Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


FEBRUARY 4, 2013 12:21PM

A Ghosts funny Valentine's Day Gift ...

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  With Valentines Day just 10 days away, heres my official Valentine's Day Movie. There is a not so secret message for all OSers at the end of this movie. Have a good one and don't forget to try your hand at my previous challenge.

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This is really lovely--the music is just perfect.
V.Corso, Now, can you be my Valentine...??? I promised to ask the first who commented.
I laughed! I cried! I had a sudden craving for potatoes!

They should have shown this during the super bowl.
Glad I wasn't the first commenter...
I hope you get lots of milage out of that potato....Thanks for the love message. Great Video
Quite nice and tasty.
You have such a talent for turning something so small in something so beautiful. Happy Valentines day Algis! Thank you.
I revealed the secret, YESSSSS!

Algis and Tinkerbell
sitting by the sea
Zumapick! The beautiful music and the simple, peaceful heart potato. Wahhh! R and hugs.
That weather is looking sweet right about now ...
Jeanette DeMain, Your so to you and yours...Thx JD

Trudge164, Just like you my dear T. Thx

Leepin Larry, I wonder why? Thx anyhOOO

zanelle, I am doing all that I can..and you know I never ate the Potatoe. Have a good one and Thx Z.

Mary Stanik, MmMmm good then eh mary. You know the Potatoes in Greece are some of the best.

ThroughMyEyes, Thx so much TME. May yours be great too. Hugs!

kenneth sibbett, Now that made me chuckle and wish I had put something like that in the movie...your so smart Scanner. Thx

zumalicious, Thx for that sweet hug Z.

VariousArtists, Ok thats the way we like it. Thx again and have a greeat V day too.
Wishing everyone who posted a comment here the best Valentine's Day evah! Even those who did not as well.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★R
This made me happy. Did you have to pay Tink full union wages for being available to stand in?

Enjoy some chocolate! Love everyone! R