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South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, United States
February 17
Glass souls
I am an artist, writer, photographer and dancer. I studied art and film as an undergrad at Berkeley, Journalism and Film at B.U. Outstanding graduate student, full scholarships through studies. My parents were an acting teacher with the actors studio in NY and a dancer with the first Balanchine company. I had tremendous exposure to the arts from the time I was a tot. Wrote and read at a very early age. Poetry is also a hobby as are children's books I illustrate and children's rhyming poetry. I worked as a writer at the Sunpost newspaper in Miami Beach for 3 years doing 2nd front page profiles of people in the arts and critiques on art, film, dance, and music. I photographed live music in the club scene and I also shoot a lot of different photographs, which I have also done professionally. I also worked at a post production editing house for 35 mm. film. I now paint glass, do collage, and write. I practice yoga and am knowledgeable about nutrition and health.


APRIL 27, 2010 5:07PM

My life in 3 sentences

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I breathe, I write, I meditate, I live

I open myself up to the universe and see what life brings

I pray that some day the world will be whole and all beauty will be restored.  I love.IMG_0096mediumIMG_0197IMG_0021IMG_0715IMG_0303mediumIMG_0320 1IMG_0130IMG_0836

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Alicia, you are certainly bringing beauty into the world. rated with gratitude
Beautiful - your pictures are stunning; and I LOVE that last one of you!
Yep, you breathe life into your work. I really admire it.
Ah, palm trees and water... No wonder you look so happy.
Great Stuff! You do you part with the beauty of your art!
art is beauty
is music
is soul
is art
Beautiful pictures and writing. Thanks!
Darn, if that is your work I love it!
Open to life, what a wonderful thought.
Thanks for adding loveliness to the harbor and arbor.
I love that you still have innocence and altruism in spite of everything that life throws at us and you.
lovely sentences. lovely prayer...
Maybe there are some redeeming things, here in Florida. You are one of them!
Love your art and your creative mind..would love your comment.