Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


JUNE 28, 2011 11:58AM

Mortar & Pestle.... a short film

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 mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu

 Mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu
                                                                                   DVD cover:

 Version One
 Version Two
mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu 
 “I’ve just been laid-off. Well... fired!” declares our hero, depressed and unhappy.
                                               mp still 30
Lucky for him his Greek-Canadian wife packs him off to Greece to find his Kefi and spend time with her relatives, and discover that happiness is but a state-of-mind. He has two excellent meals, he visits ancient sites, and has a mystical experience with an ancient god.  He dances in a field of wild-flowers, and he eventually finds a mysterious mortar & pestle that is meant to cure all his ills. Does he really regain his joie de vivre? Possibly. But he certainly remembers to greet his everyday concerns with a big smile and a ready-for-anything attitude. 
 mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu
 These are video screen stills from my  FinalCutStudio .

 mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu
 mp still 31
                                                  mp still 33 
 mp still 35
 mp still 12
 mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu

mp still 10 

Mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys 

 mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu

 mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu
                                                  mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu 
 mp still 6
                         mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu

mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu
mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu 

 mp still 18a
                                                mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu

 mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu
                                                  mp still 38
                                                           mp still 39 
                                                    mp still 18aaa 
 mp still 36

mortar & Pestle by Algis Kemezys Music Guthrie Lowe Writer Byron Ayanoglu
 As a Birthday present to myself   I promised  I would  post the finishing of my latest short film, Mortar & Pestle: today on my Birthday.. This is also to Thank OSocial  for the Birthday party post and  everyone who responded.  So heres a THANK YOU SO MUCH.......  BIGTIME for everyone who wished me these fine Birthday Greetings today. 
Time to celebrate, friends ! Happy Birthday Algis Kemezys!
OSocial, Indeed it is my friend.
Joyeux Anniversaire mon cher ami

Linda Seccaspina, C'est Fantastique et plus.
Happy Happy Birthday I hope your entire day is filled with sunshine and happiness! 
Now may I please have a slice of that delicious looking chocolate cake :)
Lunchlady 2, I am cutting you a slice right now..common over!
Happy Birthday to you Algis. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures.
trilogy, Now you are also one of them!
terrific post, thanks OSocial. 

Happy Birthday Algis, may you have many more with unlimited gorgeous photos.
bbd Love hearing that from you bbd.Your will always keep me inspired as well!
::tossing streamers:: Happy birthday!
lschmoopie,Oh i love it weeee
Let's party! Break out the memory cards! 
Love to our OSocial and Algis from this wide open heart in Arizona!
mhold, Sounds excellent common over!
Thanks for reminding me, it is my brother's birthday as well. Happy Happy Birthday Algis! I hope I get to see you in Montreal in a few weeks, let me know if you will still be around. 

Tillykke med fødelsdagen!
Oryoki Bowl, If that happens I will be  more than amazed !
Happy Birthday Algis! Thank you for all the joy and beauty.
l'Heure Bleue Oh Thanks because you gave me the healing technique.
Australian : Geddit inter yer, son !

To Algis, the patient generous genius of the joint - many happy returns from Downunder, and many thanks.
Thanks OSocial.
Kim Gamble, You deserve this joint or anything else in that direction.
Algis, Happy Birthday, your photo essays are always a reason for delight. Thank you for sharing your talent here.
rita shibr,You know it Rita because you were my Bridge over troubled water.
I was filming clouds the other day and I started to see faces in them. I thought: "that Algis is rubbing off on me!" Your talent is much appreciated here.
Harry's Ghost,Thats marvelous...According to water theory by Masaru Emoto if you think and mindtalk with the clouds things will form for you..
お誕生日おめでとうございます = otanjōbi omedetō gozaimasu
Happy Birthday Algis~~~
scanner, Good on ya Mate!

Strewth! It's ya birthday? Fair dinkum! Well, ava a bloody good one, mate!

Little Kate, Will do, Roger and Cheers!
And what Kim said too!

But careful now .... not too many, Algis!
Little Kate yeah not anymore 4 me really!
Happy day, you seer and maker of beauty!
Happy birthday (and gimme some of that cake...ah, the caloryless kind). You are one of the, haha, elite of OS, whose posts are always special and to be savored.
You look too young to be having a birthday, Algis. Shouldn't we wait until you're 39, like with the rest of us? Oh, hell, happy day, anyway, youngster. Those cakes look good - artistic, actually. Fitting.
Happy Birthday, Algis! Wishing a happy, healthy, & joyous year to you! :)
clay ball , OK i will then.
bonne anniversaire a toi, bonne anniversaire a toi, bonne anniversaire a toiiiiiiiiiiii, bonne anniversaire a toi!

hope i spelled that right! 

hope its a good one, and love the cat!
My gargoyle research and Wiki-eh-pea-brain information states the birth?
Feb. 30th.
Who fibbing?
Happy day too.
Send alligator. 
Charge in Visa.
Flea to Canada.
I'm tempted too.
Go to Boulder,
Colorado asap!
Meadery. Sober.
Happy birthday Algis! I look forward to your beautiful posts since they sweep me away to such wonderful places!!
Susie Lindau , good then i will see you in some of them one day!
Happiest Birthday to you, Algis. Thank you for sharing your considerable talents with us. I eagerly await your every post, and appreciate your comments.
fernsy, You know how to make a guy blush!
Happy birthday Algis. You are a singular talent and I'm so glad to know of you.
keri h OMG and then some.
!siglA yadthriB yppaH
Blinddream Righonbrotherrighton
Happiest of Birthdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have the same birthday as my best friend that I wrote the post about yesterday. No wonder you are so cool. Hope your day is extra nice.
Miguela Holt y Roybal, only because you have made me so...
To another happy, healthy, creative and prosperous year friend! Thank you for all that you have shared with us.
FusunA, it's you who have also been my pleasure.Oh those great Turkish dishes... MMMmmmmm
Happy Birthday Beautymonger :D
hyblaean- Julie, OMG and more ok i try to be too!

The eclipse of the new moon on Friday portends new beginnings ... but you already knew that didn't you? Happiest of Days to you. Thanks for all those beautiful photos.
Scarlett Sumac, No Scarlett I didn"t please do tell me more...Please Please Scarlett.....let me know
Happy birthday. Happy birthday. 
Death and dying everywhere. 
People living in despair. 
Happy birthday. Happy birthday.
Surazeus LOL i don't know why but i did and still am. not that this funny!
Feliz cumple, Algis!

Mil besos, sonrisas y que la luz sea siempre perfecta...
catch-22, Gracias mucho Sico
Very nice! Happy Birthday! I do love your amazing photos.
Mimetalker I love you Mimetalker
Happy Birthday, Algis!
Happy Birthday, Algis! I hope your day inspires some more of your magnificent photographs.

L in the Southeast OMG and more your icon I do adore.
Happy birthday Algis, but don't just take a photo of the cake - have a bite!
Cranky Cuss Now that is good observation or what is it they call it...
May your day be filled with the joy you bring to all of us,
anna1liese , That is so fine your devine.
Wow Great! Osocial and Everyone who posted here. I think my day would have not been as fine as you have made it with your good wishes and more. I am very deeply touched because I tend to feel apprehensive on certain occasions and my birthday is certainly one of them. Life is tough but not so much when you have the fine support of your friends, mentors and peers here on OS. Thanks again and may each of you have a fantastic summer and more!
Happy (belated) Birthday, Algis!!
Lea Lane, OK nice and yes!


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We'll be checking in for the additional stills later on. Meanwhile, drop in here, Algis. ♥
Do keep going, Algis! Many happy returns to you, sir ~
Happy birthday! I enjoy your work so much. Thanks for continuing to share it on OS.
Thank you for posting these, I am sure the video is amazing.
Sending you positive, loving energy for this project and for a very happy birthday. I will post on my facebook and urge others to drop by.
rated with love
I offer a wish for your dream to come to fruition and look forward to even more. It sounds like a great idea and I love the stills you have offered us.
Happy Birthday to you and thank you for the gift :)
Happy Birthday to a great artist whose work I enjoy much and a dear friend. R
happy birthday ma cher.. Vous avez beaucoup de talent..
Happy Celebrating!!
Where is that old amphitheatre???
I love that shot.
...and the celebratory circle dance...
...and is that your father in one...two... of those shots? A kinsman? There is a similarity to your eyes...
Beautiful concept and marvelous images from a very talented artist. Can't wait to see the film!
All the best to you every day my good man!
Algis, how exciting! I love the stills you posted here, that mortal & pestle looks like the right one. I think the mortal & pestle will bring you and your film good luck. I have my grandmother's old brass one in my kitchen and often touch it to feel close to her, it has points and looks like a star if I look from above. The last thing I ground in it was some Angelica Root gifted to me by a vendor dressed as Diana at a Goddess Festival.

There's much energy in a good set, I'll wish upon my star for your success. You have a lovely spirit, Love and healing to you.
I think that you are the one giving birth.
I missed the other birthday posting as I haven't been on much over the past few days but glad I caught this one ... so, Happy Birthday, Algis. Hopefully, we'll be able to see the movie but the stills are great for now -- and it shows how some of you recent photography postings fit in with the movie.
Congratulations! What a labor of love. I know you must be so proud (and rightfully so).
Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, Algis...I hope your film finds it's place in the world! It's true, to laugh & dance some every day is a cure for many things... :)
Wonderful stills and sneak preview. Oh my goodness, can I tell you how much I LOVE octopus? One of my favorite dishes ever.
What a great celebration. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are a very special artist!
FusunA, Thanks so much for that notice. What a surprise and more...

catch-22, Thanks so very much! Happy Summer to you.

Rei Momo, it is a pleasure and more to hear that..Thanks so much!

RomanticPoetess, Your so very welcome and more..

Lunchlady 2, Your so very welcome and then some..

Thoth, Your the best T. Thanks again.

Linda Seccaspina, Oh mon petit cher, Merci beaucoup...

Just Thinking... The place is in Akrata. That man and I who I never knew did have a sparkle in his eye and I think your quite good for mentioning it from the stills. Have a great summer too.

Monsieur Chariot, Oh thanks so much.I hope you get to see it.Some friends said it was like a marvelous horse and buggy ride in the lush country side.

l'Heure Bleue, Oh that is just tremendous Blue. I hope too that this film does something for me like ease my financial woes..Have a great summer and more.

ASH ...LOL, Thats a good one Ash!

VariousArtists, Thanks so much VA, I really appreciate it.

Bellwether Vance, Actually I am very proud because I busted ass doing this on my last ten days over seas and managed to pull it off with very little help.

clay ball, Yes I agree whole heartedly with you and then some. Lets laugh and dance at the same time for a really good time..

Beth Mann, Yes mine too and there it is absolutely delicious.Thanks for pointing this out.

zanelle, Well I am always trying to impress you...Have a great summer and thanks big time.
A very belated Happy Birthday! I believe every day is another birthday really...I hope this day and each day forward are as wonderful as possible. Thanks for sharing.