Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


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FEBRUARY 11, 2011 6:48AM

Spring Reigns

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 photograph by algis kemezys

Spring. A magic word. A loaded word. The theme of much poetry, the engine of romance, the fuel of rebirth. It all begins as raindrops on delicate petals of wildflowers, the wonders of nature, the inspiration of artists from  all the ages. 


os 15a 

                    os 21a
 It beckons in sparkling lapis-lazuli efflorescence shining brightly inside all shades of green leaves that cover the hillside and herald the end of winter.

OS 1a 
photograph by algis kemezys 
                                                      photograph by algis kemezys

purple flowers 
yellow flower 
 It is the colours that enchant us. Sorcery from Nature, a sorceress of long-standing, ever evolving charms whose secrets cannot ever be disclosed, and if they were, never ever duplicated.

                     photograph by algis kemezys 

os 2a


 os 12a 
 It comes at you from all the most unlikely places. Right through the rock, the polished cliff-side, the thorny bush.
                                                      purple flower
os 13a 
 photograph by algis kemezys

                   photograph by algis kemezys

 lemon tree

Dramatic skies, trees still bare awaiting the signal to bloom, and the lemon tree loaded with fruit in front of a ramshackle farmer’s cottage.





                   os 23
                      os 20a
 It takes only a singular flash of colour to gladden the heart, to arouse awe, to fall in love all over again, and quickly, the petals are fragile and will blow away from the first gust of wintry wind still hovering in the air.



                                               os 4a 
os 4lc Japan 
                  os 5a
 Everything is dressed in festive hues. The  anise-flavoured maratho, the sweet and juicy prickly pear that dares you to brave its needles for a taste of its treasures.
           os 25a

                                                           Green doyles 
os 3a 
orange tree 

The mandarin grove is the signifier of Aegean plenty. It gives all winter long and in the springtime falls off the tree painting the ground in the rich hues of sunset.




The poppy is among the first to bloom, with its promise of eternal dreams. 







photograph by algis kemezys 

 small flowers
os 11a
 magic Face a2

It is Gaia. All owes its due to the global Mistress, the origin of our petty human concerns, our mean-spirited little designs, our grandest ambitions. It is her domain, and Springtime her most joyful manifestation, her most festive outfit, the most generous of her many moods. 




These photographs were made in Bodrum, on Turkey's Aegean coast, right around St. Valentine's Day. They are dedicated to all lovers everywhere.


Please eat a chocolate-covered strawberry for me, and love to you all

Algis Kemezys 

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Beautiful pics. The orange tree was amazing. Thanks for the spring shots, it won't be long now, I hope!
Breathtaking photography!
Algis, what perfect timing and how great to read that these photos were taken around Valentine's Day! Thanks for another excellent photo essay!
Magnificent photos, as usual!
Algis, these are your best -in my opinion- and they fill my heart with longing for a country I left so far away. I miss seeing fields of poppies ablaze in spring and all summer, and life pushing out of every rock and crevice as nature forges onward with its plan. Thank you for bringing visions of beauty on a special day. The wordplay of your title hasn't escaped me - a clever and apt one, my friend.
With these captured mind-blowing images you remind us, yet again, of the immense beauty and portent that's available for any one to see. It takes, however, a particular focus and mindfulness that you possess. Thank you for gently pointing us in the right direction by sharing your exceptional insight into the beauty that surrounds us. Happy Valentine's day to Byron and you.
Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Either cheering or depressing to those of us in central Canada - you remember what it's like here, right?
Thank You, thank you, thank you. Oh, how I would love to step out the door into any of those shots. Love the trees with the wide empty branches and slanted horizons. All the others too.
Beautiful and rated with hugs
What a great way to start a day! This was absolutely breathtaking. I bow to the glory of Gaia.
Algis, these are so beautiful, as usual. The poppy is my favorite field flower; they are so happy. And I remember Bodrum, but not as wonderful as you show it here.
How wonderful to see the cousins to familiar and beloved flowers and grasses and weeds I know...
...visiting Turkey had been added to my Life List years ago, but because of your photography here it's been bumped up on the list. : )
These images are a balm for the eyes. Those oranges on the ground beneath the tree, I will carry that one around all day. It is so gray and colorless here in New England. This morning, a man wearing a red wool cap walked by my kitchen window, and I felt an urge to reach out and snatch his hat from his head. Thank you for this dose of beauty.
beautiful Algis, my favorite is the top image but all are beautiful. wonderfully done. have a happy valentine's day as well.
thank you!! I am looking out my window at white . . . 3 feet of snow and a gray sky. While winter has it's own beauty, I must say that after 3+months, your photos have provided me with a refreshing mini-vacation!
Gorgeous. The orange tree pic is my favorite. It makes me feel like painting. Good art encourages new art.
This was a treat.
I believe that many people who grew up in North America assume(wrongly) that Turkey is a dry, rocky desert country.
Your wonderful pics show that the land lives and exlodes with color.
Algis, you are a master. I feel I can never take another photo again without knowing how incredibly inferior it is.
I get so excited when I see your posts. I have to run right over. I am never disappointed! Gorgeous pictures - thanks.
This has me positively swooning.
the structural value of the flowers, goodness!
I have never seen these flowers before, thank you for showcasing them.
What a wonderland! I especially love the raindrops amd the mandarins.
A souvenir from the Aegean coast in Turkey...
Dear scanner, Thanks! Your beautiful for saying that. May Spring grace your land bountifully.

Dear Fay Paxton, Thanks so much!

Dear designanator, Thanks much appreciated and more...

Dear cartouche, Thanks ! Your magnificence influences my endeavors here too...

Dear FusunA, Thanks ! That is just so charming! I shall try to add some more poppies for you later.

Dear amdad44, Thanks my Dear friend. for your excellence words and more.

Dear Matt Paust, Thanks I was wondering what it would take to make you speechless.

Dear Myriad, After seeing you and Fusana and all the snow I relish the fact I have escaped it. Except for the skiing. Thanks!

Dear Bonnie Russell, Great Feast away ...Thanks

Dear Scarlett Sumac, I am waiting to host you but I only have a month left, so hurry! Thanks again!

Dear Linda Seccaspina,
Your beautiful too for that. Thanks

Dear Belinda T.Thanks so much...May all your days start wonderfully!

Dear Lea Lane, Well we are waiting to host you if you can make it but Hurry! Thanks again.

Dear Just Thinking...Thanks! Boy could I show you some things! I am waiting here for you then another month more.

Dear greenheron, Thanks and may you see plenty of colors soon from the grace of the earth. I am so glad to have given you good eye candy too!

Dear bbd, Thanks so very much you too Now!

Dear Lollysue11, Oh that is just so nice. Glad to be of service! Thanks

Dear Rei Momo, Thanks, I can hardly wait to see what comes from this inspiration.

Dear XJS AND ME, Great and Thanks, This time of year and for the next two months the greening of Turkey is spectacular...Wish you were here!

Dear kh3333, Thanks you make me feel so special with that kind praise..

Dear trilogy, Well I could just run over there and Hug you for that.Thanks !

Dear Sarah Cavanaugh, Now you have me swooning for you too. Thanks again!

Dear vanessa seijo, It is my humble pleasure to share and more what ever ùi can. Thanks!

Dear Linda Shiue, Thanks so much Doc! Mandarine tears are falling from my eyes for you !

Dear GHWittler,

Indeed and maybe some more too will be added a little later! Thanks!
Love the luminosity of the colors, the freshness and your eye for beauty. This has made my day! Thank you...big smile!
I am in awe of these photos. I feel like I've just had an intimate tour of a great country or walked through a fine art gallery. Thank you, thank you for this taste of spring. RRRR
So beautiful. Where does beauty come from Algis?
So glorious! And your love comes through in every one. I also have a thing for the colors of the sky through the tree branches. Great work! Thank you.
Happy Valentine's Day, Algis! I raise my chocolate covered strawberry to you and to your beautiful patria. You capture scorcery.
gorgeous! some pics look like paintings. very nice eye. good camera.
I esp like the ruins. to me there is an eternally bittersweet relationship between man & nature. we have conquered it, but it doesnt need conquering. we live in two different worlds. man made world, which is a synthetic illusion at its heart, increasingly sterile, and nature, which is increasingly disguised from our day-to-day life. sometimes after a year of sitting in my cube, at a desk, staring at a computer screen, I get out into the mountains for a week, and it feels near foreign/alien. but then I realize that Im in the real world at that moment. Im afraid much of my life is passing me by without real connection, but its a powerful force pinning me down, larger than me & my greatest attempts/dreams to eventually overcome/transcend the Machine.
Algis- oh, how beautiful these are! I wish I could be there to smell and touch them, they are so real. What a finely painted backdrop to your mystical life.
Dear Stardazer, I try to keep stargazers happy and more...Thanks!

Dear Rita Bourland, Thanks ! So much of this is only the beginning . Soon in another few weeks the fields here will be packed. Then the Gallery of colorful delight will really be shining. Unfortunately I have to leave these fields of glory...

Dear Suresh Emre, Thanks! You ask the best questions..Only a Master can do that..Let me think on this awhile. Also I recommend for you the book The Physician by Noah Gordon. I think you would like it.

OK here it is. Beauty is the combination of colors and fragrance arranged in a perfect !:to 1.168. This combination of factors is like a key to the lock in the brain and allows the release of certain chemicals that serve to make us feel complete and heavenly. I have found that by thinking and speaking to flowers I get a lot more out of them. In regards to doing this they call back out to me and fill my mind with ideas that were not already there but waiting to hatch. The last time I dealt with flowers I spoke to them and asked for their permission to pick them and bring them into the digital world via the scanner bed. I asked how they would like to be seen and over time I got really good at seeing them at the time of picking in a certain fashion that I might otherwise not imagine. If I followed this image that I imagined the results were immediately pleasing. Otherwise scanning flowers is a very fastidious process of exact measure. After scanning them they still would not let me rest and still called out for more attention. I then tried to imagine what the scent of a flower would look like in it's thermoelectric state as seen through the eyes of a Butterfly or Bee. The resulting pictures took me seven years to complete and you can see them here:

Please let me know how I fared on my answer.

Dear Delia Yeager, Well you caught me with my intentions bare branched and all. Thanks!

Dear catch-22, That is just so sweet and kind. May you have some dark chocolate covered Blueberries for that one. Maybe I will have to send you some from Quebec! Thanks!

Dear vzn, Thanks that is a good point of reference for me to.

Dear vzn, Thanks for sharing those all to important words. Usually I am working under the auspices of something greater and know not what I do...then there was YOU ! May life give you all that you need and more...

Dear Susan Wade Edwards, Thanks for that very precise comment. I am blushing for you!

Dear Oryoki Bowl,
Thanks so much! How I wish I could take your hand and guide you through these lovely pastures and show you Gaia and the Hummingbird Moth.... That is coming next week!
Algis, I am very fond of the golden ratio as you are. Your theory on how golden ratio would unlock certain chemicals in the brain is very original. Scientists should pay attention to it. To me beauty is an inexplicable aspect of divinity. I have heard others describing beauty as Alchemy. I think that’s closer to your definition. Long time ago I wrote a piece titled “Maybe Human is Divine”. In that piece I tried to say that beauty is a spiritual light. There are chemical correlates of the esthetic feelings (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, etc) but the appreciation of beauty is not caused by these hormones. I think that it is the other way around. It is the perception of the spiritual light as beauty that triggers the secretion of these hormones.

You speak to flowers. This reminded me the mythic physician Lokman the Sage. According to legend, he communicated with plants to discover their medicinal values.

Algis, forgive me for not discovering earlier. Thanks for pointing me to it. WOW! Your web site is an ocean. It will take me while to absorb all that.
Algis, I wish I had the ability to print out your photos. My house would be covered in them.
Beautiful photo's, you're very talented.
lovely, absolutely lovely treat for the eyes and the dreaming mind - its spring here in India too . rated and stared and I think wd come back again :) not all loaded the first time
Can I please have a copy of that red cactus picture? Wish I could have that as my profile picture - its so reflects 'me' what I am inside I think :)