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Beth Cone Kramer
FEBRUARY 8, 2013 12:10AM

Deal Breakers?

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According to a survey published in USA Today, anyone in the dating pool better possess a full set of teeth, stay away from using "ain't," and have a decent head of hair.  The paper ranked the dating preferences of men and women when judging potential dates.

 Of the 5,000 unattached adults polled, 46% would not consider dating a virgin.  Guessing the rest are wearing purity rings.  Thirty-eight percent would cancel a first date if they found some online dirt.  Wondering if this includes sex tapes or naked photos?

Remember when men were either breast or leg guys?  Not any more.  The top five traits men judged potential dates include teeth, grammer, hair, clothes, and the presence of absence of tattoos.  Nails, accent, shoes, car, and electronic devices round out the list.  i Phone or Go Phone?  The list of preferred traits for women essentially contained the same.

 Only 44% of women and 63% of men fess up to ever having a one-night stand with almost half  holding out to the sixth date.  Really?

 About 28 % said they had dated someone they met online which I suppose doesn't bode well for the folks at Match.  Fewer than 10% of people polled would break up with someone because of Facebook photos or posts. 

Based on my own dating experience, I'd venture most of the subjects in this poll frequent early bird specials and belong to AARP if the top three traits include having teeth and a head of hair!

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I think the poll should be repeated and the questions rephrased. I am guessing both Middle Class men and women would be looking for a partner with higher income. Those with money would be looking for looks. You are still right, men will always look for curves and women, let's just say, won't mind a handsome guy. Good to see you again, ATSL. R
I believe there is fate and destiny at work in online dating. If you are meant to be it doesn't matter what you look like or your circumstances, you have found someone you know. And if you are not meant to be no amount of technology will bring you together.
Hey, some guys like women without teeth...