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Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


JANUARY 23, 2012 1:48PM

Meet the OS Blog Bully....yes this person exists!

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 I 've been posting some over-cute artwork (such as the above) in my comments to certain posts. And, wouldn't you know it, someone took extreme umbrage. Below is my communication on the matter. I am posting this so that I can get a consensus. Was I wrong, or is this person a forgettable idiot? 

 skypixie0 wrote >> 

Dear friend,
I've just seen your "comment" on Jeff's blog. I LOVE your artwork!!!

B U T !!!

Other people's blogs are NOT a proper forum for YOUR art. That is just wrong. Your art is for YOUR blog page. That's what you have one for.

Please think twice before doing this again. It was cute the first time - now it's annoying.



Alkeme wrote >> 
I had no idea that blogs had such strict rules. Thanks for pointing this out.I thought blogging was a wide open forum.


 skypixie0 wrote >> 

No, smart ass, it isn't a matter of "strict rules". 

It's a matter of a little thing called courtesy. Since you don't know what that means, stay the hell away from my blogs until you grow up and learn some manners........Sky

Alkeme wrote >> 
Firstly, that was not my remark, I did not know how to respond to you and my buddy gave me the you see I am not rude. 

What other blogs are you posting? I will stay away from them, as I shall from you.

I still want to know though, who are you to dictate anything here regarding these blogs?

Your just a swearing blog bully hiding behind a word like courtesy.

Funny others have commented most positively except you... I remember now you being quite snarky some time ago..

As far as I can tell you're a fascist. Telling creative artists what to do and how to do it. How dare you in this modern day and age?

Shame on you...Shame, Shame, Shame, shame SHAME!

Maybe OS needs a Blog Bully Award and you can be a candidate? What is your name anyway? Are you male of female? Are you human ?

You're really something dictating blog policy in a mean and pushy fashion swearing and what not..I am totally flabergasted. 

Cheers, is that OK to say? Maybe you will start dictating choice or word policy here too!




skypixie0 wrote >> 
Get lost you discourteous, rude, selfish bitch!


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I hate dustups. I guess this qualifies. Peace and peace and more peace. I cannot carry bad energy without becoming infinitely less than all I am called to be. Life is so short, and there is so much that needs doing in loving ways. My guess is if no one else has complained, then no foul. again peace to you and all.
I don't like bullies of any kind. I like seeing your "SWEET" artwork in my comment box. "nuf said.
Remember, one of them is an old man in a home, probably due for some more meds. The other one is a free spirit making movies about the beauty of nature and life. Oddly, both are Canadian. Algis, you may pour me some champagne any day.
Algis, just for the record I love your comment artwork! I am surprised anyone would have an issue with it and a while back I did a similar thing with some Pirate Wimmin sailing ship artwork left as a comment on some other posts.
Yup! Every word is true. Nothing added - nothing left out.

I do indeed consider it improper to stick stuff in like that on EVERY blog she comments on. Those blogs are not hers. She has a blog of her own to exhibit her "artwork" (which I still think is great) and should not impose it on other's blogs by way of a "comment." Even Jeff told her she was going too far.

As to being a fascist for advising her in a PRIVATE PM that she was going too far, I'd suggest that someone who insists on inserting her art work on other people's posts, publishing private PMs and can't take advice in the spirit in which it was given, is far more familiar with fascism than I.
I am sorry this had to happen to you. Take it with a grain of salt and consider the source. I am here if you need me. :-)
Oh dear, more hand bags at dawn.

A blog, to me, is where we should be able to be ourselves and relax.

You do what you feel fits Algis and if the poster wants to delete your comment it's up to them I guess. No harm done.

"Yes it's a full moon FRed(tm) but this time I'll try not to fall orf the roof."
Algis, I know your comments are original and well-intended,but sometimes the message is lost in the imposing type-art work.

And do you see how they show up on the side bar under your recent comments? I cannot make any sense of it.

With best intentions♥

Let's all have a drink!
Ummm...@sky: "she" is a "he." That said, I don't see how what Algis does with his comments affects me one way or the other. Why are you so brilliant and nice one moment and mean as a snake the next?

Oh for God's sake, do whatever you want. I think it's refreshing to see text broken up with your artwork. It makes me smile. Of course someone took umbrage. Of course it was skypixieZERO. He's also the one who wants to correct posts, like a mean sour-faced schoolmarm. I think his bun's too tight. He's schizophrenic, DO YOU READ ME SKY, YOU'RE SCHIZO, jumping back and forth from wanting to overhaul the world to snide, nitpicky, irrelevant barbs about how someone chooses to comment.

Why don't you channel your frustration into poetry, sky, something you're actually good at, before you become a "Friendless Atheist."
We've all seen Algis.
Boy. Male. Man.
Therefore "he".
As for the rest, maybe skip the art on Sky's page.

I'm just glad when you come by, Algis.
I'm also glad you share your photography with us and your love for our Mother Earth. : )
I am so sorry. It is a good thing he is not on Twitter since those creative tweets would really get his dander up!! It always seem that the nicest people get pooped on.... : P
There's a new agey book out there, of supposed "Toltec wisdom", but it has some fantastically good advice in the form of "the four agreements".

1. Don't take it personally. What and how people talk to you comes out of THEM. (There's another book, the contents of which I've forgotten, but the title says it all: "You Are Not the Target.")

2. As for yourself, speak with integrity. "Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love."

3. Don't make assumptions. "Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama."

4. Do your best. (And don't beat yourself up if you fall short...or other people think you do.)

O.S. is indeed open. You can do what you like....but no matter what you do, somebody is gonna take umbrage and tell you about it. Best to ignore it as best you can.

In your case, make two mental columns: One is criticism, complaints, ridicule (I presume using the feminine pronoun is intended that way), and instructions on how to be better. The other one is the praise and appreciation you get for your wonderful posts. Compare the two columns....and then let the positive one overwhelm the complaint about, for chrissake, your clever little comment graphic thingies.
Algis, I've seen your "art work" in several posts...including some of mine. I think it is clever...and at least as appropriate as a response as some of the stuff I see using written words.

You have a right to offer comments the way you want...and anyone who does not like the art work can delete it if that seems appropriate.

Frankly, I enjoy it when I see it very much.

You stop in at my place once in awhile and say appreciative things.
I have enjoyed a good deal of your posted photographs.
The other day when I saw Jeff Howe's remark I laughed so hard I couldn't type.
So, do what you like but don't be too surprised if some of the hearts, kisses and hugs end up blowing away.
Algis, I support you. I know you have good intent. Don't let what other people say get you down.
Umm... wow! I hate to take sides or say something so against womankind like this, but: Sky, honey, are you on the rag? Go pop a couple midol and chill out. The level of animosity over something so small is really uncalled for, especially in a forum that promotes free-speech and artistic expression.
Do what you want and damn the torpedoes! R
Btw, I like those designs in the comments. Please leave one on my next post.
You may leave one of your comments on my blog anytime you want. I like them.
I love your comments.. anytime.

Sky! Good heavens, what are you thinking? You have no idea what Algis was doing, you assumed he was using everyone's blog as a forum to promote his work. I assumed he was trying to give me a joyful gift as his comments are always intended to give happiness, support or comfort.

It's your right to ask him not to leave them on yours and not read them when you see them, it's not child porn. And I don't see any complaints when people are telling others to go to their recent posts.

I'm offended that you speak for me and say I don't want them and offended for Algis who is so gentle and giving he happens to be one of the few men on OS who doesn't scare me.

You begin a note calling a truly generous soul a smart ass then tell him he doesn't know what courtesy is. You end with a note calling him a discourteous, rude, selfish bitch. Personally, I'm appalled. And if you're so proud of it then why complain he published it?

Whether you intended it or not, the spirit of your first note seemed to be presumptious and bossy. Especially with what we see on blogs, this was pole vaulting over a mole hill. The man left you something he probably hoped would make you smile and feel good.

Shame on you for repaying him so poorly.


Algis, I'm really sorry your efforts were rejected so badly, that you were told you were doing something bad to everyone and that bad language was used to hurt you. I cherish all the caring you've shown every time you came to my blog.

I apologize because my comments tend to be too long and many find it rude that others take up so much space in comments. Sorry this one was very long, I'm a chatterer. Sigh...

Most importantly, I want to reassure you that I haven't considered your artwork discourteous to me.
I love getting these Algis.
I avoid dust-up posts for good reasons, but I'll add my 2 cents because you ask.
It's cute once or twice, but overall it's self indulgent and plainly shows you didn't spend much time reading or contemplating, so it carries some impact as a soft insult. That is evident when one looks at your comment box above. 5:46 AM--5:48AM...10:50AM--10:53AM. You're either a speed-reader or your intent is self-serving to some extent.

Seeing them is mildly irritating, but not to the point I'd make an effort to contact you. If it was my blog, I'd delete it because it is irritating on a AOL Chatroom level.

You might try moderating it a bit and perhaps try making a comment that shows you actually read the post. Novelty has a pretty short shelf life.

Now I will return to fully not giving a damn, in general.
The consensus here is that we all know that the cute artwork is yours and we all love you, Algis. There should not be worries on any front. R
So there ya go!
Almost everyone here agrees that you have the right to splash your graffiti all over their walls.

My thanks to the one or two more thoughtful people who have, perhaps, realized where this can end up going - all blogs getting covered in such "comments" from graffiti artists, some as good as Algis, some not, have tried to nicely make it clear that Algis has a page of his own on which to exhibit his art.

Apparently he feels that his "artistic licence" gives him the right to put his "art" on other people's property.

And Algis, your cheap shot about me "swearing" is an old and puerile trick. Especially with such common, everyday mild oaths as I used. I'd bet that you can, and have, said MUCH worse than that.



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This is SO FaceBook Worthy! I am truly confused. Does it matter what a comment looks like? I've been lurking on OS for a couple of years and just recently active, but I have not seen a list of rules. Are they posted somewhere? I hope skypixie0 has sent the same to that guy who always comments about watching sports on the computer. (although I did use that link to watch the Saints this season when I had to work). Alkeme, I've been trying to figure out how to do that. Do tell! You must have a Mac.
Algis you must be one of the most supportive commenters on OS.
How you do it is unique, like you.
I love it.
Ultimately it's a matter of opinion. People keep trying to tell me how wonderful parsnips are. I hate parsnips - so sue me. But I don't care if other people eat the damn things. I may have to avert my eyes, but it's MY problem if I don't like parsnips.
Why do some people go out of their way to be mean spirited? I like the artwork and the positive spirit that it represents.
@ Nan - holy fuck!

heehaw `WHOA!

Oh. no comment
Are those @'s a belly button, or does she need a wax job?
Aha, I think I see how Nana did that. Easier (if tedious) than HTML.

How about we declare an all-graphix-comments day. Sky can go unfreeze his pipes that day and return when the coast (and his pipes) are clear.
Nana! What an amazing likeness! You have been peeking in my windows again!!
What a lovely use of 8s.
sourpuses are a dime a dozen, here and everyplace else, scratch "them" off your list and move on.
I have a new alter idea!!!

"Friendless Atheist"

Wait, Sky isn't a girl? Damn, then that stuff we did(s) was like illegal in those states and countries we did it!! OH NOZE!!!

~flees to the church to confess his sins~
Rated cause I's like the ASCII ART!!! ~nodding~
You're right on both counts, Paul; near as I can tell it's a hairy belly button.

@Sky: All this and yet not a single regret for presuming to be the blog police for everyone else's blog? Does Jeff approve of your speaking for him? Obviously the rest of OS does not approve.
And I don't think I've ever seen a request for "courtesy" that was so discourteously presented.
@Algis - just wanted to say that I do agree with Paul O'Rourke though that it CAN seem a bit much, especially if it's posted everywhere and it's not clear from the content of the comment that you actually read the post you are commenting on. However, I would never presume that what annoys me is by definition something that annoys everyone and that therefore no one should be allowed to do it. Especially not in a blog that doesn't even belong to me.
I remember commenting on your first post, you are one of the most gentle supportive folks here. I am just happy to see you stop by. I feel proud of our OS front page when your photos are displayed. No one can tell you what to do here.
You're all a bunch of hairy apes!!! Stop your whining, you'll all be dead before too long!! Then we'll discover the truth, NOTHING GIVES A DAMN IN THE MATTER!!!

~cough hack~ Damn smog!! Someone should do something about that! And those damn kids on my lawn!! Can't shoot em, I've tried, them pussyfied cops come into the scene all, "MY GOD MAN, DID YOU JUST TRY TO KILL A WHOLE BUNCH OF SCHOOL KIDS?" Them sonsofabitches were on my lawn!! GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Who needs friends!? I don't!! But if I did, I'd add Algis AND skypixie0 and then take em home and lock them down in the basement till one decided to kill the other.

I'd release the winner!


Having friends is maybe good, for blood sports in my basement.

Nanatehay, will you be my friend for next week's match?

I think Margaret can kill you in two rounds!!!

Yea, yea, shaddup about not hitting a lady, I've drank with her, she ain't no lady!! Hahahaha!

And speaking of ladies, you're all a bunch of sluts, you do it for free!!!

Damn youngens!!!

I'd rate you but I don't want to get the smell of that damn cat Tinkerer on my hands!! He's a whore!!

Does it for money, twenty five cents!
You are a blessing here.

To hell w the dissonant ones.

Feel so free to ignore them.


I am truly shocked. You mean lovable old Sky expressed his disapproval. I cannot believe that.
Friendless Atheist, give me a hand up so I can peek in Just Thinking's window. What, you think my etchings etch themselves? And what's this about Margaret? I ain't skeered of no grrrrl!
@Freindless Atheist. It's OK!! Really it is! Remember, God loves you!!
Friendless Atheist. I trick & treated at your staw roof hovel in Christmas Eve.
Dear Baby Jesus,
thank you for beating in 'our precious peabrain hearts/minds/souls and belly button.
On Easter OSers-
We sang 'Silent Night' and watch the Price is Right. You Friendless Atheist sing awful.
You ran us off from your front door in your baby blue `Porche pickup truck. Behave.
You're here to woo.
$.25 is a cheap gal.
Baby Jesus loves.
He's dead as nails.
No knock jokes.
Knock on door.
Use pinky toe.
Say 3- hail`O,
Mother Mary.
Gaia. Ma Ma.
Queen of the
Hail Mary
Pray for
apple pie
amen in
God's a fairy tale we tell each other so we won't touch ourselves in the hope, that after we stop breathing, we MAY go to something called Heaven.

Kids throw ya into a rest home and say, "You'll have fun!!" You know what would be fun, if I could get a time machine and kill myself before their sorry asses were concieved!!!

That'd be Heaven then!!!

Or maybe at least sold them for a $1.95 a piece, the worth of their hides in the tanning industry!!!
To quote my good self:

" ...Whoever they are, they form a silent legion. I read other blogs without leaving comments too. Sometimes it's because I really don't have anything to add to the previous comments. Sometimes the latest post is so good it blows me away into speechlessness and in a Wayne's World “I'm not worthy” fugue state I just leave an anonymous rating. Sometimes it's because I'm so unimpressed I just can't be arsed."

Algis, I appreciate your taking the time to comment on my posts. Don't lose any sleep over this. :)
Algis - just keep doing what you do and remember that there are a whole lot more of us here who appreciate you than there are those who don't. You can't please everybody - don't even try.
The people who post stuff on OS all have one thing in common. They want attention. That's the only common denominator. Why do they want attention? Because attention is the objective of all marketing efforts and whether we realize it or not we are all marketing ourselves. That's our most important product. Us. Some people seek attention by putting art work in their comments. Others complain about the art work....but we're all doing the same thing. Asking for attention.

Ultimately, attention is mechanism through which we achieve success in the world. The worst of all possible fates is to go unnoticed.
*V1 *
V1a,... *V2
(If V1a is not set)

**Minor vector paths of a tau neutrino mixing angles**

We were drawing anything we wanted, weren't we?

I'm happy if anyone pays the slightest attention to my blatherings. Stim -- now accepting comments via artwork, anagrams and in Sanskrit.

[I'm shocked at this level of discourse between Canadians. It's the Great White North equivalent of a street corner gang shootout in the Bronx.]
Stim. Soon they may be jest acting american.
If they be nasty have a gripe in Havana, Cuba.
I always smile when I view "Mile" + Bubbles.
I am amazed people get grumpy `+' Giggle.
Beyond words . . .
It's a form of love (cat + puppy) `+' Strife.
I agree ref attention. We ask this`+Love.
Strife is a form of wayward Love + Grief.
I thought I'd sit in peanut gallery + Learn.
I thought your artful comment was nice and unique. I think that Sky may have approached you in a more kind manner, but given that was not done, brush it off and go on. You can rest assured that I won't be telling you to get the stick out of your ass.
Been here three and a half years now and have seen bullies come and go. I cherish your talent. You and Art James and others who have unique talents and express them in original comments are part of what make this place special, my friend.
@FA, I believe in God but that's not the reason I touch myself!
h'mm perhaps this skypixieo is crying out for inpatient care? 2mg helium stat!
Well! I had no idea this was going on. I am a bit behind in my blog perusal it seems! I don't know of any "rules" here other than common courtesy and respect. Apparently not everyone subscribes to such quaint ideals. I am shocked...shocked this is going on.
Algis, don't worry about it. I love your work and I appreciate your comments. I don't always comment on every blog I read and I don't always comment on people's comments on my blog. So what? I don't think that's rude. I know of no Emily Dickinson's blog rules of etiquette and I sure don't like some half baked lurker trying to tell me or anybody else what to do.
Keep on being yourself and creating your wonderful photos and sculptures
Ah this sure brings out all the good little christians and other "good hearted" folks doesn't it?

Nothing said in my first PM or in subsequent ones comes even close to matching the vindictiveness of some of the commenters. NOT.......EVEN.........CLOSE!!

Enjoy yourselves. With a decent effort you can keep this going all day. It is clearly a form of entertainment you enjoy...... it gives y'all something to write about, I suppose. Too bad most of you have lost all connection with what was originally said and the fact that IT WAS SAID PRIVATELY SO AS NOT TO CAUSE EMBARRASSMENT TO THE ONE I SAID IT TOO!!!. But then reality isn't a strong point with many of you.

But make sure you never send a private PM to Algis that disagrees with anything she's done - she'll ignore the common courtesy we all follow of keeping PMs private. When unable to respond she'll go weeping to all the sob sisters - of both genders - for comforting.

Nap time for me. Yawwwwwwn.....!
Algis...Well, I'm always happy to see your comments, in whatever form they come. As for your latest artwork, I would consider as little banners of approval -- clever, fun to look at ... and dare I conclude, harder to execute than pecking out some platitude on a keyboard. Keep 'em coming. You are too kind.
And if this is a dust-up, it's a silly one, indeed. Comments?
Algis, I love your artwork, always flattered to receive a gift of it on my blogs. Skypixie is a thin-skinned ugly old grump, like me, but I take my bitterness at geezerhood out on the chickens and cats not on friendly people, goddammit.
Nana - That's more like it! I thought you'd come up with that too fast. (As opposed to half-fast.)

I think some people have way too much time on their hands to be overly critical and then cruel. Very sorry this happened to you.
Tee hee.. I too have been "Sweet-ed." I likes it, I does! And I like that type girly from Nanatahey-hey-hey, too! So there.
I have mixed emotions about this, but I'm inclined to agree with PJ. It's cute and it's clever, but it does wear thin fairly quickly. I think you'll also find that some people mistake your art for that of the spam artists, who for so long screwed up the works around here.

That said, I certainly don't take umbrage at you or anyone else wanting to express themselves as they see fit in commenting on my blog -- after all, we open ourselves up for that by posting, and one always has the option to close comments.

There a handful of people here who's comments I do take umbrage at, since they tend to be personal attacks. In that case, I have no qualms about responding in kind. And for the record, no way are you in that category.

PS My hat's off to Nana!!
Strange about skypixeio.
For a long time I assumed it was a she until it became obviously a he.
He obviously cannot stand variation from a strict personal standard. Quite totalitarian, but what the hell. Laugh at it and ignore it.
You guys are really weird. I too have been here a while and learned very quickly to avoid bullies. But typing art? I've never seen the like. It does make me smile, but if I didn't want it on my serious post, there's this thing under "Manage Comments" called Delete. We are all in control of our own destiny...more or less.
algys, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the same one over and over gets stale quickly, so much so that I now skip your comments........but whatever turns you on is fine by all as it is obvious (definetely 99%).....btw, your photoes in your own blogs are great
algis, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the same one over and over gets stale quickly, so much so that I now skip your comments........but whatever turns you on is fine by all as it is obvious (definetely 99%).....btw, your photoes in your own blogs are great
@@@@@@ I think it's a 'tat.'

So, what's going on?

Quickly climbs the fence and jumps over to the other side.

Peace. HUGGGGGs. Whatever works. I love the Canadian Snowbirds.

Just heard my mom say from the grave..."Let's all just get along now." "Peace at any cost." Gackkk! Gaggg!

Inflated or deregulated?

Attention is a good thing. That's why we blog. Right?

Outta sight.

Y'all have a good night.
Maple leaf! (O wait a minute...)

Personally, I just think...Blah, Blah, Blah when I read the probable Blog Bullie's Rants. In my mind I do wonder: If time on OS equaled prestige for this folk, or if OS needed a filter for their cursing then I just blow air through my teeth and think...its too easy to crap on other's parade- its not much effort to tell another ADULT what to do, what to say, what to communicate. The real work, or mental effort is not rejoining in splats. Then I sum up my thoughts by saying something clever - like ICK. ICKY

But...does it matter? For me. I'm a die-hard OS fan and blogger. I like the comments and read anything and everything written to me, but in the end it is myself and my own "rating" that I cowtow to. I figure I'm lucky if one person comments and any time two comment I feel blessed to be read.

I love your artwork. I wish I had the foreground and background and withitness to create my own.

I've a 17 year old and when I get preachy- it happens (like now) she wakes up me by going BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

Winking and LOL,
Annie Shay
Arrest Myriad, she's doin' that wacky baccy!

I don't mind this art. I do hate it when people make personal attacks...
Wow. This is kind of fun to stumble upon this and find that I'm in the middle of a dust up that I'm not in the middle of. Yes I did tell Algis that (he/she/it) was a bit over the top... but I didn't really mind it. No, sky is on (his/her/its) own and doesn't speak for me... although I don't mind. And yes, I think Nana's babe (she) is also over the top... and I don't mind that either.
Here's my all time fave:

ECHO.............................................................e c h o
------( o o )--------
You know, am I the only one who enjoyed this? To me, it was some sharp, fiery discourse and I relish in it. Both of you are right!
I find a number of people and their actions objectionable on this site, but you and your consistently terrific work (and kind intentions) are never among them. I pretty much ignore the dust-ups and variety of perpetually whining or cruel curmudgeons and contrarians that OS attracts to some degree; however, they are bound to turn up no matter where one goes so I instead focus my time and energy on the good folks and their contributions here.

I also must throw in that it seems as if some folks spend almost every waking moment of their lives on this site and it might do them some good to get their asses offline a bit more and get a better sense of balance and variety. It might improve their mood and widen their perspectives a bit.
Skypixieo No you are the one who elevated the confrontation by calling her a smart ass. If you had responded to me that way, I would be currently trying to ascertain your IP address.
I just got home from work, and was doing quick check in before heading over to PBS to watch the third episode of season two of Downton Abbey. Mr. Bates will have to wait for my adoring eyes.
Algis, imagine what a colorless and unpleasant life you'd lead if creativity, whimsy, and kindness caused you outrage. Thank goodness for you (and us) that is not the case.

P.S. reading along the comment stream, I knew it was coming, and thought for sure it would be Tink who'd construct the naked girl (or worse), but it was nana! Somebody give that man a cupcake! A+!
@ nanatehay, the image of the girl you submitted has a typo in the middle of the bikini bottom.
I'm more offended by some of the nasty, holier-than-thou comments on this post than I am by either the art or the PMs. I think it is ALWAYS bad form to print PMs no matter what the cause. Personally, I prefer looking at art when I choose to look at it as opposed to having it thrust upon me in this type of circumstance, but I don't judge those who choose otherwise. Typical OS tempest in a teapot.

@elegantmistake: You would search out someone's IP address for calling you a "smart ass?" Really? Life must be very hard on the Internet for someone as easily offended as you.
Oh, and why use the term "bully?" Surely you're free to continue posting your art as you please. No one has the power to make you stop, but if people would prefer not to have comments in an art format, you're a reasonable person and I have no doubt that you would oblige them. Bully seems overstated.
This is a kind of virtual artist's colony. We are creative here. We express. We don't all have to be the same, act the same or even appreciate the same things. Everyone can do what they feel moved to. I happen to appreciate things fancy and boring. It depends on my mood, but mostly and always, I appreciate when a person stops by, expresses their reaction to something that I wrote.

In politics, which I am familiar with, they love to tell you to develop a thick skin, with good reason sometimes, it can be a nasty place to be. Then they tell you not to hold a grudge. Seriously.

In art we are all used to rejection, just like salesmen are, because we cannot please everyone, nor should we try, it might stifle our creativity. We are sensitive by design, that is what makes us creative to a degree, the thing is it is nice to play nice. I try to. I hope that people will respect me for that and offer me the same. If not, well, heh, heh, well, I won't say that, hahahhahaha. Oh, Nan, your stuff on here so fun, you too Myriad, I enjoyed the comments. Now. The sermon is over...okay?
what a fun post! seriously, fun. I thought it was going to just be another OS dustup, but we've got all kinds of sub-threads going on here, gender-bending, Canadian in-fighting, art competitions, defending of turf, loving and hating, poetry and pirate wimmin, it's all here in a microcosm. Ain't OS grand?
I would give anything for a cupcake right now.
Oh yeah, agreeing with prior comment. OS is fun when everyone gets all pissy-clever.
Personally I'm not a fan of the text art, but Algis is such a gentle soul.
I love your artwork on my blog post comment yesterday. You don't need my permission, but if you did, you have it. If I find someone's comment inappropriate on my blog, I will exercise the control OS has given me and will delete the comment. I've only done that twice. Both times it was because of obscene comments about another person.


Myriad, pass me that bong.
I'm surprised--I saw your artwork in a comment on one of my blog posts, and I was not remotely offended. Sky may be justified in talking about the formatting of comments on his/her blog--as he/she scolded YOU about, but I don't see why he/she has any authority over the way you choose to comment on other people's blogs. Especially if you're getting a positive reaction from everyone else.

@Nana - inhale...

_@_______@ @_____

Hey, why's that yin-yang symbol, like, all elliptical and stuff? I am so baked!
I liked kindergarten too, but not that much.
@Myriad: You're wrong, Myriad. It's everyone's problem if you don't like parsnips, especially sky's. Why don't you like parsnips? Sky likes parsnips. Therefore you should too. And how dare you make a root vegetable-based opinion on a post about blog bullies? That was uncalled for and detracted from Algis' post. You're a blog hog Myriad! PARSNIPS is the only thing that's going to jump out when someone looks at this post; no one will even notice the giant "figure 8" in the middle of the comments (I'd give her at least a 9.5) thanks to your parsnip aversion. Algis may as well retitle this "Myriad Hates Parsnips." This kind of stuff is putting those of us who post thoughtful stuff out of business! Blog bullies, blog hogs, what's next, blog jobless?

Dear me! - per Emily's Open Call - that IS what's next!

@Emma: "Typical OS tempest in a teapot." That you read thoroughly and commented on not once but twice. Let me save you the time and trouble of responding.

E: You'll have to do better than that Margaret; I'm not taking the bait.

M: You just did.

E: No, I am always right about these things and I know precisely when bait has been taken and when it has been thrust upon.

M: "Thrust upon?" Where'd that come from?

E: You've obviously missed the point of this post and the subsequent comments. It was all about thrusting, Margaret. I prefer not to have my responses thrust upon me; I find mutual thrusting far more satisfying. I like to thrust as well as be thrusted upon, although usually I choose not to make the inital thrust myself (although it depends on the circumstance). But I wouldn't judge others who choose to thrust first, talk later. I've found bullies thrust especially well. Why do you think I'm bent over in a coquettish, inviting way in my avatar?

M: I have indeed always wondered about that Emma; for someone as ramrod-straight as you are, you look surprisingly pliable in that picture. Although it's not really you. But it must represent how you see yourself.

E. Stop thrusting your projections of how I see me thrusting onto myself!

M: I'm not projecting!

E: Only I can determine that Margaret, and I've been around long enough to know when someone's projecting. You're projecting, Myriad hates parsnips, I like to be thrust upon and bullies do it best. I'm ringing up sky right now.
Maybe we should add a rating system for comments...
Like the artwork. Don't think it's anybody's business what other people post unless it's vile or illeagal. Don't like to be attacked, don't like when others get attacked here. I need art!
Gee-Whiz, I hope I don't miss the point of this post (ha). I will say Algis K. is a photographer extraordinaire, respected and excellent documentary film maker, plus a helluva a nice guy. And while this Canadian generally finds this text "art" or whatever it is people call it, despicable, I can only say when I saw it from Algis on my blog, I found it rather, well, ... SWEET.
@ M...

How dare you speak for


@sky... could have gotten your point across a bit more tactfully.
Have not I, the master of all things TACT, taught you a single thing?

@Algis... I too wonder if you're reading. Once said something similar about Linda Seccaspina. Fine day (month) THAT was! Seriously tho man, like others said, cute a coupla times, but now possibly over used.

@nanatehay, how much for an hour with your hooker with the @ scar?
I'm with Leepin Larry on the cupcake front.
cupcake. bong. I'm there.

Really, sometimes you all sound like a bunch of Kindergarteners. But I love you.
I was so flattered when I got a bit of your art at my blog. Forget about this're appreciated by most.
I like your artwork and I'd personally be thrilled to see one of your delightful comments on my blog. It seems like douchebaggery is the right word for this guy's opposition to it.
Hey Algis--I love your ASCII art. You can post on my blog anytime. By the way, for those of you who love ASCII art, check out the entire Star Wars movie, in ASCIImation. Great stuff.
This is a very serious matter. I trust that Emily will look into it immediately and clarify the rules. If she doesn't, then I'm telling.
Hey! When am I gonna get an original Algis Kemezys on my blog?!
Burp..,oh, excuse me!
It took me 20 minutes to read all of this. No opinion because I like both Algis and Sky. I have a wide variety of friends.

However, I will bring the wine to go with the cupcakes and "incense". Where's the party?
I see your art work as something like your signature and you are welcome to "sign" any comment you make in my blog anytime you want to.
What Art wrote.
What Art always writes!
How the heck do you put those art drawings on a comment in the first place? I love all your comments and your vision in this world, Algis.
Are you people all nuts? I dont see the arguemnet or any art work her to argue about. Computer generated shapes dont make art work and after first time novelty they get boring. tsk tsk ya'll wasted your time'n energey .
Thank you all for the overwhelming and encyclopedic responses to my little query. Thank you for the positive comments and thank you also for the negative. It was all very informative for me (not to mention complimentary). I invite everyone to visit my soon-come next blog about matters maritime. Cheers and best, Algis
What? No alcohol, caffeine, nicotine?

Should we all sound like Emily Dickinson?

Geez! Why all the discussion? Seems to me, at least, that our blogs - to some extent - are ours. Therefore we have the right, as it's clearly given to us by OS, to bend, fold, or mutiliate them as we see fit, including comments.

In other words, if you, the blogger, don't like someone's comments, whether "art" or otherwise, you can always delete them. No harm, no foul.

It's your OS-given right.

Or am I missing something????
In case this person is not known by now,my suggestion is:Check on my post January 3rd.
Algis,your art is and will be appreciated.

Cupcakes? Did somebody mention cupcakes?
The feed back you have been given here speaks for itself.
Whatever Sky said:
"It's not what you say, but HOW you say it"
As Jali17 said:"Take it with a grain of salt and consider the source. "

I am sure you do NOT harm your animals in ANY way.
Sorry,the comparison between you and Sky is not correct because you happen to be one of the gentlest persons I know.
I love the artwork. Don't let one person stop you from what you do!
Your artful comments are pretty epic! The bully is just jealous. (:
well, I guess skypixeo is going to have to change that moniker, or reregister. I hate it when people have to b e so shameful in their requests. what did it hurt to have this artwork. are people afraid they will be slighted if someone comes along and posts their art? what about Art James? Not one of his comments are without the fluidity of his work. And James Emmerling? I love to see his comments.

Sky is one of so many, but promise, if Sky apologizes, will you post it as well?
I just read thru the comments. HYSTERICAL. This needs a repost, all comments included. Did sky change his/her moniker bec ause it is GONE!!!!! You ruthless VanGoh, you ran a perfectly sobering poster - but who needs sober- to take an AKA as many of the neer sayers have done here.
I find it funny that people can state their opinion, yet do it under another blogname. chickenshits. (EP)
At leastr Zachary is on here still so we can all UNFAVORITE him
I just want you know know that I love your artwork on my comments and I am happy that a bully would not stop you from sharing them.
You can post them on my comments anytime you want.
You are a person full of love, so sorry some hate poured over on to you.
rated with love
Thanks to Diane for bringing this back into the light. Reading over the comment thread again I realized I'd missed a lot of the comments in my Chicken Maaan mode, and I just want to say now that it's the funniest comment thread I believe I've ever read in my entire life. The pacing, the imagery, the themes, the bridges, refrains, cupcakes, inner dialogues, thrustings, counter-thrustings, umbrages, more thrustings, non-sequiturs, clueless observations and overall bonhomie. Nikki is right. Comments need ratings, too.

Thank you, Algis, for making all this possible!
I can take or leave Algis' artwork.
It would be different if it was either original to the comment or pertinent to the subject but it's usually just a stamp

But what startles me is the repeated age-associated nasty comments.

Is being old an insult?
And is that acceptable in this most PC of all groups?
I'm flattered that you liked my comment; assuming you liked it. :-)

No offense intended I thought it was kind of funny; which is how I intended my comment.

Lots more intellectual property to steal here I see.

I'm terrible I guess you can all Unfavorite me if you see fit.

Don't keep up with the dust ups and don't agree with sky on this one but he's usually not that bad as far as I can tell. Also he's still on OS and his latest blog about Occupy Chicago seems to be worthwhile.

I almost missed this it only took me over a week to find it; much longer and I would have missed it.

Good Day