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South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, United States
February 17
Glass souls
I am an artist, writer, photographer and dancer. I studied art and film as an undergrad at Berkeley, Journalism and Film at B.U. Outstanding graduate student, full scholarships through studies. My parents were an acting teacher with the actors studio in NY and a dancer with the first Balanchine company. I had tremendous exposure to the arts from the time I was a tot. Wrote and read at a very early age. Poetry is also a hobby as are children's books I illustrate and children's rhyming poetry. I worked as a writer at the Sunpost newspaper in Miami Beach for 3 years doing 2nd front page profiles of people in the arts and critiques on art, film, dance, and music. I photographed live music in the club scene and I also shoot a lot of different photographs, which I have also done professionally. I also worked at a post production editing house for 35 mm. film. I now paint glass, do collage, and write. I practice yoga and am knowledgeable about nutrition and health.


JUNE 9, 2010 1:57AM

The Republic of South Beach

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We stood there 

waiting for the sun

to come up

for the fourth day

or the fifth,

days fading

as we listened to Latin voices


talking.  In this Latin city

 in this America

at this time


Oil spill

talk of the town

Inside, she practiced,

wearing her gown


and she catapulted her lace ruffles

tucking the hem into her boots


Toots and the Matalls


It was a hot night

in a humid town

the heat of it's skirt

was fuming and sultry

with the stench of a rain-soaked morning

That was moving towards night

frightfully fast


She blinked and yawned

a pawn in a South beach game

in a red hot summer

that was glowing

hot; and melting slowly

lowly and

in puddles


with the sins

of tourists

with unquenchable needs

and unbeatable budgets

what about the economy

is the problem

to these shopping hungry

kardashian types

with the fake boobs

miles wide

and the lack of values

a matched set

an unmatched nation

of uneducated

and prideful


waving their flag of green

all over the scene

in this beach town

in this June time

in some banana republic

called South Beach 


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Well written. You so clearly call attention to the incongruency of events and behavior. The alliterations really punch. But I really love the Miami scene, especially the hole in the wall restaurants with such great good! Rated
That Banana Republic, is probably so much more fun than ours! In mine they only attend tea parties. rated!