Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


MARCH 27, 2012 7:07AM

Yes, I have Morels.

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   photograph by algis kemezys , morel mushroom          

            Morels are the premium items of the mushroom world. Arguably rivaled by the meat-like porcini, morels have a sturdy texture and a deep earthy flavor sauteed in butter. They are a favorite of fungus-fans worldwide, and are particularly prized as a garnish for steak. They're also famous for their hefty price, fetching close to a hundred bucks a pound Stateside, and decidedly not for timid budgets like mine. To be able to eat them, either I have to saunter into the forest after some serious spring rains and scour the ground where they like to hide, or come to Turkey where they are plentiful and somewhat more accommodating at about half the price.

Luckily, my friend Orhan Dumanli, owner of the excellent Kismet Restaurant near Bitez, gives me a few particularly spectacular specimens, four times the size of normal morels. Now aroused for gourmet foods, I spot a lovely packet of pumpkin flowers at the local super-market. Also pricey but affordable at three dollars for twelve of them, I bring them home and get Byron, my foodie buddy, to cook them in a simple but ever so satisfying method.

photograph by algis kemezys ,pareidolia elephant  

              He heats butter and olive oil in equal measures and softens garlic and hot chilies in it. He adds the flowers and turns them in the hot fat until rosy and wilted. They're delicious, but certainly not enough, we could have eaten ten times as many at a pinch.        

                                             photograph by algis kemezys , pumpkin flowers 



photograph by algis kemezys , pumpkin flowers  


 photograph by algis kemezys , mimosa


         To complete my joyful array of springtime pleasures I pick a sprig of mimosa flowers, golden and puffy and now in season. These flowers are most famous back home for their name which has become the drink-of-choice at Sunday brunches of the yuppy set. A "mimosa" is a half and half mixture of orange (in Bitez mandarin) juice with champagne (make that ordinary fizzy wine for people of my financial standing).


Oh, happy drinking. Oh, happy eating. 


photograph by algis kemezys , mimosa 

Photographs by Algis Kemezys © 2012 


 photograph by algis kemezys , mimosa flowers  

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Amaze my amazement . . .
I just mentioned those Morels.
I've not found any Morels yet.
They are starting to pop forth.

My son sells blossoms at market.
Stuff with Everona Sheep Cheese.
Dr. Pat is a pediatrician who brew.
She brews beer and soaks cheeses.
Any cheese will do. Yummy . . .
the scent of sunshine.

Your feast is a feast for the eyes as well.
When I was a kid, morels grew in profusion in the woods behind my house. A canny neighbor lady paid me 25 cents apiece to find them and give them to her, which I was delighted to do...great photos!
Great photos, Algis. And I loved the commentary...although I could do without the stimulation to my appetite. With summer coming, I'm trying to lose the winter fat.

Haven't had pumpkin flowers in ages. Seems to me that my grandmother and my mother used to lightly flower and saute them.
Coffee and granola will now not suffice, thanks I think.
Ah morels. One of the most delicious soups I ever had was a cream of morel in Helsinki. Lovely pics as usual Algis.
I have never ever tried them but you make me think I should!
You have morels and Laurels, Algis. Gorgeous stuff.
And happy viewing (my stomach is growling!) for us! I remember hunting morels as a kid. I'll give everyone a hint -- if you know of a place in the woods that burned, the next spring you should find plenty of morels! Gorgeous photos as always, Algis.
A pictorial exploration of vibrant yellow. You should check out Laburnum 'Vossii' when its in full bloom but don’t eat it. Its deadly poison.
I loved that last picture with your shadow as it made me Tipsy!!!
Another beautiful, colourful, and this time, most delicious, piece from you!
Geez dear.
Sure love the thoughts of saute'd mushrooms and a drink.
Now that's a thought....
Delicious photos! Now my breakfast of blueberry bread and tea does not seem nearly so satisfactory....
Looks yummy Algis..
My goodness! Wow.
With each photo, my brown bag lunch became more depressing.
Thanks for sharing this with us. You sound like a "fungi".
Btw since I have never eaten this type of mushroom, does it mean I am "amorel"? :) R
A feast for the eyes and heart, Algis. Thank you.
my favorite way to eat fresh morels is just simply sauteed in a bit of butter.

This is seriously yummy. My grandparents had a beautiful garden, and we used to pick the squash flowers and cook them. They're delish.
The Morels are being hunted and found and fried in Illinois as I write.
They are a feast indeed.
What a visual and culinary feast! Wonderful.
I am so hungry now
and nowhere can I find
any of these delights
here in Minnesota
not now - anyway
I never heard of eating pumpkin flowers
but they look quite delicious
what do you do with the mimosa flowers?
rated with love
i came here to correct your spelling & maybe have to stretch
my brain around ethics and morals and whatnot,
but then i was of course transfixed and
salivating after a few minutes.

feasting! yes! there ought to be more feasts in the secular calendar.

also drinking. many mimosas. mimosi!?
a feast for the senses
Lovely! We had a mimosa tree in my yard when I was growing up in Louisiana. The flowers were pink and always reminded me of Dr. Seuss. What a treat that you have yellow ones! Enjoy your spring!
Mouth watering
Splendid and sumptuous to the senses......R
Algis,You made me hungry and I eat a lot.Excellent work both images and words!!!Thank you..
I love your post they are always to colorful and beautiful. Add the fact that they are really interesting and it has to be as perfect a mix as that drink of yours. ~r~
I love your posts they are always to colorful and beautiful. Add the fact that they are really interesting and it has to be as perfect a mix as that drink of yours. ~r~
Can't believe I let this post slip by... as always great pics and a very cool contribution to Uncle Walt's foodie Tuesdays open call.
Hold on to them tightly, Algis ... you don't want anyone thinking you have loose morels (cue: groan).
You speak with morel authority here!
These are the only kind of morels people should crow about, Christian and otherwise. I've never had them (or pumpkin flowers either) but my mouth is watering. Beautiful!
Art James, Amazing yes! I had never seen any this size either. The taste extraordinary as well. Hope you find some soon and get to enjoy some of mother natures finest mushrooms.Thanks AJ!

V.Corso, Yes I think you nailed it with that line. Feast on and wish you could be here for some too! Thanks VC!

Linnnn Yes delicious and then some. Wish I could have some with you. Thanks L!

Frank Michels, OMG 25 cents for each, that must of been grand as a child.Hope your still living near that place and can return and pick some good ones for yourself. Thanks FM!

Frank Apisa, OMG Great. Flouring them is a good idea as well and offers yet another taste. I too am trying to loose that extra weight as we all do after the age of 50. Thanks FA!

Jane Brogan, And more so a feast if I could share some with you. Thanks JB!

Jay Richer How true ! When spring comes forth only the freshest treats will do and this is indeed one of the all
time goodies. Thanks JR!

Abrawang OMG yes I bet that soup is probably one of the best in the world. I will dream of it I am sure. Mmmmmmm Thanks A! If you were here we could make some seems the season is still on for them.

Lunchlady 2 Eating these makes you forget about everything and more and taste the earth bounty in a keen and enjoyable way. Wish you were here for these and your sculptures which are now gone. Thanks LL2!
Jonathan Wolfman, Just like you. Wish you could have some with me here sometime too. Thanks JW!

Fernsy OMG that is so sweet and clever. Wish we could have some someday sooner or later. Thanks F!

Firechick, Oh really, you know the same is with blueberries too. If you burn the areas where they grow the next year you get twice as many. Thanks again F!

Jack Heart, So glad to know that. And yes I did try to keep this thematic with the colors. You have a keen mind and eye. Thanks JH!

Zanelle, Yes Z I was so glad to make that image there. If you look closely you can see a face inside my face of an alien creature. It appears as well in other images done at that time. Thanks again Z!

Mary Stanik , if you cannot get the fresh ones the dried ones are pretty good too. Thanks for that and more MS!

Mission OK then, if you can make it here before I depart this combination is in order. Thanks M!

CrimsonK Well thats is not bad for breakfast either but I can sympathize with you. Wish we could have this meal together one day. Thanks CK!

Linda Seccaspina, Yes indeed . Wish you were here for some and you know our neck of the woods there in Quebec has a bounty of mushrooms as well. We should all go looking one day in the right kind of forest. Thanks LS!

Tai, Thanks so much T! Wish you were here for some!

Stim, OMG I understand the feeling and wish I could make you a grilled morel sandwhich with the local greens for good measure. Thanks S!

Trudge164 That is so funny and I am sure you are not but if so...Ain,t noones business but your own. Thanks again and wish you were here for my dinner party were we could just eat the fresh things of springtime. Thanks T164!

Erica K, yes but feasting without you is always a dissapointment. Thanks again and wish you were here for some EK!

Walter Blevins Yes I would agree here and think the simplest of ways is always the best with things like this. Thanks WB!

Diary of a Hopeful Starving Student Yes indeed they are the next best think next to these pumpkin ones. Thanks for that DOHSS! and wish you were here for some of these.

Jlsathre OMG how lucky for you then. Please post about this too! Thanks J!

Thoth, yes that is the best word for these goodies. Wish you were here for some and some other mushrooms that can only be found here as far as I know. Thanks T!

Onislandtime, Thanks so much...Wish you were here for some OIT!

RomanticPoetess, Yes check them out but you might be able to find squash and zucchinni flowers much more readily. The mimosa blossoms are just for decoration and they have a wonderful smell as well. Wish I could give you some. Thanks RP!
James M. Emmerling, Yes that was my intent and your keen mind caught it. I guess it is Mimosi ? Wish I could share some with you and chat about all the great stuff you so fully understand. Thanks JME!

hyblaean- Julie OK get on a plane as get here asap and I shall change that expression to OMG! Thanks HJ!

Sarah Cavanaugh, Yes indeed, now hurry over because we still have a few weeks left to the season but one never knows. Thanks SC!

Jennifer Prestholdt, Wow that must be so wonderful and I can see how one would relate that to the good DR. They are playful and more with the shape of the flowers and leaves. Thanks again JP and I wish you were here for the smell of these and the taste of those srooms.

M. C. S., Yes yes and YES. When are you coming for some? Thanks again MCS!

Michelle Coulter, Yes indeed so well put by you as well. Heres hoping you have some of these this year there. Thanks MC!

STATHI STATHI, OK your not far away too bad you could not come over here economically. They probably exist on KOS as well if they are here in this region. Thanks and hope you have some of these in your diet soon SS!

Desnee Flakes Oh that is so wonderful I would go pick the fresh mandarins and make you one if you were here right now. Thanks so much DF!

Kate O'hehir No they are different entirerly where the truffle is like a roundest type hard ball. Here they grow above ground and around certain trees and soil . I did here they have some truffles in the area of the post I did on a Turkish lunch but they use a dog to find them. Thanks again KOH!
Jmac1949 Yes, I wanted to make the good uncle proud and I guess I did? Thanks for keeping the idea alive.Wish you were here for some of these goodies too! I bet some wonderful mushrooms grows in those mountains by your home to? Thanks again JM!

Seer Wow that is a nice way to call them actually. Bet you never step n them now after all those lessons . I have found once turned on to them, Wild mushrooms one never forgets the places to find them and something makes one want to return yearly to partake of this lovely treat. The most gourmet one can get and all under the bounty of the good mother earth. Thanks S!

VariousArtists , great I will and hope the same too! That was good as you are to. You know back home in the area between Ottawa and Montreal loads of wild edible shrooms can befound and esp where the tete de violin lives too. Thanks VA!

Helvetica Stone, well I am waiting to cook some of these things up for you if you can get here soon. Thanks and check out the farmers market to find locals stuff like this . Thanks HS!

Jeanette DeMain Hee hee hee...Thats a good one JDM! I wish my morel authority could get you to book a flight and enjoy this wonderful bounty of nature we have here. Thanks JDM!

Margaret Feike You know these blossoms are just so good it is worth growing some squash pumpkins and zucchinni just to eat the blossoms. Thanks so much MF and wish you were here for some too!

Well well well. I wish you were all here for these treats and I am so glad to have filled your eyes with some real delightful off beat things to eat and enjoy that are not on any typical roster of goodies. I am off soon to go partake of the healing waters of Hierapolis and then soon my friend Selchuk is taking me to Ephesus one of the greatest wonders of the world. A city that was originally prophesized by the Delphi Oracle and the home of the city of magic. A place where Julian the Apostate and Alexander the great visited and the over the top magician Maximus conjured many a spell only to have no spell to ward off his decapitation after being friends with Julian after his death. Selchuk is making a special day voyage there for me and with my old camera working again I hope to capture the beauty and splendid area afresh for you folks at OS. Mind you the site is 26 miles big and has an amphitheatre that could hold 24,000 folks. This was the preeminate city of magic known all over the meditterean for over a thousand years or more. So stay tuned for more goodies and remember the fiddles heads are coming. The fiddle heads are coming! Mmmmmmmm!
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★
You have the eye of an eagle and the stomach of a gourmet.
Anytime you want to ship a few this way . . .

But did Byron cook the morels too? If so, how???
I would love to try some one day! Good eating...