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Beth Cone Kramer
FEBRUARY 24, 2011 8:41PM

The Marriage Penalty?

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Marriage: The Ultimate Penalty?

Tomorrow, the Farrelly Bros. flick “Hall Pass” will open on 2,950 screens across the country. Disclaimer: I have only seen the trailer and the website. In an L.A. Times interview, the brothers cite the film as pro-marriage, pro-monogamy, pro-relationships. I believe them.


Two suburban wives grant their husbands “a week off from marriage” to do what they want without consequences.” The film website even has a print your own pass feature. 

Even if all’s well that ends well, what does the pitch say about marriage? 

When I was first divorced, a few presumably happily married male friends told me how lucky I was and if they were ever in my shoes, they would definitely remain single.  (For the record, I would never lend them my stilettos!)

I am guessing most people in long term relationships have played the celebrity free pass game.  The thought of sleeping with the same partner till one rolls over and there’s no fog on the mirror…Well…

Which brings me to my next point.  Tomorrow, Kelsey Grammer is throwing a rather swanky party at New York’s Plaza to toast his new bride – and the ink on his divorce players is barely dry.  There’s even a pricey Sylvia Weinstock cake which will be for eyes only.  Across the country, 84 year old Hef and his 24 year old playmate have announced a June 18 wedding at the Mansion. 

If marriage is a penalty requiring occasional minibreaks or time outs, why do these habitual grooms keep tying the knot? 


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