Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Qu├ębec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


APRIL 29, 2011 11:08AM


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Above is a revised 16x9 version...sorry about that! It does have a few more personalized images added to the sequences.


An environmental video about what earth might be like without the healing aspect of trees. My submition to
COOL STORIES FOR WHEN THE PLANET GETS HOT III is the third edition of an international art video competition on Global Warming by ARTPORT_making waves. After two successful editions, launched at Scope Basel in 2007 and repeated at Focus Basel in 2009, ARTPORT_making waves for the third edition collaborates with CINEMA PLANETA, the award-winning International Environmental Film Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico. We invite video artists worldwide to participate with works that explore Global Warming, focusing onforests in honor of the United Nations International Year of Forests 2011. Artists are encouraged to tell us their stories about deforestation or tree planting and its positive effects; they may also opt to approach the topic from symbolic, psychological or socio-political significances of forests. Our aim is to present a convincing survey of the current artistic exploration of this topic worldwide with 20 established and emerging artists, edited into a visually and conceptually coherent compilation by ARTPORT_making waves.
ARTPORT invited by The Environmental Film Festival Cinema Planeta in collaboration with SEMARNAT (Mexican Enviromental Ministry): The exhibition (Re-) Ciclos del Paraísois presented at Museum Jardin Borda, Sala Siqueiros Cuernavaca, Mexico until April 11, 2011. And COOL STORIES I & II is screened in the DOMO of Cinema Planeta in front of the Palacio de Cortés from March 11-19. For more information please click here.


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Wonderful photography. The music fit right in with the scenery as well.

Relevant - rated, Algis as I can relate to this idea even tho I could not watch the video bec of my slow connection.
Just beautiful and rated with hugs
Thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing it.
While this slowly downloads ...
The woods is the ideal. Yes. Forrest.
I know you'd Love Sir Albert Howard.
He wrote the book - The Soil and Health.
And I say to myself: Here is your road
without beginning or end, appearing
out of the earth and ending in it,
bearing no load but the hawk's kill,
and the leaves building earth on it,
something more to be born.
Tracks fill with earth and return
to absence. The road was worn
by men bearing earth along it.
They have come to endlessness.
In their passing they could not
stay in,

trees have risen and stand still.
It is leading to the dark,
to mornings where you are not.

Here is your road, beginning and
as God.
Look at the monstrous machines.
We worship what destroys. Sighs.

I read that when the British saw ...
Trees -
They saw cannonballs and ships.
The weapons had a Imperial mark.
The balls were inscribed with a seal.

British Imperialism. Today? O, well.
Nearby where I live is the C & O path.
The woods along the Potomac O-cuts.
One Acre was cut just to begin One Fire.
A Acre was fire-ash for One cannon ball.
Thanks for this. Sigh. You'd think we'ed`
No commit slow suicide. Recall General?
Not Four Star Petraeus. General Braddox.
He widened the narrow pony path from DC.
He was the devil's principality too to kill who?
He was ordered to cut trees to chase a woman?
He slaughtered along the path and scalped them.
Not long ago a scalp fetched $6. $8 for a fox pelt.
The fox hide bounty was given by a PA governor.
Gov. Hunter. That's was in Bucks County PA. sad.
This is still slow downloading. Humans may die off?
No sane human fouls a earth, air. and poisons H20.
Trees will soon BREAK FORTH through Interstate?
I am just repeating what other environmentalist say.
We are not healthy humans to poison a planet. Plant.
Plant Trees.
Thanks Algis...
What Art wrote frightens and saddens me, many worship what destroys. The video is lovely, perhaps it will help people see and hear, maybe they will begin to worship life and the beauty of it again.
Wonderful work, Algis, R
This is such a beautiful video, I could watch it over and over. The way you use color is spectacular. The music fits perfectly. WOW!
It makes me think of a song I heard once that stays with me, "If trees could scream, nobody on earth would sleep peacefully again" when all they do is heal.
rated with love and so glad you are back
I plant trees every April and I'm thankful that other arborists, artisans and treehuggers appreciate the grace these gorgeous green creations give to all us earthlings.

Fantastic video, Algis!!! The photography & music are so beautiful.

This film festival sounds like a wonderful collaberation...thanks so much for sharing!
Greatness, Algis!
You are a master of...all things beautiful.
Out on a limb, Thanks so much for that!

Rolling, Oh thats too bad. I appreciate the comment anyways from you.

Linda Seccaspina, Your beautiful too with Hugs!

Rei Momo, Glad you had some thoughts then.

Art James, Dear James that is so epic. You have made the post what it is and what it wasn't too! Loved every verse and all it's nuance as well.

l'Heure Bleue, Yeah, I hear you and I really do not know what to do. No doubt it will take many years to even get back to the way it was in the 1900 rds.

Thoth, Oh your specially welcome.Glad to know your back around.

RomanticPoetess, Oh romantic you great for adding those lines to this post. You have made it even more special with that.


Belinda T. You have a good heart and I am glad to have read that and the fact it fills out this post.

Matt Paust, Thanks big Time MP

clay ball, Oh that is just great. Thanks!

Myriad, Thanks Big M.

fernsy, Your lovely for saying that too!

ThroughMyEyes, Now I feel like a million dollars after reading that
but all I need is 10,000.
Excellent work, Algis! Thank you for sharing.
Beautiful, Algis.
The juxtaposition of natural peace and chaos says it all - the soundtrack takes it to another level altogether. Thank you.
Well done. Well titled. Thanks, Sagemerlin. Art James, good work today. C&O? Maryland? DC?
Algis, this was stunning!
Spectacular, Algis...WOW...xox
Good to see you again. As always, beautiful work. :)
FusunA, Your adorable for saying that.

Kim Gamble, Great I am so pleased your happy with it. I did do a reedit and might have to do yet another.

zanelle, Your wonderful for saying that too.

koshersalaami, Great you made my day with that info.

Poppi Iceland, Oh I am always so pleased to here that. Cheers!

Robin Sneed, Oh Robin, Your every where right now.Like on my front lawn chirping and hopping about, I think that is you !

Oryoki Bowl, Thanks so much OB. Love the new pic too!
Interesting piece with some great imagery. Where were you in the bits featuring yourself? It looked gorgeous.
VariousArtists, Thanks! I was in the mountains in Akrata,Greece. There nearby is an ancient amphitheatre. It forms a triangle with Delphi and where the Olympics were held thousands of years ago. Great energy , I wish I could have had a few more days there to explore..
Oh my goodness. How lovely your work is and the soaring music lifts as it holds. What more important time than this to share such thoughts as nature seems to scream her rage with those of us who so easily look away and will not see.
anna1liese, Oh that is so nice to say and adding that to this.
very powerful and moving, with your usual apt employment of vivid imagery to prompt thought.
very powerful and moving, with your usual apt employment of vivid imagery to prompt thought.
You reminded me of Stephen Sondheim who wrote, of what it would be like without trees and more:

I remember leaves
Green as spearmint
Crisp as paper
I remember trees
Bare as coat racks
Spread like broken umbrellas

And parks and bridges
Ponds and zoos
Ruddy faces
Muddy shoes
And light and noise and
Bees and boys
And days

I remember days
Or at least I try
But as years go by
They're a sort of haze
And the bluest ink
Isn't really sky
And at times I think
I would gladly die
For a day of sky