Algis Kemezys

Algis Kemezys
Ste Adele, Québec, Canada
June 28
Internationally exhibited Photographer/Documentary filmmaker, Sculptor, Dowser, Scrabble enthusiast, Geomancer, Iatromant, gourmet chef


FEBRUARY 15, 2013 1:58AM

Family Values... caption challenge

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..photograph by algis Kemezys


Here is your chance to think up something unexpected and smart. The best three will rise to the top . Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!


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Algis, hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, as well!

My take on the photo:
"You can't park the kid here it's the fire lane, dummy!"
"How much was this again?".....
I'll add a caption if I can think of one that tops designanator's or Steel Breeze's.
"Don't try to stop me. As soon as I get this stroller off of this curb, I am out of here!"
"Nobody puts baby in a stroller!"

(I'm really working up this talking baby angle.)
'' Nobody understands me'' ...Goes for all in the image....and for the Valentine's day...Hello Algis, glad to read and see you again here..
"I *TOLD* you that they have a very stict, 30-day return policy --- we're stuck with him now."
[r] Hey Algis!

"It is DEFINITELY your turn to retrieve the binky!"
designanator, Hee Hee hEE.....Really! Thx D.

Steel Breeze Good question...thx SB

Linda Seccaspina, Omg...LoL Thx LS
Abrawang, OK I am waiting for your brilliance.

Jeanette DeMain, Really...Thx JD

Jeanette DeMain, Didn't you know that. Thx JD
Stathi Stathi, Thats right on. Thanks SS.

VariousArtists, Thats a winner...thx VA

libbyliberalnyc, Thats funny...thx LL
Well I thought I had one but now having read Jeanette's and Various's, I'm just too intimidated by the competition.