All the Single Ladies

Beth Cone Kramer
NOVEMBER 25, 2010 1:42AM

Tony Parker and Erin Barry

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Back in the steamy days of summer, Tony Parker and Erin Barry exchanged a barrage of flirty text.  Apparently, Tony and Erin’s spouses weren’t too desperate…and both filed for divorce.  The texting duo denied anything moving any body parts other than fingers across the keyboard

Now, Tony and Erin’s soon to be ex were former teammates and the two couples socialized upon occasion.  So, this technically falls under the buddy-text category. 

And now Eva’s gone and removed her two tattoos which I am guessing declared her undying love for the Spur. 

In my book, tattooing anyone’s name on your person is tantamount to attaching a “Kick me” sign on your derriere.  I mean, really…

Experience dictates flirt-texting, no matter how tenacious, is rarely the cause of a breakup.  There are usually some heavy issues beneath the surface. 

Nevertheless, I wish all parties well. 

And I will admit I might be a wee bit jealous Longoria has some closure in laser-removing the name of her ex while the rest of us are limited to moving photos to the back of the closet!


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