lives.  Her name was Meryl and I used to see her shopping at Publix, late at night like me.  Her cart was full, but oh, what a sweetheart and oh what a voice.  One time she sang a duet with a guy who went to my gay gym, the “Gridiron” (now the corporate Crunch which is cleaner physically but dirtier in its obsession with money) and was a weatherman for channel four.  He was a sweetheart and kept to himself, but he was later arrested in a “sting” because he was going to pick up a guy under the legal age and had to serve jail time.  I don’t know what happened to him.............Anyway, the good old days when all my friends were gay men and I sold my glass souls (Painted glass people) for good money...........  


Anyway, back to 721 Lincoln Lane which is the new incarnation of the Laundry Bar.  I go to see a friend and it is a windy night but beautiful as usual in South Beach and there is nothing happening except free drinks.  I don’t drink though, so I just went to meet a friend, and on the way in, I do not see the level of the step in front of me and BAM, I go down.  Down two counts and three, and then I am on my feet again.  The guy who stands right in front of me does not even look down.  He is (a) not attracted to me, (b) gay, (c) drunk or (d) rude.  Or I guess he could be (e) not even human, or (f) all of the above.  But it is just another Tuesday night and I am invisible once again.  Particularly invisible because I don’t drink and don’t act stupid and don’t have fake boobs and look long and lean or flaca still.  Anyway, I get used to it, and go inside the bar.  There are people of course, because there are free drinks, but it is not interesting in any way and the people are all centering their own orbit with their cell phone updates or their half dancing sexy, pouty looks and a bit of hip shaking and posing.  I walk out and realize I will not go to the next free bar party of the night at the famed Fountainbleau hotel, where people will be sipping martinis. I get my “monthly” anyway, as I walk home and I realize that Sobe can be nobe if you are no one, like me. But I be happy anyway.

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I like the way you write. My Tuesday night was spent on the couch watching mindless TV. I would have loved to travel the Sobe scene with you for giggles. I'm glad you went home happy. :)